NITECORE NU30 Must-Get Headlamp Review

Nitecore NU30 is a must get headlamp, it has a max output of 400 lumens but the red LED and the smaller LED makes it very useful for a lot of situation. I have had good experience with this thing since the first week of use, it fits a lot of situation indoor nad outdoor, best to be used as a wrist light when walking at night, what a joy for mid-range illumination! Love it!


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Thuggee says:

pretty bright for a head lamp

popamonkey190 says:

I like seeing your personality for reviews. is the main reason why I subscribed! Keep posting bud!!

Michel Gaudet says:

Hi there, buddy. I have been following you for a while now, and I really like your flashlight presentations. I want you to start doing something that I believe will enhance your understanding of light, and pass it along in your reviews when talking about light output. As I am a retired photographer, I understand a bit better than a non-photographer how light ‘works’ regarding the human eye. When you start talking LIGHT OUTPUT regarding brightness, remember to tell your peeps that, for a light source to be TWICE AS BRIGHT, it needs to be putting out FOUR TIMES the amount of lumens. Starting from 100 lumens, going up to 2 times the brightness, then three times, and finally FOUR times brightness, it would be 100 to 400 lumens, then 400 to 1600 lumens for 3 times brighter than 100 lumens, and finally 64,000 lumens to be four times brighter from 100 lumens!!! HARD TO BELIEVE! But it is the way light works. You quadruple the output to obtain twice the brightness. So for a 250 lumen to be twice brighter, it needs to go to ONE THOUSAND lumens! In other words, when talking about a TURBO MODE, to truly be TURBO, say if HIGH it 1000 lumens, you really wouldn’t be so impressed with the TURBO being… say 1500 lumens. Oh, you will see a small difference, but a REAL turbo would be around THREE THOUSAND lumens, at least for me.
I feel that the main thing to impress on your followers is that you need to go FOUR TIMES MORE on the output to realize TWICE the brightness. Okay, all done with the light lesson for today… hee hee.
Keep up the great reviews.

DHS says:

what does it mean with “maximum runtime” ? maximum time I can use the lights before buying a new one?

Always An Adventure Luna says:

Hey man you crack me up! You got great content here. New sub. Thank You

muffe55 says:

Great video! That was insalely bright

Tango965 says:

This is the best headlamp i have. I chose this over branded ones like BD. It has multi functions with red light. No regrets

Chiller Kalle says:

….thnx for this very good reviewing this headlamp!

Me as an “outdoor person”….i do´nt like to stare at a really bright/white/cold spot in the close range while walking for more than half an hour so i do prefer a “collored/warmer/yellow´isch” spot if i have to find out where the way is heading to on witch i´m walking. When i know where i´m walking i only use the flutlite so i could see the details around way right before my feet or eyes (like twigs or such) without beeing blindet… this “donut option” for the redlight mode totaly makes sence to me.
You are absoltley right to criticise that there is no way to dim the flutlight because so it seems to be to bright for close range working tasks. That would also extend the working time of the light itself.
I guess this headlamp is quite usable to persons who are riding their bikes at night because they do´nt need to/should not dim their headlamp so they could see more deatils nearby or distancewise.
Maybe also for hunters who sometimes have to search for deer or surch after they ran away after getting shot or prepairing the deer after finding it so they do´nt have to watch the bright light for more than half an hour.
What really sounds good to me about this headlamps is the lightweight.

Interesting to me is how good the “battery” performes on the longrun….liftetime wise.
Also if you feel kind of blindet/disturbed by the flutlight itself in the deep dark when you click it down.

Thank you again and all the best from Berlin Germany.

muffe55 says:

Great video! That was insalely bright

malmstring says:

AMAZING review. Simply amazing. Many laughs.

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