Skilhunt H03 LED Headlamp (NW) 1200 Lumens Flashlight Review

This is one of the best budget light I have tried for walking and camping purpsoes, the TIR lens with the NW beam shows you the best beam color for the comfort of your eyes, it’s insanely beautiful and natural. I love this light so much for walking, and it’s not hot much, very nice beam and good power for the size.

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hawkermustang says:

I like that. Which do you like better. This or the DQG tiny 4? I like both. Trying to decide. And do you like cool white or neutral white better?

FreakzRitual says:

It would be cool if the light had that diffuser with a switch or some kind of clip to give you an option to switch the diffuser off and on so you can use it for both spot and flood

John Keck says:

I put magnet on pocket clip.

JAY LEE says:

Have you compared it to the H03 (cool white) version? If so Is it very much brighter than the NW? BTW they cancelled your discount code already.

Mizuno2005 says:

Anyone have coupon code? I don’t have a lot of money but looking for this type of light with multi modes that uses that many Lumens

Haze says:

why are you so chinese

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