Nitecore HC50 565 Lumen Headlamp Review

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Jason Kaine says:

This is crazy cool, that lil thing is a beast!

Christian says:

That’s a great lamp.

Tac Blades says:

its my fav headtorch 🙂

mokotramp says:

Unbalanced in my opinion, with an awkward strap and horrible green tint from the emitter!

The Daily Shooter says:

Great review. I like the battery indicator

Carlos Sepulveda says:

This is a great headlamp and I do like the beacon set up and the red lights. I just purchased the thrunite th10 but I like this one better. Great review. Gracias

wjf213 says:

Very cool light. You always talked about run times, don’t they give any? Also, I don’t see the links?? In any case, keep up the great work.

MuzzleBlast says:

I got more flashlights than a man needs and I been getting into buying more headlamps ive had good success with the cheaper energizer lamps, but Im a big nitecore fan but ive never bought a more expensive headlamp so I will prolly be getting this one. What kind of camera are you using its super clear, I just ordered a canon g7x. thanks

flashdamingo says:

I bought a the hc90 a few months back….its a beast.

Rick Smith says:

Another good option: Thrunite TH10 (750 lumen also with 18650 battery + a battery and charger). About the same price but you get the battery + charger instead of no battery or charger. I do love that the Nitecore has red light mode. That’s very useful in some situations.

jason dixon says:

Nite core is the best

Tom Thomas says:

sumac to the right of that blue spruce, make some nice pipes out of it

Alex L says:

One of the very few reviewers I take seriously. Thanks for not pushing all that thrunite crap on us. Nitecore FTW !!!

Grady Schneider says:

Great vid, you sold me on it. Ordering mine soon

Andrew Eddy says:

Battery life?

QPW311 says:

I love this light. This light is what I am looking to add to my gear. I love the multifunctional uses of the light and the way it was crafted. Loved the review.

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Can you lock out the switch so headlamp doesn’t accidentally turn on?

Daddy Dave says:


danny chadwick says:

great review ben

Kevin Bruhh says:

cool headlamp and for $40 its a great price

Ed H says:

so, Thrunite or Nitecore?

Ike Cantle says:

I find the Nitecore 18650 batteries overpriced. Have you tried using the Panasonic 18650B flat head battery or other brands like O-Light, Eag-Tac 18650 equivalent, etc?

François Lataste says:

I have this light and that’s a perfect light. No battery in the back of your head so you can rest….Super wide angle and so bright…The only cons is the small pin to insert to be able to close the battery compartment …

joez26 says:

its a nice little light personally for caving i have a rude nora 2 shes an animal

SiiickestGuy says:

On Nitecore’s website it says the HC50’s output is 760 lumens, but you’re saying its 565. Not sure if its been updated or if I’m mistaken.

Lisa Causey says:

Also, thanks for the coupon discount code.

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