The Perfect UL Headlamp? – UCO Air 150 Review + MOD!

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Ashley Boyd says:

Take a look at the Nitecore Nu25. Just picked one up, doing some testing with it now, but seems promising.

Michał Sikora says:

I think that petzl e+lite is better than this light, because it’s lighter and no rechargable 😀

TheRealJoe McD says:

Hey Darwin, do you have any down/ insulated jackets that are warmer than the ghost whisperer? If so, what are they and would you recommend them? Thanks man

Sander Kristensen says:

Darwin, you should take a look at the Nitecore NU10.
I like it alot, and think it looks even better than the Air 150.

S&W Collector says:

If you don’t need the red light check out the Streamlight Bandit. Gives you more lumens and more run time on high. also the band is removable and can attach to your hat. Hike on

Sanction762 says:

Smart mod, dude. Cheers! Love your vids.

Daniel Dulu says:

sounds like a good all around light I might get this just to work around the house

Mike Nold says:

What do you think about the black diamond mega light tent?

John Arnold says:

I too received this in a subscription box. Great idea to turn on by twisting. But that is all. Too big strap and sorry… The Run time really a deal breaker for any extended night time use. And as others have said if you have to carry a external battery there goes any wait savings. Question… Does it still light while charging?

thewolfandthelion says:

I got one of these in a cairn box. I personally like the adjuster strap vs elastic because it will last longer. I didn’t like the placement of the strap adjustment though.

Jeff Hallman says:


Bruce Hodson says:

That run time is a “nogo” for me. I’ll take the mass if the Nitecore I carry to get 12+ hrs runtime at it’s middle (of 5) intensity.

Sean Nethery says:

Hey Darwin, is she seaworthy?

Trevor Christian says:

I just received this light in a cairn box! The only problem I had was with the head strap, it’s way to small and a pain is the butt to get on. I will definitely be modding it the same as you did!

Great American Survival says:

New sub here. I got of these a few months ago and couldn’t stand the strap (very rough). Like the hack I wear mine mostly around my neck anyways. Check out the streamlight bandit last longer.

Bill y says:

nice one.

Bernard Horowitz says:

Lost me at .8 hours.

Oscar Huynh says:

Enjoy your vids, Darwin! You’ll see some comments below about nitecore’s headlamp suggestions for a reason. NU25 (610 mah li-ion battery @ 0.99oz) vs UCO Air (170 mah li-ion battery @ 1.6oz). Both headlamps are about the same price. There’s no comparison when you research the superior features of the NU25. Thus, the NU25 is a far better headlamp for hikers, IMHO.

Harry Kirk says:

In my experience a lithium ion battery should work at 9 ºF. Also 5 hours on low seems wrong, unless the battery is really, really small. Did UCO Air get punked by their Chinese manufacturer or something. Sorry to be suspicious as such, but I would rather use a standard sized AAA Lithium Rechareable Ion Battery in a $10 cheap headlamp. I haven’t tried them but supposedly such batteries are now available in AA and AAA size Me or someone should test them as a hiking option power source in general. I don’t think they work with standard chargers. This is a new technology standard or something.

DragonsTrails says:

UCO just released a Beanie that is designed to have this lamp mounted on it without the head strap.

Pando says:

I’ve been a headlamp user forever and thought my next one would be the ReVolt. Then I came across the Olight S1 MINI Rechargeable flashlight at 1.5 oz and I’m really tempted for clipping to a hat or shoulder strap. I think the simple dial on the UCO is brilliant though (and a red light). Can’t tell you how many times I’m pressing buttons to adjust the output on BD Spot. Well done review.

anthony melton says:

Nitecore nu25 way better output, battery life, functions, and only an ounce or so if you use the same mod.

Maximus Meridius says:

I bought one and have not been a fan of it. The run times are really short for me.

Joshua Preston says:

Have you ever tried the streamlight bandit. 180 lumen on high for 2 hrs and 35 lumen for 9.5 hrs. USB recharge all in 1.3 oz with stretch band. Look it up. They are great.

Modest Adventurers says:

Thanxs for the review but the run time sucks. Atb

Molly says:

4.2oz? lmfao? Light, maybe, but far from UL.
Petzl e+LITE is 1oz. How to spot a paid shill 101

old greg says:

Nitecore nu10, 160 lumens, 65 grams, 7 hours runtime on high, 8.7 on medium 35 lumens, 150 on low 1 lumen. usb rechargeable too. 5 hours on redlight.

STeVe PNW says:

??? My Question for you Darwin is ??? … What are your thoughts on the Black Diamond Iota Headlamp *battery* verses the UCO Air 150 *Battery* ???

Additional Information:

Hi Darwin, I remember you making a comment about the Black Diamond Iota Headlamps battery falling easily in a past video. Cotezi hikes used an Iota Headlamp that worked well for her on the PCT last year. I bought one before I watched the video where you made the comment about the battery falling and have been happy with it for the last 7 months with far less use than Cortezi. The Iota Headlamp does not have a *red light* which I very much would like to have.

Happy Kwanzaa,

Plant Powered Strength says:

Nice headlamp! I went with the Princeton tech mini headlamp which is light af and only takes 2 AAA batteries.

JP JPJP says:

Just thinking about a worst case scenario where i have to use this in the rain…What kind of water resistance/proofing does this have?

Kelli Rustin says:

Nice mod!

Marty Elliott says: Been using this for a while.  Trim some of the excess shock cord and weighs right at an ounce.

Joseph Knowles says:

Have you ever used any portable solar charger ? I saw u have a portable powerbank.

tnprime says:

Nope, Olight H1R Nova, 67g and *FAR* better light from every aspect.

David Church says:

Nice, the strap mod was a great idea. I’m curious if the otg function of your smartphone would work as a viable charging option. This would allow you to get by without having to carry a battery bank. Thanks

Richard Bucker says:

the whole battery thing is sketchy. If you run out of battery in a critical section your options are not great. I have two coin battery headlamps that combined weigh 1.6oz and if one goes I pull the spare out of my pack. No fumbling for batteries, no waiting around for a recharge. And since the batteries are C2032 they are available everywhere. If you have to decide between recharging your headlamp and cell phone which one are you going to choose. Pulling out your only source of power on the side of a mountain is not good advice. Not to mention that battery is a single point of failure.

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