The Ultimate Ultralight Headlamp – A Nitecore NU25 Review

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I’ve been in search of the ideal ultralight headlamp for quite some time. Most UL headlamps tend to sacrifice features to save weight and result in a sub par light. The Nitecore NU25 is different. It has blown me away with its performance, brightness, functionality, and most importantly how lightweight it is. This is a light you can use on all of your adventures.

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Glenn S says:

What about the flood white mode (on the red mode side)? Shock cord should make a good headband too, weaved through the holes in the base. That’s what some others have reported, and I’m planning for mine, which is being delivered as I write. I got it off the Nitecore sight with a 15% off offer for signing up there.

Maria Mahon says:

What’s your favorite piece of hiking equipment that you use?

Backcountry Banter says:

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Don Milligan says:

After watching your previous video about the headlamp strap and now this seeing the functions, wow, really twisting my arm to purchase. Any way I can twist your arm to make a band for me??

Johnny on the Trail says:

Nice ultralight headlamp. I need to show this to my gf she’s a UL hiker/backpacker. Thanks for sharing….

Allen Fackler says:

I have one of their P12 flashlights. Love it! Made in China, but good stuff.

r3dreck says:

I got mine a while ago but there’s a coupon out there think fb15 or fb10 that gets you a percentage off at the nitecore online store. I snagged mine for $31.41 with it.

Anton Chigurh says:

I bought one a couple of months ago off of litesmith… It is awesome.

Mt Thielsen says:

Run Far, Run fast, I have two new NU models with constant bracket failure, and the NU-30 only holds a charge for 3 days even when not used. Both are known problems and they will not refund or replace, I don’t like to bad mouth companies, but they have had at least four chances to offer a resolution. Buy a Olight H1R Nova and be done with it.

Warren Davidson says:

Great review.

Stephanie Bynum says:

I’m sold. I hope I can return the black diamond I bought last week.

Richard Moran says:

Love mine…I bought from litesmith with their UL headband. I think I’m going to try your mod as the cord locks are a little fussy in the dark. I just took mine on a TRT thru for just over 8 days. I used it every night hiking. I tend to go between med/high depending on terrain….actually used the xxxhigh emwhen a bear came for a visit. Battery life is very accurate as I had well over 6 hours and wasn’t dead. I’ve had tons of headlamps also, I love my zebra lights for my SUP trips as I’m leery of the waterproofness of any rechargeable light as you can’t really seal up the recharge port. Love your channel!

transistor311 says:

a e s t h e t i c

Mike Muralt says:

Another great video. Do you have the issue of the battery discharging while not in use? A couple people in the Amazon reviews mentioned this.

W/0Money. says:

Bugs aren’t attracted to red light.

Kirby Weldon says:

Yess! I love this light. I haven’t actually used it for backpacking yet, but I hike out to the jobsite every morning at 6am and need a light as winter starts to show up. Been using it for about a month and it’s the best headlamp I’ve ever had.

bchimself says:

What do you use for your pink and blue lighting? Just two dif color bulbs?

nobodyhikes says:

Excellent headlamp. Love how it lightens/simplfies my electronics being micro USB compatible. Thanks for the review, BB!

Eric Hobbs says:

The dedicated red light button sold it to me. I usually just night hike with no light at all except for the moon or stars, but having this option and not killing my night vision? Oh yes, we wants. Thanks for making the video.

Poppy321 says:

Thanks, Joe. Gotta get me one of these. Especially like the lock feature. Nothing worse than getting to camp and realizing your headlamp got bumped on all the time in your pack and completely dead.

Greg Cox says:

Really like the two modes for Redlight and separate red button.

Serafin Hikes says:

I used this headlamp for the first time and I really liked it. Plenty of light, held in my hand to create better depth perception along the trail. Zero complaints

Chip- ArkansasHillbilly says:

Great video at the end where did you get the DIY fanny pack looks nice thanks

evol says:

Hi , but do You prefer it over that Zebralight? ZL is AA or 18650 size?

Robin Pierce says:

Well, you are just adorable Joe. LOve the vid. and your vibe. You’re right. I have a BD recharable headlamp and it is heavy. Def. gonna check this out. ty

John Abela says:

omg… a dedicated red light button!! *Nothing* worse than wanting to turn on a red light at 2am to find something inside your tent, and having to cycle through three or more white lights, totally screwing up your low light vision.

Christopher Cornette says:

Once you showed the dedicated red function button I was already sold, and USB charging and starting off in low mode are big bonus items. My main complaint with my Petzl USB is having to turn on bright white to start off with – every time. I’m going to miss the self-adjusting brightness on the Petzl but that’s an easy trade for that dedicated red button.

Nature Calls Backpacking says:

Great review. I love mine. Having the dedicated Red could have sold me just on that. It is the best UL full feature out there. Waiting to see how it does in the cold.

Stella-Terra Clemens says:

I did the JMT in September with this headlamp, and I would agree in general, with the one small concern about how flimsy the mount is. The plastic backing (the part that lays flat against your head) is made of very thin cheap material, and it constantly like it’s going to break in a strong wind. If they made the strap lighter, and that backing piece more durable, this would be a perfect headlamp.

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