Surefire Maximus 500 Lumen Headlamp Review

The Maximus is Surefire’s new high end headlamp, capable of 500 lumens on max output. The light has a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a rotary ring that smoothly controls the output and gives access to SOS.


Not Me says:

FYI – Idiot finally finishes his unboxing at 2:45 and shows the headlamp

Adamant Adam says:

At least it isnt $1 per lumen… like surefire is known too

TheCrushmaster says:

Looks like a pretty solid light, excepts that the runtime is really lousy, and I don’t like rechargeables. I could live with the recharging capability, excepts that the component is probably made in China, and I keep my lights as Chinese/non-ally-free as possible.

Good video; thanks! God bless.

Rex Winesett says:

Just received my maximus today 11-24-12 its a great headlamp the best i’ve ever had anyone would love this headlamp

Steveindajeep says:

the dial adjustable output is a great feature for sure

monkeyslaye says:

Pew pew, blind you with no hands!

rdaffon23 says:

thank you, and keep up the great reviews! I’m a new sub.

yplaide says:

I’ll it prefere the H600 by zebralight…

rdaffon23 says:

would you recommend this headlamp for use during night rides? if not, which headlamp would you recommend. I’m looking for one with more flood/spill than throw.

ButtsnBarrels says:

In a pinch can you run standard CR123 batteries?

TheCrushmaster says:

Really? Interesting, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the info.

Christopher Perkins says:

Can the battery be changed in the field?

PhotonsAcrossTheAir says:

Fantastic video review again.

Going Gear says:

No, not on this one.

jason miller says:

There are a dozen better, brighter, less expensive headlamps. This light is not bright at all and the runtime sucks.

Russell Brown says:

Actually the housing is not aluminum. It’s magnesium.

matthew origoni says:

I’m looking for a really good headlamp for when I’m fishing at night
what do u recommend?

asilaydying1984 says:

prob my favorite headlamp interface ive seen

Cen Blackwell says:

I agree with VK regarding SF being lazy. In the tactical light market they’ve long since been comprehensively beaten on every front except customer care. Regarding the Maximus, what’s the housing made of? It looks like cheap plastic as opposed to the machined aluminium of the Saint.

mars GIA says:

You’ve made the best flashlight reviews. We’ve sure miss you sir.

vortexecho72 says:

been a fan of surefire since I heard of them, I got one of the first production runs of the “saint” headlamp , and is very please with it. the best thing about this is… (it has the options to use 2 AA batteries!)…..The only problem I have had is with the battery connections, AA connections seemed weak. other than that great tool!! 

Donnie Brasco says:

The zebralight is half the price, double the lumens and half the weight and the zebralight has strobe. Any questions?

Jeff George says:

open the damn thing already!!!!!

TheCrushmaster says:

Might I inquire as to why you find that amusing?

alex samir Leon Imbarach says:

Thanks for your review, I need your opinion in a specific matter. Do you think this model as useful for ENT examination, consider de lack of zooming function?…I really appreciate your advice

John Johnson says:

What about this light makes it a $200+ headlamp?  Is it the 500 lumens?  The adjustable output? Being rechargeable is certainly no big deal…

Cen Blackwell says:

Good review as per usual BTW…

srt hellcat says:

Lol @ crushmaster non chinese lol

TheCrushmaster says:

Yes, I agree, the high-output is not bad. It’s the lower settings that are extremely underwhelming to me. My SureFire E2L Outdoorsman puts out 3 lumens (more like 10) for 100 hours; this only puts out one for 70.

As the SureFire Fury runs 15 lumens for about 45 hours, it seems odd they wouldn’t be able to get more out of it (I understand different LEDs being more efficient at different outputs).

Yes, they do use mostly US parts, which is why I like ’em. 🙂 I only buy US lights.


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