Nitecore HC30 1000 Lumen Headlamp

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Vertan says:

Chinese headlamp with cree led beats that.Costs 1/10 .If breaks, u buy another.Mine didnt break yet inspite having it in harsh conditions.

Wheels gone Wild says:

Now this one looks just right.

raul trejo says:

very nice your right I did my research and this one is the best

Jason Smith says:

The HC30 has a bright hot spot in it’s center compared to the Zebralight H602 which doesn’t have much if any hot spot. That’s if you are looking at just a pure flood.

I’m going to wait and see the specs on the upcoming H603 Zebralight model.



Peter Subotka says:

by FAR the best night shots ive ever seen in a flashlight review! thx.

tania rodrigues says:

hello, i need a headlamp o doesn’t have flashlight i just want to turn on and off in the same mode this one do it? or you have other more simple? sorry for bad english thank you

Dude Whatever says:

Hate the narrow beam
Much better spread on the HC50 but not bright enough

I need 2000 Lumens with a removeble diffuser or an MT-G2 emitter

and it MUST BE Neutral White and NO HOTSPOT!

Nitecore needs to make an MT-G2 version with one 18650 in front and one 18650 in back of the headband for perfect balance and longer runtimes than the Acebeam

I like the nitecore cast body on some of their flashlights and that type of cooling would be great on a headlamp

Cycling Inspiration Club says:

Going over and over the same thing does not a review maketh. For the uninitiated, how do you charge it and how long does the charge last?

BBBYpsi says:

I just got my HC 30 in the mail today and I must say I really like it I also have a MH 27 that I really liked a lot too Nightcore seems to be a very quality product and with the MH 27 I like the fact that I can charge it up with the battery still in there the HC 30 will be used night time fishing and camping walking trails at night

TheShoelaceBandit says:

These are just zebralight knockoffs and not as good. if you like this light check out the ORIGINAL Zebralight.

davis long says:

Thanks for the review, I want one real bad you have a great video on the power of this head lamp lights up the hole street awesome . I just ordered a B!#$K D23456D two hundred lumens  more than enough, I would buy a Nitecore If I could have more -settings- 1 lumen and I think 70 was next and then 400 then a thousand when you In camp you only need about 20 to 40 lumens not 1 lumen and then the next setting at 70 lumens ,If It was more adjustable I would buy one now ,when you need brightness this Is the one , It needs to be more adjustable for the average user ………….

Dan outdoors says:

ezy light is alsome

manifest 73 says:

Armytek Wizard pro XHP50 V3 puts out 2300lms.

Keen Beams says:

Can you review the Armytek Wizard Pro V3 XHP50 warm white magnetic charging?

hustler539 says:

This also comes in neutral white. Much better at night since it won’t wash out any colors.

Derskorpion85 says:

I was wondering if there’s any laws about the number of lumens a light can have?


I’ve had this light since it came out and absolutely love it. I use it almost daily around the property and for work. I generally run it on the 2nd setting for working with my hands stuff but when walking around the full power is excellent and nice beam pattern. Battery seems to run for ever and it’s crazy light weight. I’ve bought another already as a gift for dad.

FansSports says:

Me LIKE…Tell me my good fellow can you feel heat from this lite on your forehead?

nathan rubio says:

Why won’t they make a floody, powerful, high CRI headlamp?

MrNorthstar50 says:

That light is not close to 1000 lumens you need to see a real 1000 lumen light then you will see the difference.

David Smith says:

man fix your hair u look like your trying to relive your teenage years and your like your in your upper 30s close to 40s i stop doing that around 25and I just turned 29

Mark Ridgway says:


john janway says:

Great job, good information

EpicEverything3 says:

What 18650s are best for this? 3400mAh, 3600mAh etc?

Blueis Notgreen says:

“even though it takes AN 18650”
omg why are people such wusses.
and whats so good about non adjustable beams. for a 50-100 dollar light id like some features please

davis long says:

Living Survival thank you.. I have two hs-30s now you want a bright headlamp this Is the one, man Is It bright ,and -light- on the head you don’t even need that upper strap on top of your head , I’m amazed at how bright this headlamp Is just awesome, my only complaint Is the first setting Is one lumen how stupid Is that Its -useless- It should have been 5 or 10 lumens you have to be careful putting  It away, because after you use the higher setting your eyes really cant even see one lumen , you think you have turned It off . This light Is the brightest headlamp I love It Its not a real narrow beam but It reaches out Its like compared to my other headlamps. All the setting are great except 1 lumen setting I hope they fix that soon  on the next model I guess, I have a lot of headlamps you know the three best ones , you wont want to use any after you get this headlamp , 1000 lumens In this headlamp Is awesome , I shined It across the street there was a cat with Its eyes glowing , great for spotting animals and staying out of trouble from a distance, great trail headlamp to use this hunting season …Way to go Nitecore

Ranel Caudle says:

Where do I get the discount code?

Jorge Gonzalez says:

is it water resistant

Oleg Makarov says:

Hello! Tell me, what kind of light is presented in video: Cool white or neutral white?

Jeansa says:

Whats best, he30 or he60? And if there are any better/brighter headlamp can you give a tip?

1thess523 says:

Do you think it could be coverted to a bike helmet mount or handlebar mount? Also what’s the cost and battery life at the turbo setting

LordGandor3 says:

I have a large skull will the straps fit ?

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