SCANGRIP I-VIEW Headlamp ~ REVIEW. Today we are checking out another headlamp. When it comes to headlamps, comfort of wearing it, is just as important as the light itself. Will this headlamp make the cut?

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~About the I-View
~~2w Cob LED
~~2 brightness settings
~~Low ~ 80l 6hr run time
~~High ~ 160l 3hr run time
~~4hr charge time
~Comfort of theI-View
~Construction of the I-View
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Jessica Gugie says:

wow the engine bay of caby is beautiful

Manny Hernandez says:

Hey Charles, did you try it with your hat on?

Beemer889 says:

I use a coast headlamp, it’s awesome except the battery pack is on the back which makes for being on a creeper for an extended period of time a bit uncomfortable. Other than that it is great!

Rich Beach says:

What’s interesting is they are pushing this in the body shop/detailing world more now.  The light is perfect or matching paint color and identifying swirl marks and other micro damage to paint that you can’t see well with other lights.

Daniel says:

what was with the echo in the last voiceover part?!

phountinhed says:

Micro USB beaks. I am glad they opted not to use it.

kadaryszki9 says:

Good review, since you do a lot of reviews ,and try a lot of cool gadget , did you ever try or owe Pk710 oil funnel ?

Jessica Gugie says:

someday my b4 vr Passat will look that good

Gregory Halfinger says:

Super clean VR6! Wish the one in my Corrado could look that nice!

Joe Hanson says:

Don’t even bother with a Black Diamond or Petzl. I don’t remember if Led Lenser uses fully digitally regulated lights but if they don’t then skip them too though their lenses are great. Go for a ZebraLight or even a Spark. Go for one with a floody beam. They are worth the money.

batard says:

I use a headlamp working on cars all the time, and IMO the best thing out there is a low-profile Petzl (or similar from a different manufacturer) like this one:

It might not be rechargeable, but you can use rechargeable batteries. And if you’re low on batteries, you can always swap in non-rechargeables in a pinch. It’s much smaller in size than this one, having been built for climbing and caving. It also can swivel up and down within its mount, which is a crucial thing for working on cars – often in tight spaces you need to be able to change the direction of the light more toward your feet or toward your head. Another advantage is that it can be detached from the strap, and the strap can be put in the washing machine. This is important because it’ll inevitably get dirty when working on cars. And its smallness means it’ll never dig into your forehead. I forget it’s even there after a while.

Wojciech .Glazik says:

Was that a mk2 golf/jetta with the vr6 under the hood?

the eabster says:

i mite of missed ya saying it but what type of battery dose it take ( 18650 ) or (123)?

Darren Dempsey says:

I have the same headlight,mine is Branded as a HELLA unit, I have had it for over a month, it is awesome ( I dont use the auto function either)
Also a micro USB charger would be awesome.
I use it in my my job as a diesel Mechanic

jaems gorg says:

i thinking if the add tha mohsin sensor upside you can move hand over head it will
start the light nicely

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