Petzl NAO headlamp review!

Product review of the Petzl NAO….575 lumens and Reactive lighting!


Phillip Espinoza says:

Great review, is the price alright? I imagine it’s hard to capture the actual brightness on cam.

Nick Berkel says:

Seems overkill for a headlamp imo, but cool tech nonetheless.

Firebreathingpotato says:

How to and how long should you stretch after running?

S Sharp says:

I have a petzl head lamp and I do like it but not bright enough. This one would be overkill for me as many of the streets I run do have streetlamps. I will take a look at something in between what I have and this one! Thank you, Sage!

GotToGoFast McStache says:

So I use this lamp nightly! Absolutely love it…. It seriously brings
the day to night. As for the price – Its more expensive on the
American Market. I picked mine up in Germany for 120 USD (it was 95ish
euros at the time). You can check for yourself on the price
difference….go to vs At any rate, this lamp is 100% worth the price.

The balance on your head is just fine w/ no slippage (Running/biking). It actually doesn’t feel as heavy on your head as it does in your hand. The fact that is is programmable also makes things great….I can establish multiple profiles to tackle whatever the dark delivers. For full power mode, I get about 1.5-2 hours of time. The longest I have used mine for was 8.5 hours at about 60% w/ reactive lighting and had 1 of 3 battery bars left. For running, I suggest 40%-60% power as this gives you out to about 25ft of lighting (plenty to see/plan your footsteps. For super technical stuff…sort of depends on how fast you’re wanting to move.

If interested I can do a night video to throw out there for those interested.

Adrian Stealth says:

I have one, nice & bright but needs double the battery life, it does not last long so it’s flawed big time, there should be a double & triple battery holding ( 2 to 3 battery as oppose to 1 only at the moment )
At the moment mine lasts about 45 to 50mins very frustrating so it gets little use

If one has to set to dim to get a decent battery life then might as well buy a cheaper standard (dimmer) head light , this one doesn’t make any sense bright but o key for a short short time then your in the dark

Jack Dawkins says:

Hope they’re paying you for a review like that!

GT says:

so basically it has the same sensor as a mobile phone has built in….

Barry is says:

r u going to review Nao+

Hank g says:

You don’t need the top of the line petzl for regular trail running, the PRX series have the same adaptive lighting and cheaper/lower profile

Isaac Gallegos says:

I have this headlamp and it’s the tits!

nieseba2 says:

What do you think about how waterproof it would be? Working full time and having two young children means that almost all of my runs are with a headlamp at 4AM and sometimes I get rained or snowed on. My experience has been that moisture gets in around the charging ports on “water resistant” headlamps. I generally only get about a year out of a headlamp before the charging port stops working from moisture.

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