Thrunite TH10 Headlamp (and why I don’t like hiking-style headlamps) – Preparedmind101

I review the brand new (and first) headlamp from Thrunite, the TH10 (powered by 1×18650) and discuss why I don’t like/review “hiking headlamps” commonly found in sporting goods stores.


Susie Q says:

Thanks for the review. You make some very good points. I want simple. Can anyone point me to your store?

FreakzRitual says:

Hey ppm I was thinking ,,this doesn’t involve head lamps but I know you did a video way back about a cheap flashlight but I was really impressed with the soonfire V06 I didn’t want to give it a chance because of ultrafire but that soonfire VO6 flashlight I compared with thrunite and for its price it would be cool if I got your opinion on it it throws pretty good next to thrunite tn11s V2 it does have it cons though needs a holster is one con there aren’t videos on YouTube with that flashlight

Chase Gibson says:

Have you seen the Thrunite TH20? Just saw that they had an AA Headlamp!

Joff says:

But they’re much lighter than full metal body ones

doug nc says:

Not a fan of traditional hiking style headlamps either. The only headlamp I use is a Fenix headband holding whatever carry light I decide to take at the time.

Matt O'Brien says:

Where can I get one of those sick PM101 tool & knife caps?

Mhc says:

Those lights could be easy if they just had more buttons.

Justin Packard says:

best intro ever chris! haha

kory dombrowski says:

Hey PM101, i have the TC10, i got a great deal on a pack of 2000 mAh 3.7 volt 18650’s, the light “requires”3500 mAh, is it truly a big No No to put a lower mAh battery in the light or should i just stick to what’s recommend?

Robert Babakani says:

do you have the cool white or natural white?

Cameron Macdonald says:

Yeah that mode sequence is easy for you! But if you don’t know that mode sequence in the first place it is just as easy, I found, to learn the Black Diamond mode sequence.

P.S. I wouldn’t buy the Spot because it is flimsy however the Storm is IPX 7 and (as far as i can tell) very drop proof!

Chief Bradley says:

Thanks. I have two black Diamond headlamps. You are correct the modes are tough to figure out and the switch is a bit hard to make it function the way I want. I think I want to try this one out the thrunite. Thanks for the review.

Emilian Tuns says:

i thibk trunight payes you to do reviews for them,…and so i think that your not 100% about this review,…why i sayd that is cuz i remembered specificly you dont like 3 band headlamps, and now you dident specify about it

Howard L says:

The things I use a headlamp for don’t require super long run times. I’d like to see a AA / 14500 or a CR123 / RCR123 based headlamp.

FWY Pilms says:

I saw this from Survival Lily, got attracted to it because its made of metal. Ordered it from Amazon….. then READ/Research about it. Thanks for the review! I bought it first before research LOL. I’m da sucker!

littlepaw1969 says:

Coon’s! Why when coon’s get on our back porch momma just chase them off with a broom or some thin like thaa’at! LOL! likes like a nice light.

FreakzRitual says:

The th10 too me is more flood than spot

bogoljub djordjevic says:

do you play marvel aa? 😀

sablebush says:

What are your thoughts about wearing a headlight with such a strong battery next to your head? I have this item in my cart but I am wondering if this is will be the same sort of EMF that a cell phone might throw off. Having this so close to your brain is causing me to re-think the purchase. Thanks

N English says:

I absolutely love this light. I do wish it had red lights too, but this thing blows my black diamond lights away in quality, price, and light output.

angrius says:

What’s with the whole “i’m eating lunch bullshit? Eat your damn food and get to your video son. That’s ridiculous.

Shane Alexander says:

i went and got one cause of your’s and others reviews. thanks man. I’m really happy with it. (I got 2)

doctordonuthin says:

Hi there, nice video. I wonder if you can help. I have that Thrunite TH10 also. Is it me? I can’t see any difference between the high beam and ‘Turbo’. None of my mates can see any difference either. Is it like that with yours. I thought I should see a marked difference, for example from medium to high the difference is 318 lumens and from high to ‘Turbo’ it’s 260. That’s still a marked difference so shouldn’t I see a that. I’ve already returned one to Amazon but the replacement seems the same. Again I can see a difference from the Medium to High but hardly to no difference at all from the High to Turbo. Do you know anyone else who has noticed this? No one else seems to comment on it. Sorry for the nerdyness, keep ’em coming, love these videos, take care. I do use the Thrunite 18650 batteries so I’m sure if I use their same product the two should work together. Hope you can shed some light on this (see what I did there? : )

Alan Reader says:

That looks really really good.

robert says:

If i set this headlamp on medium… would light output gets dimmer over time or it stays constant and shuts off when battery is exhausted? thx!

Wayne Clarke says:

I was playing with the balck diamond in the camping store near me yesterday, had me baffled too. Thing with a torch is when you need one you usually need one then, not 10 minutes after trying to figure out the switch.
I’m sure it’s a great light, but it’s way too clever for it’s own good.
That thrunite is nice and simple, think I’m going to have to get one.

rulrich45 says:

18650s are my new favorite battery. I love my TH10.

Rodger Pitts says:

Agreed!  I want a metal case, an on/off switch you don’t need a degree in differential calculus to operate, and that’s it.  I like it to use 1 AA battery or a 14500.  I like the higher output of the 14500 but if I’m out and about and need to buy a battery, everywhere has AA batteries, not always CR123 or 18650.  I don’t need to be able to have green and red LEDs and a switch that will let me choose between 78 different brightness levels with 94 different blinking speeds.  Low, medium, high, off.  One battery (not three) and a case that’ll withstand a bump without getting cracked.

Mysticintent says:

How can you give a review of an item you have not used in the field? It is apparent that you have no experience with this equipment in the field, or used it in any extensive manner. But you do get free stuff so what the heck. The basic rule I use is use it a few times in the field, 3 or 4 overnights will give some creditability.

RavensOutdoors says:

You’re a funny guy. Thanks for the videos. I like the no nonsense approach with the humor thrown in and always practical.

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