New!! World’s Most Comfortable Headlamp from BioLite


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Lucy Lu says:

Sadly, I’m allergic to rubber. Thanks for the really thorough video. You are in the top reviewers of products.

Jorkki ! says:

Its Really annoying when bikers use the Strobe/Blink mode on their headlamps and Bike lights…Thats why i always Flash back with my Olight M3XS-UT…

William Lesh says:

I don’t like the separate battery pack and cord.

Jack G. says:

Cool headlamp. Unfortunately the $39 early bird is already sold out. I love Biolite products. I have the original stove, cook top and coffee pot. They all work fantastically and charge my phone and GPS fairly quickly. Thanks for sharing.

ShakerHP says:

Does look nice my friend….


At least you don’t have to burn sticks in it to light it up. That could be dangerous….

Luis Pablo Lee says:

Bad design, you can’t lay down and use it for reading

Yautja says:

Hunk of shit!

MuvoTX says:

Nice… Thrunite TH20 is my go to light. Love it with E2 lithium primaries or 14500 imr cells.

Egis says:

bla bla bla . Skillhunt H03 forever! 😉

Dat Tran says:

Sadly not waterproof. When you might need it most you can’t use it.


Best one I have seen.
The Future is NOW.

Jeremy King says:

I hate the pack at the back of your head, I own the thrunite one at the begining of this video, its awesome I use it all the time, takes a powerful but light 14500 battery.

f22shift says:

Tip: I wear my Headlamps on an angle at the beginning of my hairline and then angle the beam down. I don’t wear it on my forehead. This helps with any bounce and it’s more comfortable to wear.

Hiker Marapese says:

No thanks, don’t like the battery and cord, limited adjustments.

Moose's Gear Goo Review says:

It’s a nice looking lamp. Good review. I often use my headlamp in my tent lying down and reading a book. With battery at the back I don’t think it would work for me. I still prefer the head lamp that I reviewed in 2017. The Petzl Tikka 200.

Chad Morgan says:

I like the design. Looks sleek and comfortable.

Pauly B says:

Does it have a LOCK so that the damned thing doesn’t go on in your pack accidentally?

Mike Szpylman says:

Interesting. Very comfortable looking. Nice review Ben.

Easy E says:

Looks dope!! Not a fan of hard plastic on tilting headlamps. They always crack at the hinges and eventually snap off on me. I like the newer models that use a softer rubber type deal that holds the detachable lamp itself.

Survival Mindset says:

I like how they fitted the battery pack cable in the band. Nice lumen output at 320 lumens anything over that is to bright enless your by yourself. I hate blinding my wife LOL

Ogre Dad says:

Olight is the only light to have

Wendy Pope says:

I got my email from them this week and just backed them. Love this company. Thanks for the review.

Kevin D. Herlihy says:

I got the holiday 4 pack for $190 on kickstarter.

One for myself, three gifts. The extra is a stuff sack that has a white woven fabric bottom that can be used as a light diffuser at the top of a tent for example.

as per their site:

HeadLamp Holiday 4 PACK
Want a color for all occasions? Looking for holiday gifts for friends and family? Look no further than the HeadLamp 4 pack. You’ll get a HeadLamp in each color (4 total) plus [4] Stuffsacks that transform your lights into hangable lanterns. Delivered by HOLIDAY 2018. [US/Canada Only] [Save $63]
Estimated delivery
Dec 2018


SC bushcraft backwoods says:

Reminds me of the uco vapor and uco air……
Now those guys are comfortable

Pack Mule says:

Looks comfy, but just too much going on. Back battery, wires, etc.

Carlos Sepulveda says:

Interesting design… gracias

Bob Wampler says:

Very nice!

Blake E says:

Backed it yesterday in the afternoon and the early bird ones were already gone.

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