Olight H1R Headlamp Review. A Rugged new USB rechargeable flashlight for 2017

If you’re a camper or hiker, or just like sneaking outside for a beer at night to play with your knives, then check out the awesome Olight H1R. The Olight H1R is a new USB rechargeable headlamp powered by a RCR123A lithium ion battery or a CR123 lithium battery. It’s rugged, made out of aluminum, and waterproof to IPX-8 standards. It’s a great hiking or camping headlamp, with a durable USB charging option. It’s capable of over 600 lumens and goes down as low as 2 lumens. Whatever you can throw at it the Olight H1R Nova can handle it. This review has runtime tests, output tests, waterproof and drop tests, and more. I compare it to the Armytek Tiara A1 Pro, the Olight H05, the Spark SG6, the Olight S1r, and the Fenix HL50 in the big beamshot section. I cover optics, throw, candela, tint and more. If you like it, buy it at Going Gear and use the coupon code “AKB” for a discount.

Olight H1R: http://goinggear.com/olight-h1r-nova-600-lumen-1-x-cr123-cree-xm-l2-led-flashlight.html

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cslma says:

Thanks for the interesting review! Is the switch plastic or rubber?

no22sill says:

So I can’t plug my android phone’s micro usb charger directly into the torch to charge it? Have to carry the magnetic attachment always

AsleepAtThe Wheel says:

Great video! Great light. Thx

Ian Maw says:

Excellent review, thanks. I just bought an H1R and am very pleased with it.

Al Holsbo says:

Your code is not valid at Going Gear dude

yogi nugeraha says:

Nice review i like in part where u explain compare with other product, about battery, longtime charging, and every mode low until turbo,..

Adventure Student says:

It was just with this video that I realised why I AA powered lights prefere.
During my 100km hike i needed light for 6-8 hours of darkness.
 An USB-charged device can just not delivere that.
So I carry some extra AA and dont have to worry. For dayly use, just take rechargable Ni-MH Akkus.

So thank you for your video!

Mauricio Peralta says:

Excellent review, right to the point. All I needed to know Of that product in a well put together video .

BigDog04 says:

nice review bro. I like the usb charging system on these. Looks like quite some time went into all this. Thx. Gotta be a 1st with the beer test.

cStu444 says:

The best reviews! Dope! Any thoughts on charging those proprietary the Olight RCR123 in a external Li-ion smart charger, or do they only charge on board?

ArlindoFernandes says:

Congrats!! The best review I could find! And I`ve wached all of them.!

lowwkey91 says:

Well, I am a fan of Olight as well as backpacking, so I can definitely see myself wearing one of these on my next trip. Really good review, in particular, I liked the three-way beam shots. Thanks Knife Bro!

thechugdude says:

dope review indeed…

wensung hsu says:

What amp was the USB charger that you used ind your charging time test?

Mike Crockford says:

I shall watch your reviews from now on, great information, well filmed and an awesome amount of sarcasm thrown in.

Sun Worshiper says:

That was a most poignant review, you covered all of my questions and then some. Excellent work! Thanks.

Bobby D. says:

Best produced review by far. I’m fed up with reviews of boxes, how to open a box, what’s in a box, what’s in directions, what the direction sheet looks like, and so on. Also a person droning on & on about getting an item, describing an item, how neat a item is, all without showing the item under review doing what it’s supposed to do. There’s tons of reviews about this item, but your’s is the review that show the item in the most practical, realistic way. GREAT JOB!

Graham Nel says:


Justin Tajchman says:

Obligatory ‘big fan of your reviews’. Really though.
For someone like me, that wants to use this primarily for backyard hangouts around the fire pit and for campouts, what do you recommend – the Olight H1R or H2R? I generally am using it to get around the campsite and to take the occasional nighttime exploration hike with my sons. My understanding is that the primary tradeoff is that the H1R is quite a bit lighter and doesn’t get as bright. I don’t think I’d ever need a 2300 turbo – more interested in which light has the most usable and pragmatic modes, and if one of the lights is generally handier around the campsite. Thanks!

Elvay says:

Backpackers/hikers buy those shitty lights because most don’t know any better and it’s what REI sells. Black Diamond in particular makes some really nice products like their Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles. Those poles are amongst the best in the industry. But unfortunately their headlamps leave a lot to be desired. >.<

Chris Mays says:

Nice, I’ll grab this using your link. Also, some quality Boulevard Early Riser placement here. My hometown beer. I think you’re gonna need some Mother’s Winter Grind for your next one.

peterko says:

I like the random references, actions, and objects in your videos. Compost?! That one through me off a bit.

If I didn’t have the Tiara headlamp already, this one would be a consideration.

Reynaldo Gomez says:

Great review, do you have to remove the clip to mount it on the head lamp?
Kind regards

vbrookslv1 says:

Another quality review. I saw this at SHOT Show, and was interested, but told myself I’d wait for you to review it before even considering buying one.

Now hopefully I’ll experience a little less hassle buying it from GG this time.

Thanks again.

Mark Ching says:

Excellent review and thoroughly detailed information. I wish everyone could provide presentations like this when illustrating products online. I just received this light today and after watching this video I know everything there is to know about this light. Definitely learned a lot! Thanks

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

Excellent, thorough review. This looks like a nice alternative to my Zebralight headlamp.

Kim Jong-Un says:

LMFAO u look like a killer when you placed the box and walked down that porch @ 3:33 with the knife in yo hand after sipping beer !!! I had a good laugh !!! Nice review Knife Bro i just bought an H1r in Neutral white 🙂
THanks again !!

Lee Altman Sr. says:

Another great review, sir. Thank you for making them.
Informative and fun to watch/listen.

Chris Sproles says:

lol you actually throw it around in the video good stuff! I never even knew about these lights until watching your reviews (I thought mag light was the be all end all flash light). Now I want one!

Derek of Gont says:

You’ve convinced me to duct tape this thing onto my AR and use it as a high capacity assault forward assist. Thank you

aaah beeeh says:

very fine review. would have liked seeing the nw-version more though. 
which cr123 or aa in this style would u think is the best usable all-around?

kickithard says:

The amount of work you put in this video is phenomenal. It is definitely the most comprehensive and informative, without the useless filler, I’ve seen yet. Thank you.

tnprime says:

so I have watched this review a few times now in the last 4 months…. and today I ordered this light. Last night I fell asleep on the couch during the runtime sequence, later I woke up and without clearing my mind and ordered one. Nice work. It will be delivered today.
I think having this along with an extra battery, somehow I had the clarity of mind to order an extra battery, will serve me very well on two upcoming backpacking trips in Glacier and Olympic NP at the end of the month. Along with an Anker battery bank my kit is getting smaller lighter and less redundant. I will give my wife the Armytek Tiara C1 Pro to use and let her get pissed at the UI. It’s still a great light As for the H1R, I will be interested in seeing in person the differences between the tints of the two in NW.
When I was comparing the two companies, I was still considering the Wizard USB and the new Olight H2R. The Armytek cable looked more sturdy but again the UI and now the headband bracket for the Armytek light turned me away. Their new bracket is plastic and your light just snaps in, I could see no safety either so it could either break or fall out. And, it came down to also that I wanted something small for a headlamp and Armytek still hasnt release the Tiara USB.
Last thing is my Tiara tailcap is getting a little buggered up from sticking it to ferrous surfaces (not always so smooth or clean, or bits of metal stick to it and then scratch gouge slightly), so it will be interesting to see how well the H1R holds up also and if it effects charging performance.

Ira Cubi says:

i know it’s been a couple of months since this review is posted, but I’d like to ask if you know the diameter of this flashlight? I’m trying to see if it fits any red/blue filter.

tnprime says:

this, needs to be purchased.
I have the Armytek C1 Pro, but this magnetic charging deal is what the doctor ordered. Less crazy modes to fumble through and a bit smaller. Nice

beefysuperdude says:

I like the subtext of this video. He didn’t say it, but it’s pretty clear to the observant viewer that this light is well-suited to David and Goliath-style combat. It’s nice to know that I can chuck this at a bear in defense of myself and loved ones without fear of breaking it. Thumbs up!

Sn says:

A nice review Bro! I really like that you also include some general flashlight – and battery facts in your reviews 🙂 Humor is on point as always! I have bought a flashlight based on your review of it(Zebralight mkiii), so thank you for doing all this work for the rest of us:)

JiRahb likestheinternet says:


Russell Swanson says:

As always, love your reviews and appreciate the cinematic efforts. So much more entertaining that watching a tabletop review ramble. As for the plastic Petzl backpacking headlamps, it’s usually an effort to shave an ounce. You know, gram-weenie ultralighters…

William says:

Man, I sure do love going out in the freezing dark night with my flashlight, drinking a beer and reading some good ol’ diaper boxes!

Jerome Hawkins says:

Dude it took me at least 2 large tumblers of Cabernet so what yawn…to watch this. and I was like what shit ass gear best knife was he going to destroy that diaper ass peace of sh@#$ box with nooooo a LIGHT? ok…. I like lights. My power’s been out for three days …. no one cares.

Distinguished Patron says:

Love your humor. Subscribed!

arthur wiggins says:

Great review thank you for your time in doing it. Seriously, I love the dry humor/comedy antics.

Dinner-fork tongue says:

I’m eternally awed and adoring at how cute these CR123 minilights look. Except at the same time, to me they’re kind of a disappointment in the role of primary torches, their runtimes are just so short even on lower levels (or especially on the lower levels). Still, I wouldn’t say no to this headlamp were I offered one at a big clearance discount.

Anyway, despite its first use it’s also an angle-head in practical terms. Bro, can you please check out how it feels and works when clipped to a pocket or collar of a shirt (as in, can you feel the weight and how does the beam look from a non-maneuverable position so unlike your hand or head)?

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