My New Favorite – Fenix HL60R : 950 Lumens, Head Lamp for Camping, Emergencies, and More

The Fenix HL60R headlamp is vying for being the best headlamp that I own. Coming in with 950 lumens AND the fact that it’s USB rechargable – that makes it a great light in my opinion. It’s certainloy an investment to purchase it, but to have that might light out of a headlamp is excellent in my mind – check it out.

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salzdorfer says:

at 7:16 is that a deer or smtg?

Marius Hofert says:

Looks almost like a copy of the Nitecore HC 90

Gregory Quinn says:

nice review,, did you find the total weight a bit heavy for the front of your head, tempted with this but if the battery was at the rear probably better for weight distribution

Jack Hammer says:


Richard Quinones says:

damn I like this headlamp it’s a quality item for the price nice headlamp good good job

Phil M Rivers says:

Nice light

Rider says:

The USB-port is actually IPX-8 waterproof even without the rubber cover on. 😉

Kevin Sluder says:

Blair Witch much?

16.5toHeaven says:

So according to the battery specs, if I’m using a thrunite li-ion 18650, the light might not work?

flashdamingo says:

Pretty similar to Nitecore HC90

Lam Nguyen says:

Great video very informative, can you please do a comparison with the Led Lenser H14R.2?

whitehat55 says:

I’m hoping someone with an HL60R could answer a question for me. When charging a battery with anything under a 2amp output, do your red lights stay solid instead of flashing as they should when charging? I can drain a battery, put it on a 1amp wall adapter and get a solid light. Immediately unplug and put on a 2.1amp, flashing reds as the manual states…

Keith Erwin says:

Bought a Fenix after watching your video. Love it. Going to buy more. Thanks!

Richard Hicks says:


Jason Manning says:

Thanks for the feedback!

difranchise says:

anyone see that at 717?

TheTruthQuest123 says:

How long does it take to charge via Usb?


Seventh Seal says:

I’m an hl50 man. The uptick in lumens is kool but it seems relatively bulky.

WALDO says:

Is it water resistant? Don’t know if you said that in the vid


Very nice and as I say you get what you pay for..Very good lighting choices not too many ,I agree no strobe.I would like someone to invent a head lamp with a small remote,something to turn it on and up and down with ,small leds that light up to show what level you are on, it would only need to fit 1 aaa ,about a inch and a half x a inch.So much easier than fumbling around on your head and not knowing what it is set on.Still having the head unit buttons of course..

Compton's Finest says:

what kind of laptop is that?

Combatinho says:

I will never buy a cr123 light; 18650 far superior in recharging.

nobeltnium says:

i want to give this for Morgan Freeman. his light sucks

raigo shinken says:

can i charge this with a power bank?

WALDO says:

Might have to get this

Christian Wales Whitfield Lee says:

Hi ! Great review, do you think I’d be able to stick this on a motocross helmet ? and does it tilt vertically ? thanks for your reply

Michael Salamé says:

You did a great job on that review. Thanks alot!

Romeras600 says:

Great review, I also wish the head lamp had a memory mode

Mike R. says:

gay headlamp, runtimes suck. charging a 18650 battery with usb would take about 2days to fully charge

rad fourrunner says:

Thanks for the review. Impressive performance. However, I’d like to know if it has lock mode so it could not be turned on accidentally while in the backpack.

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