Living off the Grid: Essential Tools (Best Headlamps)

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We’ve been living off the grid for 8 months now and one of the most critical tools on our homestead is a quality headlamp. We actually have multiple headlamps stashed around our property since we don’t have light switches – that way, we are never more than an arm’s length away from light! In this video, we’ll share how to pick the best headlamp for your needs taking into account batteries, brightness, light modes, red light vs while light, comfort and purpose. The answer to “What is the best headlamp?” doesn’t have one answer… it depends on what you’ll be using the headlamp for! We hope that this video can guide you to making the best purchase possible for your needs.

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FTC disclosure: Some of the products in this video may be sponsored but all opinions are of our own.


Joss Cues says:

I use rechargeable batteries all the time, 3 triple aaa last 11 hrs in my headlamps. Damned if I am going to keep buying disposable batteries at that rate. If you buy enough rechargeable batteries, you always have them ready when you need them.

Steven Sawyer says:

headlamps and flashlights are always good to have regardless where you live.

undergroundmead says:

What is the headlamp with the bats on the strap?

adrian Toole says:

Led lenser H7R.2 hands down the best headlamp I’ve ever used.

Clive Sinclair says:

Love my Petzl Pixa 3. Not the brightest (by Lumens), but good light pattern(s) and balance between brightness and duration. I only ever buy torches that take AA batteries – like you said, available everywhere. I use Eneloops, but keep a few packs of non rechargeable batteries, just in case I lose power for more than a day or two.

Jonathan Adami says:

I’m so surprised of your opinion on rechargeable batteries… you’re basically saying “I dont want to change my habits and have to do any effort of keeping my batteries full, I just want it to work…” goes against the grain with the homestead thing! meh you’re probably not reading this, I’ll continue binge watching all your vids anyway 😉

LJ Prep says:

I’ve always loved headlamps because I work with my hands. Covering spot v flood was good. Savvy peoples!

Thomas Riehl says:

Why are you not using rechargables? Either rechargable batteries to cut down waste, or USB rechargable headlamps. Streamlight has one out that is 180lm, USB rechargable and 1.3oz.
In addition USB rechagables can be charged from a portable Solar panel or battery banks.

Daniel Tarver says:

@pure living for life have you guys liked at the Fenix lights? They have a few that recharge using micro USB.. you could stop going through batteries

fragwits says:

rechargable triple and double a batteries… they have more power than non rechargables.

David Kay says:

If you need more ideas or options if headlamps, check out . They have the most flashlights and headlamps in one store and tons of info.

I love buying from them. I don’t get anything from them to say this. They are just that good.

Also I really liked this video.

Psychonauts says:

Rechargeable lights/units are stupid, sure, but so is buying dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of batteries that can’t be recharged and end up in a landfill. I have 6 AA and 4 AAA that I use regularly and have had for more than 3 years now with no noticeable loss in efficiency. They cost me MAYBE 40$ with a charger so like 13$ a year for batteries so far. I bought double the amount of batteries I need so when half are being used the other half are charged and ready to go, when they need to be replaced I can charge the ones that are dead so they are ready and waiting to be cycled again.

Jack Shimano says:

i bought and use DOLLAR STORE 24 LED units-modified by dremmeling out the miserable 3 “aaa’ battery pack
-and installing ONE HUGE 18650 cell salvaged from bad notebook battery pack-charged up as required from usb source
-so instead of mere HOURS of ‘aaa’ or ‘aa’ cells,it lasts MONTHS-before recharging required ~~

-and used double sided tape to onto headband onto back of unit
=total cost about $4
-have not “hacked” yet with SPDT centre off miniswitch to chose 0 or 12 or 24 leds

Stamo Hristov says:

There are decent single 18650 battery operated headlamps. If you want to stick triple AAA ones, switch to Panasonic(Sanyo) Eneloop batteries. Either way avoid single use batteries.

onion farm says:

You can also wear on your wrist and head if jogging

Daniel Epic cat man says:

there are rechargeable AA batterys.

Andreas Koch says:

Why not use rechargeable AA or AAA batteries? 🙂 My Chargecontroller has USB output and with my goalzero battery charger/powerbank i always have charged batteries around 🙂 charge for free, environment friendly 🙂

Krasum H says:

Im a fan of the Petzl System, I can use the core battery pack and for the added safety I have batterys with me.

Tyrone Walker says:

Like to get a Vichelo, how is it holding up in the backwoods?

Border Reiver says:

get rechargeable headlamps…used high volume ones….2600mAh or higher…..and have a couple of headlamps that you plug in to re-charge….when out running get a cyclist lamp that has a headlight and a red rear light….which you can set to blinking…and if using rechargeable batteries then carry a spare set with you…..

wise_guy42 says:

Rechargeable NiMH battery packs.

ken karish says:

Don’t throw your old battery’s away. If you ever get into a situation where you need fire and your wood is wet you can take the battery’s apart and use the the wrapping around the core to start a fire, I have done this it works well, even with wet wood. You will need a lighter or matches.

Blue Creation20 says:

I have a tip for you. Real man use 18650 battery.

Péter Király says:

Buy only one quality lamp each and use rechargeable batteries for us. Sincerely your great great great grandchildren year 2140.

Remy Lebeau says:

Still no “subscribe button right here”. Feelsbadman. 🙂

HunterKiller says:

Rechargeable is stupid? really man? Off grid living and you rely on batteries sold in stores. Rechargeable headlamps/batteries can now be recharged using portable solar panels via USB.

Robert Duffy says:

Hi can yous rechargeable batteries ???????????? good job.

Thermite says:

Any headlamp that doesnt have an light indicators are dumb. I think the best headlamp is the bushnell 300 lumen headlamp. it has 2 spot light modes, 2 floodlight modes, and red light. it also has 4 indicator lights to let you know how much battery it has left.

selador11 says:

That third strap is never long enough. Agreed about the batteries. The worst rechargeables are the ones that you have to babysit. If you charge them too long, or not long enough, they’ll die. If you charge them too soon, or too late, they’ll die. ARGH! Just give me the battery kind! I also have them stashed everywhere. You never know when the power is going to go out. You never know when or where you’ll need one. Last, I like the ‘coast’ brand. They are pretty bright. And for all their brightness, the batteries seem to last pretty well.

Headlamp Flashlight by Ledikix says:

Thank you for review

Lynn Kelly says:

Grew up on an unreliable electric grid and we used kerosene lamps as a backup. In fact I still have one in the pantry In case of blizzards and hurricanes. I do like the led lanterns. They last well, aren’t a fire hazard and you can hang them up.

J Greathouse says:

U all rock keep going on

Megan Torres says:

I know this video is old but I hope by now your using rechargeable batteries

craig hamilton says:

for your next flashlight try

brettce1 says:

You should check out the Zebra light. There’s another comment below about the same brand. It is super bright, lasts a long time, and uses replaceable rechargeable batteries. I ordered my light with a yellow LED which provides a closer to true color rendition. Between my son and I, we probably have around 20 higher end flashlights. This is by far my favorite light, and the only light that both he and I own. If I could have only one flashlight, this would be it. My light uses one 123a battery, but if you don’t mind additional weight, it can be ordered in an 18650 version. I like the lighter version. Clipped on my hat, or strapped around my head, when camping I forget I have it on. I’ve found myself several times looking around to see where all the light is coming from and realize it’s coming from me! Problem is, once you use this light, no other headlamp will do.

Tom E says:

A very good video but none of those are very good headlamps. I would suggest Fenix or Thrunite. There are many other good ones as well. Petzl and Black Diamond aren’t very good by today’s standards. Avoid all headlamps that use 3 AAA batteries.

kamaaina2012 says:

check out the Nitecore HC60. uses 18650 rechargeable battery, can be replaced if needed. USB charge or from and external 12vdc /120vac charger. I have tried a dozen different ones but like this one best for nightly use.

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