I Wanted To Hate It, ThruNite TH10 V2 Headlamp Review

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Easy E says:

With that office coming along nicely, we should be expecting more frequency in videos? Office Tour?

Informed citizen says:

Looks like I’m ordering another light that I really dont need…i have a problem. Thx alot.

Madman6505 says:

Looks like a great light but for this form factor I personally prefer a floodier beam. I wonder if Thrunite’s flooder version of this light is any better than the Olight H2R?

Kaylynn Strain says:

looks like a pretty nice light

Gregory Tanizawa says:


Rob Lambert says:

These are good flashlights. But me, personally can not stand lights with so many modes it can Morse code your full name. Its ridiculous in my opinion. One off, MAYBE a high low. Thats it. Its annoying having to cycle through all those modes. I know it’s just a training issue blah blah blah. But others may need to use my lights. Unnecessary expense. Recommend any that have just what I mentioned? I am indeed in the market for a EDC light. This one would be perfect as I could put the headband in my tooolbox in case I needed but 99% would carry in my pocket. Also, why no 18650 for flood?

Kevin's Adventures says:

Great review, I’ve seen this light a few times but never a review. Thanks for sharing and giving me the low-down, It’s tough to spend more than $50 on a headlamp for backpacking. However, struggling with an inferior headlamp is no fun and its time I manned up and got me one. TFS!

Andrew Sheehan says:

I got the wowtac headlamp. Not bad. Same style i think. Came in handy working on computers though. I do like the led at the tail cap though. Nice liittle addition. I’ve been edcing the BBS Wowtac 2 for a year now or so. No issues so far. Batteries last me about 2 to 3 weeks. I got sick of AA AAA batteries. I do have some standard battery flashights for backups.

dave Kamala's says:

I have a fenix head lamp it take 18650 and it a nice head lamp

Owen Joseph King says:

Such a cool little flashlight.

viscarra40 says:

I have the wowtac a2s neutral white i love and hate the thing sometimes it comes in handy and sometimes it just annoys me because it has this little hiss but goes away in turbo mode

Tim says:

I need this for night fishing cuz I can’t aim my casts for shite

Bill Fotey jr says:

Good job on the light Ben

Skymouth says:

I already have the S1R Baton II and the S2R Baton II but what can I say? I love gear! I went ahead and ordered this one using your link! Am looking forward to using this one too!

Bayu Mahardika says:

can you change the batteries on this thing?

the mi woodsman says:

Great review Ben ,i like the light alot and not to bad of a price !
atb john


I Like it and The LESS modes the better IMO.    I would wear it clipped to my shoulder strap on my back pack.  Good review again.

Practical Guy says:

I’m like you, don’t like an 18650 headlamp. I do like angle head flashlights that are compact so this is a winner with those features. I hope they come out with the AA version, TH20 V2 soon. I have the TH20 and its great for something so small apart from the LED tint. I bought 2 of them and the beam is green/yellow in the hot spot and blueish cool white in the flood. Its fine outside but I use mine standing up to light up things I’m working on indoors and the multi color tint is noticeable then.

Filipino Mountaineers Society says:

Great review Ben…thanks.

Emilio says:

Ben we’d love a Homestead update! How’s the project coming along? Happy holidays my friend!

Living Survival says:

I forgot to mention I got the NW version!!

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