Limited Performance – ThruNite TH30 Headlamp Review

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It is time to review the ThruNite TH30 Rechargeable Headlamp; this is a true Trail Review, not an overview which some channels present as it covers the Pros and Cons and whether this is a good fit for you.

Link :
Price : Retail $80/ $70 on Amazon
Weight : 6.1oz
Battery : 18650 IMR Battery / 3100mAh included

Lumens : Max 3350 Lumens
Total run time with my testing ; 110 minutes


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Frank Pace says:

Turbo mode is ridiculous.
great for those people who like to brag about their gear.
Why can’t these companies make a separate switch for on off. that way if you like medium mode turn it off when you need it turn it off

Eric Rosbottom says:

Cool hand luke, enjoy your weekend! ATB from the Yellowknife

willy p00 says:

3000 lumen for a headlamp is super overkill. That alone makes it unattractive. Anything over 1000 should be hand held.

EarlyMist says:

I have about three 18650 headlamps and about 25+ 18650 torches. I have over 70 18650s. 8 of those are IMR .
I always read those massive lumen claims with a massive grain of salt. Every light company these days is under pressure to produce max lumens. It’s a bit silly and counterproductive. We should be striving for runtimes at higher levels. Not ridiculously higher levels with ridiculously lower runtimes. It’s crackers thinkin!!
I CANNOT fault my NON rechargeable Zebralight sc62w and equivalent headlamp. But I have fallen in digital LED love with my NU25. Especially the High CRI close mode and the Red ‘After Dark’ Mode.

BRUCE Clark says:

Hi Luke are you going out in the upcoming storm?

Dustin James Productions says:

Crazy I’m positive I saw a “moose” in the background. 😉

Richard_N says:

I would love to see you do a video on canoe or raft camping next spring/summer. I would recommend the Buffalo River in Northern Arkansas. I’ve done that river dozens of times, good luck finding a river with a more scenic experience.

Evaed deavE says:

Very nice review! I’ve been building flashlights for years now and can tell you this, for headlights you just can’t beat zebralight. I strongly urge you to give them a look. They offer the best performance/ run times on the market. My zebra will run on firefly for 5.5 months straight on a single 18650 while still giving you over 1000 lumens on turbo. I hate to sound like a salesman but it is truly a better product. Thanks for everything you do and keep up the great work!!

Eric Sharp says:

3350 is just not enough I have to skip this one I need at least 4k lumens in a headlight.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

Two Winter Storm Adventures are coming your way everyone!
Until then, stay warm + safe and have a great weekend.
– Luke

AerialTraveler says:

Canoeing? I’d like to see that video.

Jeff Porto says:

I only use mine on the lower modes anyhow, the turbo is just for a quick view. Thrunite just released the th10 V2. Maybe this one has more improved run times.

Ben Wilkinson says:

Great review Luke. I own both this one and the new Thrunite TH10 V2, I prefer the TH10 V2 because the beam (thrower) is more useful for open areas/trail use.  I totally agree with you on the strap being uncomfortable, its very annoying and I find the Olight H2R headlamp MUCH more comfortable (and a better beam!) as far as 18650 headlamps go. Thanks again for a REAL review.

Ben Stone says:

Thanks for pointing out that battery. I would be interested to hear your thoughts comparing this to the 2200 lumen TH10 V2 headlamp that just came out.

Howy New says:

Thanks Luke, always a trustworthy and informative review. Really liked the light until you mentioned the comfort favor.

Michael Rogers says:

I have a TH30 Super, I love it. I did buy 2 spare batteries and have not had an issue so far

Hurley Flyer 2 says:

I like your honesty, trait sadly lacking these days.

nurse28707 says:

I bet you are so ready for this major storm this weekend. Thought if you when I heard the forecast. Even in the northern Piedmont, we are forecast-ed to get over a foot!

Yaxez says:

Pretty sure the “bricked” headlamp is caused by the PCB (Protective Circuit Board) on the Fenix 18650 triggering. If you put it on turbo, it tries to draw too many Amps from the battery, tripping the PCB. This is to stop the 18650 from possibly exploding. The IMR has no PCB (afaik) and has much higher tolerances (safer chemistry) for heat.

Scott Evans says:

Good honest review I like that a lot.

Paul Phillips says:

Sorry, not for me.

John Eckert says:

Nice review Luke. I think there are good headlamps for less money and does a person really need 3,350 Lumens. (I don’t) I like flashlights and headlamps but I don’t need a searchlight. I think it’s better to have a flashlight and a headlamp (I carry both) when out and about that use standard batteries. That way if the flashlight or the headlamp fail you have a back-up. If both use the same standard battery size it’s even better. In short, I would pass on this one

wavefront101 says:

Ergonomics on the headmount looks bad, almost flat. Of course 3k lumens is not practical on a headlamps because of the need for large heatsinking or active cooling. Don’t understand why flashlight companies don’t design a proprietary waterproof fan with submerge sensing, and increase their cooling so you can actually sustain a high lumen outout. None of the circuitry has to be exposed. That said, I’ve bought 5 nitecore nu25’s so far. Only 360 peak lumens,but having the red is priority, and the 3rd high cri led is luxury, all under 1 ounce.

jeremy dean says:

Your reviews are awesome.


Great video! I have the AA one and want this one too.Thanks for all the work you do.

Hiker Marapese says:

Seems you missed the point of this torch.

No Dust No Fuss Cleaning says:

You always have the best videos. I would just stick with my petzl, yes only has 350 lumens BUT, you can either carry some AAA batteries as a backup or you can recharge it with a USB and I’ve been in the white Mountains at 1am with it and it lights up the trail with no issues. I carry a Fenix PD35 as a back up and that has 1000 lumens

cgriggsiv says:

Thank you luck for your review
Looks cool and awesome but something I really don’t need at least not that kind of a headlight it’s a little on the larger side nice and bright though

Michael Ballard says:

Have you made an effort to change your southern accent since you started this channel?

snakemonkey555 says:

Hey Luke, great honest review! IMHO, I’d but a headlamp that uses AA or AAA batteries. If you need more light, carry a secondary torch that packs a punch.

Roger Mueller says:

why is moose behind you? thought you sold it

Norm Landes says:

Good review of Thrunite Th30. Thank you. I wonder about the reliability of the unit. It fails if using incorrect battery, but how are the threads on the cap; are they so fine that they eventually fail? What about the material used for the body? Is it plastic or aluminum (both of which can easily fail if too thin). And the lamp? Did you try to replace it; or can it be replaced? Just some questions for future flashlight reviews. Thanks again.

jdcpac says:

Thanks for the thorough evaluation Luke. Sounds like it might would make a nice light for camp but maybe not the best for a night hike.

floyd2386 says:

You know what I really dislike about Thrunite? Where’s the real low mode? .5 lumens to 25 lumens is too much of a jump. You’re screwed if .5 lumens isn’t bright enough, but 25 is too bright.

Throw in a nice 5ish lumen level.

mark moore says:

I’m tired of light companies selling high lumen lights that give you a minute and a half of turbo when in reality they come out to be 1000 or in some cases 300 lumen lights

KatWoman says:

Please stay home and keep warm during Winter Storm Diego, Luke.

Brent Gosch says:

Much better review then preparedmind101 had with this light. Think I’ll stick with my Black dimond spot.

neo57611 says:

Storm Luke…headed your way

Bob Joncas says:

..good review of a powerful lite. i use a piece of terrycloth sweatband on my strap, i have a comfy and dry

TJ Ellis says:

2 Questions: 1. Does it power ON in last mode from OFF? 2. Does it suffer from Parasitic current drain? You already mentioned it gets HOT. Most reviewers I’ve watched forget that or chose not to mention it. Thanks for your matter of Fact review. I chose the HL50 from Fenix. Annoyed by strobe/SOS-otherwise best features for the 50.00 price point. —-Parasitic current drain happens from smart switched devices that never truly turn OFF….days later DEAD battery from trickle current. Many chinese knock-offs and no named hacked light kits suffer this design flaw. I have a can light that sips 3 CR123s dry in a week or so on the shelf.

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