Olight H2R Headlamp Review and Comparison Is 2300 lumens the Brightest ever?

If you’re looking for one of the brightest headlamps ever made, look no further than the Olight H2R Nova lithium ion powered lamp. This review compares the cool and neutral white version of the H2R along with the Armytek Wizard USB, the Spark SG6, the Olight H1R Nova, and the Armytek Tiara A1 Pro. This review tests runtimes, output levels, and has a beamshot section comparing other high end headlamps. You can buy this at Going Gear.

Cool White Version: http://goinggear.com/olight-h2r-nova-2300-lumen-1-x-18650-cree-xhp50-led-headlamp.html

Neutral White Version: http://goinggear.com/olight-h2r-nova-2300-lumen-1-x-18650-cree-xhp50-nw-led-headlamp.html


shamitoson says:

Just want to let everyone know that if you buy an olight, don’t buy from the olightstore. They ship fast, but if there is a problem forget it. I wanted to do a return and they ignore emails and return requests. After multiple emails and three weeks later I sent a nasty email and finally got a response. Pathetic customer service. Buy elsewhere to do yourself a favor.

Cayman Roe says:

Great review as always, thanks. What’s your opinion on the live contacts? Think it’s not as big an issue as /r/flashlight makes it out to be?

peterko says:

Had to mute the audio to take a call. Watching 1:51 – 2:21 without sound, that’s some classic Advanced entertainment. You should audition…

Victor Garza says:

Of the 10 reviewers I watch, Pro includes every stat that I ask for, a one stop review

Flashlight Nut says:

Nice dude why so late? seems Baz got the jump on all the bigger channels

Sam Sung says:

Great review, Just got H1R less than 24 hours ago, now hmmmmmm. Yes, I have a flashlight problem.

liljack8421 says:

Sasquatch lover… LMFAO I’m done hahahahaha Enjoyed this one as ALWAYS! Love your humor and keep these flashlight reviews coming man love it. Top notch shit right here.

Moneypit330 says:

Low mid high..low mid high..eneloops? ha

vothry says:

I can say I truly prefer the NW. Little less output maybe but it’s damn bright and color accurate.

Marc Leblanc says:

So which headlamp you like best between Armytek wiz pro and the olight hr2 ?

Chris Clark says:

Review done right. Good stuff. I am really into the lights with the battery pack in the back, they are just as bright and allow me to charge my iPhone with on the go if needed. I just don’t like having a huge flashlight covering my forehead.

Bdogsp 001 says:

You crack me up, mate. Thanks for the review.

beangreen2004 says:

your my hero

toysareforboys says:

I couldn’t find the CRI specs 🙁

Frost Bite says:

Any abbreviations with three letters you say those three letters. If it’s four, then you say it as a word. Don’t know if you’re messing around or you’re serious.

Doug N says:

Looking at you I wonder, does this guy really wear a suit and tie to work like he says???…..Great review as always bro

vic06 says:

The baby monitor in the background made me smile because I have an 18 months old girl who already loves flashlights.

thechugdude says:

Another great vid bro. If you want I could send you a few of my knives to review. Just send me a message and I’ll tell you what I have, see if any of the intrest you, then go from there.

Quad-Racing says:

I only have one problem with Advanced Flashlight Dude, and that is he doesn’t post enough! Your content is factual, refreshing and concise. Just do more of it.

Secondary question, what lens are you using that does F0.95? That’s a serious lens.

Yuri Thorpe says:

You deserve more viewers and more the quality of your content is stupid good.

Khyber Safi says:

How does it compare to the Xtar Warboy headlamp?

Heber Clement III says:

Great review as always. Looks like I will look into this one as well. I have the Armytek v3 as you know . It does seem to be a little warm on the Armytek though.

Republic Thunderstreak says:

Which asshole keeps disliking your videos? Does he have a problem with the world?

ScotSpeed says:

who the hell is that guy? are you hiring homeless people to help in your productions?
actually, that’s pretty nice of you. that poor guy appears to needs a shower.

logan holmberg says:

Great review as always. I got the H1R because of your review (and others) and now I am thinking about replacing it because of the Magnetic headband and the extended run times of the H2R. Not that I really need it. Damn you! 🙂 Anyway the H1R is a bit of a pain to get in and out of its included headband so maybe all I really need to do is see if Olight offers this style headband for sale.

PS: All my flashlights are Olight now. All my flashlights were AA so batteries wouldn’t be a pain in the ass but Olights make 18650/lithium ion flashlight ownership so easy. I love the simplicity of the changing system and its commonality between models.

bigkahuna114 says:

Thank you for the awesome review. I was trying to figure out if I wanted neutral, or cool white. You nailed the review. Finally a review of the actual working light
in real world usage.

Weird Science says:

You do comprehensive reviews, but your immature, sound like you need to see a speech pathologist and you look like your on anti-depressants.

Zak Wilson says:

So… one aspect of the H2R’s “superior” charging system that didn’t get a mention is that the electrical contacts on the outside of the light are live, and there’s a magnet behind them which can attract conductive objects. To make matters worse, the battery may be unprotected: it doesn’t have low-voltage protection on the battery itself, and it does allow current of 20A. Olight claims it should trip at 27A, but I have yet to see independent verification of that.

An unprotected 18650 inside a metal tube with live, magnetized contacts on the outside sounds an awful lot like a pipe bomb to me. I don’t even want to be in the same room as one, much less put it in my pocket or wear it on my head.

If the battery does turn out to have protection at 27A, that’s still more than enough to heat a thin conductor like a staple or small nail enough to ignite paper or any of many flammable liquids, vapors and gasses. I think this light is extremely dangerous.

Armytek’s charging system is slower and a little less convenient, but it isn’t dangerous and does work with standard 18650s.

shamitoson says:

Excellent review as always. Love your dry sense of humor. Hell, I watched the review and I already own the light. Thought about returning because it’s on the heavy side and the live contacts slightly scares me. Debating on this or a zebralight h600fw. Maybe I’ll just get both. Damn the addictive nature of quality flashlights. I guess I’m not alone in the that at least. Thanks advanced flashlight as well as knife although fixed blades are far better than folders bro.

Sample Textᴴᴰ says:

It’s amazing to see technology progress, 2300 lumens (albeit in a burst) from a single 18650! Any idea how many amps it pulls at max?

Ryan Hewitt says:

Cool review bro! I’m going to buy the light and I’m going to buy it from Going Gear just because you are such a persuasive reviewer. Thanks again bro!

Benjamin Kham says:

yesssssssssss h2r review! “usb” cable 🙂

Sn says:

I like Olight, and i like them even more nowadays with the tint-options. A question for you Advanced: are you also into watches?

TAll Ran says:

My new EDC light, if it had a lower moonlight it would be better than perfect. lol

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