Thrunite TH20 Headlamp Review. Great budget AA headlamp under $30.

Thrunite TH20 Headlamp Review. Great budget AA headlamp under $30.

If you’re looking for a great budget headlamp under $30 the Thrunite Th20 is a great choice- so check out my newest headlamp review. It’s constructed out of aluminum, it’s waterproof, and has a variable output- from a moonlight mode all the way up to a 440 lumen turbo mode. The Th20 can run off of AA batteries like Eneloops or 14500 lithium ion batteries. In this review I test runtimes, compare other headlamps, test outputs, and do a beamshot comparison between other headlamps. Other headlamps featured in this review are the Olight H1R, the Armytek Tiara Pro, the Armytek Wizard Pro, and the Fenix HL50.

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Sven3xs says:

Hmm..didn’t know they made the little guy.
I have the bigger one on my head as we speak. Yes, on my head..I’m taking a break from working outside..aaaat 2:17am. Hey, it’s really nice outside. One of the few cool CA things goin’ on.
Did I get side tracked? What were we talkin’ about? Oh yeah, great video, as always.
OH!..And thanks for answerin’ my questions about cheap crazy bright flashlights, and lumen testers..forgot to thank you for those 😉
PS..I love your YouTube Movie magic !!

jtech011ify says:

I farted at Thurbo. Sorry.

murray55285 says:

Great review Sir what is your every day carry flashlight of choice?

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

I’ve been using this light for a while now. Mine has the warmer tint. I’ve been pretty happy with it. I like the mode access. It’s simple and works well. Like me!

Chris Sproles says:

I dont know I’f you reviewed it yet but there is an Ozark trail $3.95 flipper knife with g10 that’s is supposedly decent. I’m thinking of picking a few up just to mess around with.

IrishDevil78 says:

Literally the best flashlight reviews on YouTube, keep them coming

William says:

4:30 Damn Alkaleak peasants!

Cole Constantinoff says:

Great review as always! I have the TH20 and I am very happy with it. I also have an original wizard which I love but im really interested in the newer XPH50 pro with USB charging and the huge output.

Eddie King says:

Any knife reviews coming soon? Jonesing pretty bad here, lol.

Chris Gilliam says:

But will this help me survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Lefty Hook says:

that is way too cheap of a product to come in contact with my head… lol  Looks like your sub’s are starting to climb again, good to see brother!

Cobra says:

Great Review!

Steve Kluver says:

Another great video Bro. Thanks!
I do need a new headlamp, but I never want to buy another NiMH or alkaline battery again. I also do not have, or want, to get started buying anything that takes 14500 batteries. Does Thrunite, or anyone else that you know of, offer a headlamp like this, that will take a 18650 battery?

Bdogsp 001 says:

Nice review bro. Have you ever forgotten that you were recording and accidentally left you camera outside?

liljack8421 says:

I love these videos as I’ve already stated (and I was probably drunk when I wrote it ;)). I have a question. What do your neighbors think of you lol “There’s George out there again with his bright lights that boy sure is special”. Keep these coming love learning about new lights and your reviews are the best in my opinion. Fuck this asshole telling you the jokes have to go. I enjoy your jokes much love thumbs up.

Zack TheBongRipper says:

@$35 USD this headlamp is a bargain. I can confirm that infinity low @1.6 lumen regulated on alkaline is 120 hours. On Eneloop it’s ~96 hours. I did the tests and these are the results. I don’t know why Thrunite advertises this as being 21 hours maximum for low. If there were a couple of areas I would improve it is weight and color consistency. But, for the money you are getting A LOT of headlamp.

Elite Exposure says:

The jokes gtg. Unsubbed. Bye.

BobLoblaw23 says:

youre american. its fucking aluminum. not aloominium.

Sn says:

“Thurbo”…it made me laugh quite a bit, haha. Entertaining and good review just as expected! Btw, i recommend taking a look at the Nitecore NU30. I recieved mine yesterday and this is a really versatile light, like i more and more each time i use it! Be aware of huge gaps in tints though, i got one greenish and one cool white. Other than that, keep up the good work, and dont mind the haters!

evol says:

Cool review, thx bro. I have two of these. Both moded: one with a Nichia 219BT 90+cri (4000k), second with a Nichia 219C 90+cri (4000k). Original, warm XP-L version tint was greenish-yellowish. Now it is much better (especially with a BT version) but a bit less bright (also especially with a BT version) 😉 I prefer Nichia BT (4000k) over a regular Armytek warm (XM-L2, XP-L) tint, but i have also Armytek Wizard 90cri (3000k), which is my all time favourite headlamp – it is simply beauty in terms of a tint and 3d like visual effect. This new, “bright as hell” Wizard is tempting though 😉

beak beak says:

Telegram for hanlen, Telegram for hanlen. Sell me those vintage video games and porn mags u got in the cellar

murray55285 says:

Many thanks

Tomek_PL says:

__ EDITED OUT- thx for response- i was wrong__ I personally had the problem with this headlamp. When you want to shine into your hands (not into your fellows face), it is also shining into your nose and you are blinded, and you are going crazy. That`s why i must use petzl tikka, cos it has a distance from your forehead.

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