Review – Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Headlamp in the budget range. It hosts a bunch of features, and is undetectable by radar, or so it seems.


Coco Li says:

could you review for my headlamp ?

Will Bourne says:

Just took this torch back for a refund, it turns itself on when it in my rucksack, friend has another black diamond one when has same problem

BrianWest58 says:

Still using my first gen Petzel Tika.  Turns on and off, long battery life. This Storm is now on my list for replacing it. The tech has come a long way with these little lamps for sure. Good to know about the switch. Thanks for the review!

Rastislav Uhričík says:

Very coool army style looking headlamp. I really like it! Thanks for great review guys!

Paul'ie 4X says:

Very nice Thanx for the review, looks good.

Jason Argonaut says:

Good review guys. Could you also tell me what is the make and model of your green coat?

Tyrone Walker says:

How’s it holding up?

Kevin Mcdonnell says:

great video and personally I think the intro rocks

CRILLER3 says:

Eh i think i stilck with my Petzl Tikkina 2´:)

SKÅL !!!

Stephan Lehmann says:

and u make me laugh cause u are funny. keep on da good work 🙂

CoolStory BroHammer says:

oh man the intro kicked ass! up the Irons on that t shirt!

SwedishOutdoor says:

Nice review! Have the same headlamp and have used it for some time now, still performs good! Take care, Joachim

Brandon Leitz says:

Just picked one up. Liking it so far.


Sweet Vid! We TESTED these bad boyz on our channel! Love em!

Kevin Mcdonnell says:

there are too many bells and whistles on this headlamp…. you need to study it you just can’t buy it or run out in the middle of the Woods at night and figure it out and if you were climbing on a wall lasting when I have trouble with is a headlamp…. it just takes some getting used to

Tyler Murphy says:


Pieter Ros says:

Hi Snake,
I am also a user of Bergans Raipas jacket, it suits me very well . This jacket is also used by the Dutch Marine Corps.

Hannibal Gray says:

Hey Guys, great channel and reviews!

Snake, what is the goretex shell you are using in this video?


Owen Joseph King says:

Nice one Guys !
Best Wishes from Bonnie Scotland !

Andy1981 says:

great review guys!

Neil The Knife Guy says:

I cant imagine wearing a head lamp thats made out of metal in colder climate. Think it would draw to much cold to were it touches so plastic is fine with me. Great bit of gear.

Steeleprophet says:

I tested this headlamp out, and I actually really liked it. I still use my Princeton tech lights though. This lamp is very useful for climbing, and fits great on a helmet. cool video guys!!

Bushmaster T.V. says:

good review guys as always cool headlamp as well

Stephan Lehmann says:

wicked review ,cheers !

Macho Deth says:

seems pretty badass, has magic and radar dampening properties, i’m sold! LOL Great review guys seems like a winner, I have a 10 dollar cheapo headlamp, it doesn’t have cool features like that one. it does have one feature that the beam is set at an angle so when you turn to pass a beer to your hommie you don’t blind him. i’ll have to upgrade, have to keep black diamond in mind. great show as always guys, greetings from the States as usual. keep it real

The Smart Budget Channel says:

Thanks for posting your video. I just put a video on my channel for a headlamp alternative for $1. If you have a chance to check out my video I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Special Electronic Gadgets Shenzhen China says:

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Enrique Gil Trekking says:

Hi. I use the black diamond cosmo and works great. Enrique.

Tyler Murphy says:

Good revue…You could stick a piece of grip tape skateboard tape or something on the button that would make it easier to locate.

Stuart B says:

Good review – thanks. Could you change your theme music to something that starts quieter? Getting into trouble here waking my wife watching your vids LOL. By the way, this lamp seems quite a bit more expensive than $40 here in the UK. More like £40 cheapest price.

Pieter Ros says:

Please tell some more about the Bergans Raipas Jacket.
Greetz from the Netherlands

dandandatreeman says:

Damn you guys are still cold over there? I think you guys would melt in Georgia right! Thanks for another grate vid fellas!

Erich Volk says:

How has it held up in the cold? I’ve had flashlights that started cycling through their various settings once it gets down to about freezing which my surefire brushes off. Seems like a great setup otherwise!

Steven Boyd says:

What I like about your reviews is that you consider it from all angles. You don’t sugarcoat an item but are honest about whether or not you like it, and give the reasons why or why not.

Kabo Wang says:

good job

stepitup says:

Thanks fellas. I agree with all the info. I do not like the strap at all on mine. Its smallest setting is big enough to fit a grizzle bear. Im looking for a different product for the strap.

Joseph Goebbels says:

Goes good with a Wool hat in winter

SpearWieldingOctopus says:

Nice review. Badass beards too.
The red lights are good for people using telescopes, so your eyes don’t have to refuckulate every time you go to switch out an eyepiece. I love my Petzl Duo, but I might get one of those just because it has that red light feature.

Phil. J. says:

Great review, as always! Man, does the temperature rise above 10 over there?

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