UCO Air and Vapor Rechargeable Headlamp Review – Retro Cool!

The UCO Air is an ultralightweight LED headlamp and the UCO Vapor is a rechargeable headlamp that also works with AAA batteries. Both are great for backpacking, hiking, biking and general use. NOTE: I was wrong in the video, the dual power Vapor is $49.95, not $39.95. My bad.

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Sthilboy56 says:

Would be nice to see a review of a product that you have actually been using for a year to see how it stands up , not just looking at a brand new item .

Redsorgum says:

Happy Easter……..He has risen

l3arrett82 says:

if that thing used 2 18650’s id be on it.

J0kerScars says:

I tried using the link for the uco vapor but both links only take me to the uco air

Gail Stokely says:

Good video and nice flashlight. Happy Easter to you and your family.

Stacy Cornett says:

Cool lights.

Abraham Azar says:

Price for the Vapor is $49.99 on Amazon and I was ready to buy two.

Survival Mindset says:

Bryan I could not see the UCO both because of all the smoke LOL. I still laugh about that. Nice lights for sure. Have a Happy Easter.

TheTranq says:

150 lumens is pretty weak in today’s market. Nice video still

Wayne Clarke says:

For me the ability to use standard AAA batteries is the way to go. Personally I’m not a fan of built in rechargable battery lights, once the battery dies after a year or two you’ve got an expensive paper weight.
Happy Easter holiday mate.
Regards Wayne

Wild Tuscany Bushcraft says:

I really like these new headlamps by Uco!

Jani Sukanen says:

Both seem really cool! I like the woodlike – leathery – bushcrafty look of them. The switch is nice. I have couple headlamps that always take a while of fumbling to turn them on. Especially with gloves. The head band sounds good. The elastic ones tend to either fall off or give me a headache. Versatility of power supply of the Vapor is great feature. It is always nice to have a backup option. And spare batteries. Great review! Thank you for sharing Bryan! Big thumbs up!


Last week I saw same type of Headlamp In ”DISCO CUB on DJ’s head” .Even in Loud music & disco light any 1 can spot him Due to his strike mode

zeke1eod says:

Great video, thanks for sharing. God bless.

John Eli says:

I’m in the market for something like that for my nighttime bike rides

SC bushcraft backwoods says:

Those are actually pretty cool head lamps. I think those may be the First that I buy

Jose Cordova says:

Lol. Good ol’Brian setting shot show a’blaze for real!

phyllis mulkey says:


Curiosity Forge says:

On the opposite end of the spectrum you have the Innogear 5,000 lumen headlamp on Amazon for $24.99. I have one of those I bought so I could get work done before sunrise at my last job and it’s kinda heavy but you can get a lot of hours out of the two 18650 batteries and it is insanely bright. It might be worth reviewing.

Dino Hunter34555 says:

1st comment and first like

Butch Hill says:

I love headlamps. Like you said hiking, camping walking at night and looking for leaks under a house .

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