Trail trek review Nitecore HC65 headlamp led

9 out of 10, well done nitecore, only thing you dont get is some spare change and a lockout. This is a great lamp for camping and hiking, loads of capacity thanks to the free nitecore battery and its rock solid build.
Highly recommended if you dont dislike the high price.

Nitecore website for this product:

Here is my review of the skilhunt which im using to compare with this notecore:

Pick up a nitecore here if you like:

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James Vella says:

mine on order too,good review thank you.

C S says:

Liked the comparison part at the end. Good to see and know!

Mike Lee says:

Great review, thanks
Im consider to get this HC65 or MT21c

Curtis Kinoo says:

Awesome Review mate!!!

Chris Jones says:

Well I took it out for a run today. It didn’t budge on my head. Very stable even though it’s quite heavy. The only negative thing for me was the surface area in contact with my forehead. It’s quite large and became pretty noticeable the more I ran.

issa alshomaly says:

From 22:21

NimbleFlash says:

Really awesome detailed review, best light review I’ve ever seen. Just a small correction, the lowest output on main led is 1 lumen, not 11.

Ronald Gibson says:

Got one today for £50 so far very happy

matticusmac says:

Best headlamp review I have ever seen.

Lee C says:

Nice review mate and lovely little headlamp. Think me and bro might have a couple of these for the old night fishing.(you always welcome along for a chuck)

Jimmy Mac says:

Richy-Great review, as mentioned by Mr Bathe, I liked the comparison you did with the Nitecore and the Skillhunt. My Nightcore NU30 is much lighter with one strap since it’s so light. Instead of a dedicated CRI lamp, mine has two CRI type LEDS. I have 2 red LEDs as well. The NU30 has 2 switches, one for the white lights, the other dedicated for red light modes only. The caveats with mine are, the USB port has the flappy cover on the outside of the light and no discover mode to find the light at night. It does have a lockout mode, I’d trade that for the discovery function. The NU30 hits 400 lumens on turbo but like the HC65 steps down. Nice to know I’m a celebrity now on YouTube since you mentioned me twice in this video when it comes to my favorite “red lights!” LOL As always Richy, an informative and well done review!

My Janet says:

Excellent review and wonderful method of explanation

BatheHerWell andBringHerToMe says:

*Stopped partway through this review to say that– when a hands-free light is actually needed— they are extremely convenient for all manner of tasks! (How many times do we simply hold a small light in our mouths for quick-use needs? Plenty of times for me.) It really is about time here for a new “headlight,” as I call these.*

*This particular Nitecore light has been in one of my Amazon lists for a while now. Have held off getting it because I do have a headlight that is about 18-19 years old, made by Black Diamond. That one I still use regularly– even though it has 4 small LEDs and one INCANDESCENT bulb. Unfortunately, it’s powered by 4 AA cells. It is positively old tech compared to this Nitecore here. As you indicated, these are rather pricey. But it would last for a couple decades for most people’s purposes.*

*So, thanks for this review. I wonder if you were sent this HC65 for your review? Hoping that is the case, and that you are getting more from retailers and/or manufacturers for the purpose of reviewing. We had spoken of that once before, a while ago. OK, back to finish watching the last few minutes of this now…*

Chris Jones says:

Excellent review! Just what I was looking for. Would you recommend this head torch for running?

Allujallu says:

Should I get this one or the hc30? :S

David W says:

Excellent work. Thank you for making the effort. Mine is in order from the recent Massdrop. I have a Fenix I love but wanted to have more. I reach for my headlamp maybe more than other lights. So convenient. Even on dog walks.

Nathan Englander says:

Best headlamp review I’ve ever seen. You just got new subscriber. Your attention to detail is perfect. This light fits all of my criteria except that it only has one battery. I prefer a pack on the back with multiples. Love 18650’s great batteries. I have just ordered this headlamp. Thank you.

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