Top 3 Best Headlamps – Armytek Wizard Pro V3, Thrunite TH10, Princeton Tec Sync

I’ve used a lot of headlamps over the years, and new ones are always coming out – but I thought I’d dive a little deeper into the three main ones I’ve been using recently. These headlamps have shown up in various of my videos over the past couple months, and people ask about them from time to time, so I decided to make a quick video going over some of the things I like about each of them.

Armytek Wizard Pro V3 –
Thrunite TH10 –
Princeton Tec Sync –

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洪辛議 says:

Does the plastic base loose over time ?

Matthew Robertson says:

you might have already but if not you should make a vidio on plate carriers/their home defence use thanks!!

Bruce Daughtry says:

Mike, I just ordered the Thrunite with your Amazon link. So, you can take that vacation you always wanted. 😉

Phillip Miller says:

As always love the reviews. Request from the lady of the house….”Can we get some more Jill reviews?” Thanks! Keep up the good work.

dj jayne says:

have you looked into the o light h3 I think it is. its small head lamp that you can pull off for a flashlight

Jarhead Greasemonkey says:

Thumbs up for the intro alone… hilarious.
Do yourself a favor and give Zebralight a try sometime.
Use mine for several hours a day 5 days a week.

ClashWithAJ says:

H2R FTW! 😀

HighHook says:

Are you really “Data”, from the movie the “Goonies”, that is all grown up??? All of the gadgets on your head gave you away!!

Gear Runner says:

I’ve been thinking about a Trunite one.

Steven Peterson says:

Olight H1R Nova

David says:

I bought a cheap Stanley one from Walmart but nice video man!

Robbie Williams says:

you did a great job man!! I have the armytec and love it!! thanks..Rob

James Palmer says:

Dude you shouldve gotten a Nitecore HC-30

DrivenDrew says:

What about the new olight?

WickedSensation says:

Red lens is a must. There is no reason for headlamps to be made without them. Especially for the price that some of them go for.

Knives&Lint says:

I also keep the Princeton Tec in my bag, and I too find it a great little light for that purpose.  I’m a big fan of red lights for low light conditions and find that feature vastly more useful than I would ever find a strobe…Great vid as always man! I dig the laidback style and enthusiasm

Luke Carter says:

Finally. A review on the ARMYTEC Wiz in English. Prec

MR.223rem says:

Ahaha damn I bought one a day ago…

MikeAnshit says:

check out the zebra light. i use one at work. it ll light the world

L. Duran says:

Where can I get my hands on one of those sweet LLOD morale patches

BIG PAPA says:

Really like your videos and reviews, keep up the good work.

TheShoelaceBandit says:

If you like Armytek. Then you would love Zebralight.

wmeyer116 says:

try zebralight. incredibly bright and cheap

PinGorilla says:

Take a look at Black Diamond Storm headlamp.

Jose Aldaba says:

Is optics planet going to give you another 10% code brotha?

Travis Nystrom says:

I love my little Princeton Tec.. but they eat through “AAA” batteries like you wouldn’t believe.

Beretta 92FS says:

Great video once again! I have found that headlamps in most instances are a more valuable tool than a flashlight. Hands free operation is crucial when changing a tire, setting up a camp site in low light situations and even grilling at night. We keep one in almost every room of the house and in each vehicle. Keep those videos coming!

Eli Blakley says:

Hey thanks for the video. I’m an electrician and I’m looking for a new headlamp. This video helped out quite a bit

Chris Mays says:

For anyone looking to buy a new headlamp, I’d definitely go with an Olight H1R. My favorite light I’ve gotten and by far better than any of the plastic ones by Princeton, Petzl, etc.

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