ThruNite’s Best TH20 AA Headlamp Review

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OldPackMule says:

I love the ThruNite products. Waiting for the AAA version of a headlamp based on their Ti or T01 series of heads. Single AAA so you can pack light with pack spare batteries.

Cole Constantinoff says:

Guess I better add it to the list…

Ed Able says:

thanks for the Vlog good information

WISOONER Tomas says:

Hey BigTenBen—–I picked this up, with chris tanner pp101 reviews for one of my EDC Headleds, others are Foxellie , 2 Olights-1 HO5S and 1 HO5in neon green. I recommend Olight HO5 to your Gal , for the color options..girls!

I plan the Foxellie in my SUV(usb Charge) and others EDC. May buy 1or 2 more EDC and Home…Suggestions???

Diaries of a Dreamer says:

What a steak Bro !

MuvoTX says:

just ordered mine in neutral white. cant wait to get it out and use it. its replacing a 5-6 year old zebralight h501. i just love the 1AA form factor for backpacking. I will use it with energizer e squared lithium primary cell. they weigh less than other cell types.

snakemonkey555 says:

Ben, great review! So if you had to choose between the two, which would it be? Thanks!

William Rainone says:

I think THRUNITE has the best overall value with their lights good quality and affordable . Keep up the good work Ben.

SouthPaw Bushcraft says:

Great headlamp for sure! I like this one 🙂

imsuckingwind says:

i have the TH20 on my wish list but didnt know about using a 14500 to get the 500 Lum,its cool it takes a AA tho

James Pablos says:

95% of this flashlight review is filmed in broad daylight. I… don’t understand…

3174 jordan says:

29 bucks I got to get one of theses 29 bucks is like 400 canadain lol thanks man

J Smitty says:

Just happen to be in the market for a headlamp. I grabbed Thrunite Archer 1A from your review and like it a lot. Simplicity of use of this headlamp (holding button) is a nice feature. Wish it had a red light, but I’m going to grab this headlamp, thanks

Abraham Azar, Jr. says:

Thanks for another viewpoint on these headlamps. I am interested in purchasing a few for the car and home. Great review – really like your channel! Keep em coming!!!

Jon says:

I have this headlamp, bought it for camping. Past couple of weeks I’ve been remodeling my house. When I was rewiring the attic I used it all the time, it was perfect and provided plenty of light for the job. Great headlamp, highly recommend this product.

Tyrone Walker says:

Are you using protected or unprotected 14500 cells?

milkcrate919 says:

What watch are you wearing in the video? Thanks for the review.

40belowful says:

great headlight. I have one:)

Survival Mindset says:

Great looking headlamp! I use the blackdimond 120 lumuns right now nice and light on the head! Nice 520 lumuns on that will it over heat?

Bruce Wayne says:

I just got mine today and I put some 14500 battery in to get the max output and it doesn’t work. So, I end up putting double AA back in it. Why don’t it work with the 14500 battery? Does it only take a certain 14500 battery or all kind 14500 should work? or did I get a bad headlamp.

Daddy Dave says:

I like it Ben. Tried the link to order a couple. No international shipping available to Qatar 🙁 I will have a look around for these bad boys.

Lellobeetle says:

Finally a “tactical” headlamp that looks good. Thanks for showing this cool product, Ben. Greetings from Pittsburgh. Laura

Chris King says:

Very nice light Ben

240weatherby says:

I think I’ll get one

live4wild says:

Thanks Ben, I use head lamps all the time from Hunting, hiking to cooking on the grill. I use the Princeton Tec fuel, looks like I need to try one out.

Eric Rosbottom says:

I bought this headlamp and it’s awesome throws alot of light! I went with the cool white Great review thanks

SleestaksRule says:

I have one and I like it above all others. My daughter took it though. ThruNite has good products.

darkstr888 says:

Just won one of these from another channel. Pretty pumped for this. Great review.

Mario Botello says:

I have been looking for a bright headlamp preferably with an 18650 battery for long runtime, any suggestions. I work a lot of nights in the oil fields of South Texas. I do like thru nite but I do need brighter

H.I.S Survival says:

You pulled a Fight Club nice video brah….for those who can’t see it right before the intro look carefully

Feral Woodcraft says:

Good stuff Ben. That looks like a great headlamp.

Abraham Azar says:

Thanks for another viewpoint on these headlamps. I am interested in purchasing a few for the car and home. Great review – really like your channel! Keep em coming!!!

JG Harts says:

Nicely done! I have a few Petzel’s and a couple Princeton’s but I do like Thrunite products. I like this one better then my other ones.

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