Petzl Actik Core Review (The best headlamp?)

I was looking for a headlamp that I could recharge and give me the ability to hike at night in an emegency. In the Petzl Actik Core I found all of my solutions. Here is my review after 7 months of use.
Petzl Actik Core 350 lumens (headlamp w/ battery)
Petzl Actik 300 lumens (headlamp no battery)

Filmed on a Sony CX405 and GoPro Hero 5 Black
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Donald Slayton says:

How about a clip-on case that keeps the button from getting pushed in first place to keep the light from being turned on in your pack and the battery pack that you use to charge the battery for the light what kind you use or do you use a solar rechargeable battery pack

Triple Nickel Outdoors says:

Great review… and I agree with the lock feature option. That was a great feature on my BD Spot. I switched over to the Actik Core because I wanted a rechargeable headlamp that also accepted AAA batteries. It’s a nice feature just in case something happens to the battery and/or my power supply to recharge it. It’s a great headlamp and it hasn’t let me down yet! Thanks again for the review!

William Kapes says:

I use the Petzl Tikka with the same Core battery. If you dont want red lights and want to save some money the budget Tikkina and get the same battery.

WinSomeLoseNone says:

For a real headlamp check out the zebralights powered by 18650 batteries. These are just toys in comparison.

Adam C. says:

I purchased this headlamp several months ago after watching you use it… i am EXTREMELY picky with my headlamp and how the functions work and this thing checks all the boxes!!!  I even tried the reactik+ about a year ago and promptly returned it after discovering how clunky it was to switch to and from the red light.  The phone connectivity was awesome but not worth the clunkiness out in the woods.

INFAL says:

Perfect! All of the features I want in a head lamp. I have a Fenix with similar features but not rechargeable. A while ago I was looking to upgrade, and the few that I looked at had usb recharge but not the red LED so I didn’t buy anything. Just ordered the Petzl from the referral link above. Thanks!

Daniel Jansen says:

I have this same headlamp, and it’s excellent!

Daryl Fleischer says:

Thanks for the review! I was excited till I saw the proprietary battery. Then you showed that it’ll take 3 AAA! I like that I have options. Just might have to go pick this up to replace my 15 year old Tikka.

Meerkat Hiking says:

Omg finally

Sam Smith says:

Cool table! Where did you get it?

Miki Wen says:

I think except these good gears. We also need headlamp for the night or emergency. I just watched this video for camping headlamp. Darwin compared black diamond with Hoey. It is better than black diamond! I liked the Hoey headlamp and ordered it.

Tim Watson says:

#notificationsquad. Love my petzl actik too.

Oregon Mike H says:

Thank You so much Jase, I will be getting one through your link, as I am unhappy with my Prehistoric model! .. HA. You did an Excellent Job on This! ….. As Always, Blessings from Oregon Pal! ….. Mike.

vldzchtt says:

i love the intro Jason!

Hikergy 16 says:

That lamp would have been perfect in the Grand Canyon.. that said, I heard you are considering doing that trip, have fun man. Check out the Tonto Traverse 😉

FredArd1954 says:

Bought this headlamp on the recommendation of Tim Cotton, and really dig it!

r3dreck says:

I’d like someone to review the NU25. Looks like a sweet light, bright, and light.

Towerdog 727 says:

I like it, but I also really like the black diamond spot and storm… I’m attempting a thru hike of the AT here in a couple weeks so for the most part I’ll never be more than a few days away from some triple A’s… Maybe the petzel core would work in my black diamond lol

Mr. E says:

Cool lamp, I think people will be bugging you about the tide pod stuff for a while. Way to go.

Art Silva says:

$70 bucks! Do you have any suggestions for a guy on a budget? Anything for $35 max? Thanks!

uptrail71 says:

Very good review! A rechargable headlamp is something that I would like to try next. I’m shooting for around March 17th or the week after for RRG.

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