Olight H1 Nova Best Headlamp of 2016

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EarlyMist says:

Don’t need another headlamp but that magnetic charger is awesome. I wish I had known earlier to buy 5 or more as Christmas gifts but too late for delivery. still ordered one to test in early Jan. What a great carry everywhere minimal edc, hiking etc always have it with you option. Good price too.

thebozman1000 says:

Armytek wizard pro v3… Your welcome


HELP!! Bought the olight H1 nova headtorch & I am having problems with it. Using a Olight 16340 RCR123A Li-ion Rechargeable Battery with 650 mAh 3.7V… i get turbo for 8-10 seconds only (from cold). But with a standard non rechargeable CR123A 650mAh 3V…of any brand including olight its fine?? Not sure whats going on. i don’t understand why with an olight branded battery it wont work for more than 10 seconds. Is it because its 3.7V?? Thank you….

Archigeist says:

Hey Ben I just want to congratulate you, your channel has improved a lot! I have been watching here and there, but this time a sub is in order. I like that you are more relaxed than before, and you are not in a hurry. Your review about the lamp is great, you present the key features of the thing very well. I also like it when you co-operate with Kirsten (I hope I remember the name correctly). You made some backpack video and she did a great job. All the best to you guys!

God :-O says:

The review starts at 5:44 😉

BallsnBullets says:

I like olight this sounds like a decent little headlamp but I think the 18650 option in the wizard from Armytek crushes any headlamp on the market right now, close to 2000 max lumens and with the firefly modes to boot, worth the weight.

ManCave Man says:

I bought this for my girlfriend, its awesome. I bought the charger, 1 extra battery and the headlamp for around 70 bucks. Im waiting for my old petzl headlamp to take a crap so Io can get one of these for myself. Unfortunately the petzl refuses to die and Ive had it for over 10 years.

James Case says:

Iam definitely buy a couple of these thank you Ben

FLA5HBAN6 says:

ArmyTek Wizard v3 PRO XHP 50 – 10 meters impact and 10 meters submersible, 11 mode

Jimmy Grey says:

Perfect for night fishing.

matanuska high says:

this light vs fenix hl50…..I’d like to see comparison.

Lou Eckert says:

Really great demo Ben, thanks for complete reviews!

Mr Snuffles says:

with the olight would you recommend neutral or cool white?

Grant Miller says:

How did you miss all of the armytek headlamps that were released such as the wizard pro v3, Tiara a1, Tiara c1, etc? You should check these out and pit them against the H1 Nova.

Chris Lee - UK says:

Outstanding Ben, adding to my list of stuff to get lol. Current have the Petzl Tactikka+ but no seals on it mean not even water resistant. Also love that charger 😀 Great video Sir 😀

TheBest says:

but the only one thing i dont like in this h1r it doesnt support 18650 batteries

Mynor P says:

Only in one color ????? is the big isue.

JimsBagels says:

Your headlamp reviews are spot on

Richard Williams says:

great review, i’m almost sold, but i would be more impressed if the flashlight itself were rechargable.

Tripping Chicken says:

I can’t believe this is the best ive seen much better only 3 minutes on turbo

God :-O says:

How would the rubber hold up in cold weather???

Tom Thomas says:

Fuck that thing, Fenix HL50 is cuter, and Fenix HL55 is 900 lumens and impresses camel toes

Focusontrack says:

great review, gonna get this olight

Dali Ammar says:

Skilhunt H03 is the best headlamp for your buck! battery life is amazing..I tried Zebralight, etc…Skilhunt H03 is a beast

Wavester64 says:

Ben…Does the headband accommodate a larger sized head? Some things even though they might be adjustable, are not one size fits all.

Less Stuff More Freedom says:


gm700 says:

olight tried to copy zebralight , even the headband . zebra is still a better choice .

james palmer says:

$54.00 ? No thanks id rather pay 55 for the 1000 lumin NITECORE HC-30

adrian rodriguez villalobos says:

You have a place in amazon where i can buy

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