Nitecore HC30 Headlamp Field Testing Review.

Nitecore HC30 Headlamp Field Testing Review.


Darren Shimabuku says:

Thanks for making this awesome video! Quick question, what kind of camera were you using to film this video?


your a funky kinda guy, fun to watch… i have the whole range of these headlamps and want to take all of them with me cause they are all so gucci

cStu444 says:

The Scotty Kilmer of flashlights

Rick Miller says:

I’ve watch all of the headlamp vids what headlamp would you recommend with a 18650 batt. Thanks

Valerie Lee says:

Great video, thanks!

davis long says:

Hi I have two of these lights I hate 1 lumen setting almost useless cant even tie your shoes at night to dim when eating at camp a 5 lumen setting would have been great. I hope someday It has more settings or turns It into a variable or set It to what you want , don’t get me wrong Its a great light Its a blast to use, when there is a bump in the night, but It does eat up batteries at super high but you can walk trail at the third setting its great. This headlamp Is awesome at night out to 75 +yards

cStu444 says:

The Scotty Kilmer of flashlights

Justin L says:

I am wondering how does this one compare to hc60? will it be good for trail running? thanks

Kill Flash says:

I was wondering, what kind of backpack are you using in the first 10 seconds of the video ?

davis long says:

===Go ride a bike=== when this headlamps battery gets weaker you cant use the highest setting any more till you recharge It, doesn’t take long before that setting Is done Its still a awesome light , I just wish they had more settings or It was variable light , but when you need killer light at night this Is the one , to see animals at night raccoons In camp you will see them with this light when they try to steal your food lol  …………

Игорь БудуПозже says:

nitecore low price

Cycling Inspiration Club says:

How long does the battery last before charge… lets just say on turbo?

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