New! Olight H1R Nova Rechargeable Headlamp Review

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Leslie Kovacs says:

Another option: Throw it in your pocket w/o the headband but wth the clip. Then if you have a Breakdown at night and have to walk down the road to get help, just clip it to your pants pocket, turn it on then start strolling (FACING Traffic, of course!). That might keep some Idiot from running into you while they’re Texting their Girlfriend while doing 80! Hope this helps.

Golan Landsberg says:

Will the H1R takes also regular C123A ?

northwales1000 says:

yay another olight review. getting worse than thrunite reviews.

dj jayne says:

does it still have the beacon function?

Randy Yeager says:

black strap!…I hate 99% of the headbands for headlights that are out their….bright ugly colors….I’m fugly enough without that adding to it…good video… the light….but $100+ canadian…is out of my price range…


Just starting to get into
Headlamps .
I’ll remember that name while shopping.

WarSpork says:

Yup, that’s the one I’m getting. Love the S1R, this one is more versatile.

God :-O says:

Can you please make a Tic Tac survival kit.

Easy E says:

Been waiting to get a replacement clip from Olight for almost two years now. Kinda disappointed in their attention to customer satisfaction, or lack of for that matter. Going gear played a great role in getting us in communication, but even then, FAIL… SAD


Love the manicure/YouTube persona

Romeras600 says:

Been waiting for this review!

Macho Alfa says:

I just got my today…

no22sill says:

how many times can the rcr123a battery be recharged? also, is it advisable to drain litium ion batteires completely before recharging them or is it okay to keep recahrging them as frequently as possible?

dailydR1ver says:

will an 18350 fit in it?

Tequila Rick 208 says:

Well time to sell the regular nova and get the rechargeable one.

Christopher Giles says:

Got mine in the mail today! Thanks for the reviews

Jameson Cross says:

Dude, informative video. You repeated yourself and went on and on and on an on an on an on. You took what could have been a 2 minute video that people would watch into a wicked boring 10 min. video.

Yautja says:

Awesome video! Extremely helpful! I can’t wait to pair this torch with my PDW SHADOW pack.

Chris King says:

I need one

chima uche says:

hey ben, what backpack is that?? ps: just ordered my h1r nova!

OldPackMule says:

Hey Ben great video. Love my H1 (non-R). Can you put a regular CR123 or CR123R in the H1R? Not sure if that was clear.

Mazlan Ahmad says:

This is awesome, I had this for my PC building and the light is perfect for it. I like it very much.
I tried using Nitecore HC60, the low is way too low and the next level is way too high.
The color for Olight H1R is much better for PC building as compared to HC60.

Mr. Tbag says:

what were the lumen levels and their run times?

Luis Rodriguez says:

Beautiful light, just a lil overpriced IMO. Can’t decide between this or the skilhunt h03 at 1000 lumens with 18650… :
Nice job as always !

David Barclay says:

Added to my wish list. Glad I haven’t ordered the last one. Great video Ben. Everyone sub!

Shane Flaglor says:

Hey Ben, great review for a great headlight. just a quick question. I’m from Canada, and live about 1 hour from Port Huron . Looking to get to MI to do some camping. Thought I would ask the local expert. Any recommendations? Thanks, and keep the reviews coming. Cheers,


Dhaval Panvelkar says:

does it have strobe or sos mode?

The408 says:

I personally recommend the Nitecore HC30.
All same features except magnetic charging.
But it has a bigger 18650 battery with max output of 1000 lumens for 1 hour.

T Peach says:


ReubenBeaton says:

i got the h1 recently beacause the price tag was really unjustified for me and didn’t have the box

Wheels gone Wild says:

Great head lamp for sure.

NE Adventure says:

Thanks Ben, I’m going to order 1

JediG16 says:

Hey Ben, I watched one of your reviews on the Nitecore HC30 (great review) and for the money and the amount of lumens, which would you prefer? I would think the Nitecore due to its lower price point, higher lumen count and longer run time. What are your thoughts?

James Case says:

love these light great changes

John 47 says:

Always cool, Ben, thanks.

Dynasty Preppers says:

Great review, saw these at Shot and need to get my hands on them. Really looks like an awesome light

Survival Mindset says:

I like the shirt! Great headlamp review as always brother!

Tom Pawlowski says:

Excellent review Ben! Unfortunately, I have just picked up one the Thrunite headlamps which I really like. I’ll definitely keep this one in mind though as I like the recharge ability of this one. Thanks again!

thetkdboi says:

check out the Fenix hl50 takes CR123 and AA

Enoob says:

Gotta get one. I’m an Olight fanboy. Thanks for the video.

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