Vitchelo Waterproof Headlamp Review

These Vitchelo Waterproof headlamps are great for camping, hiking, hunting or pretty much any other time you need a good headlamp. You can save 15% by using this link:

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Rich Trujillo says:

I love the idea of the small light other than the red sos… I personally think if you need to use an sos it should be white light

Jashmin Salazar says:

Nice review. Having these headlamps are really convenient especially when you need your hands when doing a task. My son really likes the V300 and always uses it at night in the outdoors.

RViscara says:

You knocked it out of the park with that little one having the ball cap clip! I get headaches using headlamps and having that ball cap clip is a big helper. The tiny one is a nice lamp as I like to wear head lamp around my neck. Good review

Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors says:

Those look like some decent little lights. The small one appears to be modeled after the Petzel Elight. An excellent choice for an ultralight kit.


Your video has bumped up our sales Bryan, we thank you for that, as well as your fans that surely love what you’re doing here.

Keep up the good work, have a great day!

Jon says:

Nice.. shame they don’t sell these in the Europe… Always good to know about though. I got a LUCI lantern the other day, just waiting for it to arrive 😀

Mark Martin says:

Very nice Bryan! Kinda like the little one! Did you order up the little rain shower to test the head lamps? Thanks for standing out in the rain for us! We appreciate it! atb try and stay dry.

Mark in Texas


really liked the lights.bought two v800 and two v300.

danny chadwick says:

cool review bryan

capybaras says:

“waterproof headlamp” that is not waterproof. Time to update the video title then? Just wasted time on this thinking it was waterproof

Pappy says:

nite ize makes or made a small hat brim light.has 5 led’s,high/low. runs on 2 cr2032 as well. made of foam w/ 2 metal clips to attache it to your hat . forms to the shape of your hat brim. nice little lights. sold regularly for 14.99 . purchased on clearance…wait for it… .49 cents each !!!!!!! true story !! i bought 5 (thats all that was left). what a deal. looks like some nice lights you have there, i will probably buy the v800. thanks for sharing.

featheredprop says:

Thanks for the review, Bryan. These headlamps keep coming up on my Facebook feed and I’ve wondered if they were just a gimmick, or if they were decent headlamps. They seem solid. Thanks, Dane.

Irish Zombie Nation says:

Great review sir

sandman x says:

Nice performance at that price point. If I didn’t already have a Black Diamond Icon I’d pick up a V800. I prefer the single button that operates like the Icon does, but I’ve had it for 5 years and really used to it at this point, and you can go directly to red with that as well. If I wasn’t so used to that, I’d probably like the 2 button approach.

Terry Henry says:

Keep up the good reviews Brian,your doing a great job


That little one sure would be nice locking up the chickens at night.

Charles Larson says:

Well, Bryan ya had it all….rain and the distant train……made me think of that great old song from the 60’s….
A Rainy Night In Georgia
A distant moanin’ of a train seems to play a sad refrain to the night
A rainy night in Georgia, such a rainy night in Georgia
Lord, I believe it’s rainin’ all over the world
Yeah, I’m dating myself… 😉
At any rate, I really like that 800 based upon the AAA batteries as I have three lights using that size. Thanks for this review. Can’t beat water proof and a life time warranty!

Bash Riprock says:

Those Cree LED bulbs have really uped the amount of light the headlamps and flashlights can throw nowadays. Truly is a major difference compared to the old bulbs. I’m going to see if they sell replacement LED bulbs for all my different sized Maglites. Another fine product review. Good job Bryan. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe.

Johnny Tsunami says:

Very nifty. I could use a waterproof head lamp for my night caches. I’ve been looking for something like this. There has been a surplus of heartless dirtbags on new cache’s lately. Thanks for the review!

Catherine says:

The V800 is pretty cool. I have one and the light is really bright. I love it.

Andy A says:

very good review bryan, inexpensive and good features as well. for everyday tasks, and for emergency use this is really a good option. but would you rather have this or the thrunite th10? for me i am leaning towards the th10, coz it is built like a tank… but it is tad more expensive, heavier and it doesnt use a regular aaa batteries like the vitchelo. so it depends which one you really prefer.
great video mate. thanks

Godly Prepping says:

I have the big Thrunite headlamp, which is heavy. I like the idea of an ultralite headlamp as a backup, or for backpacking as a primary light, and the fact that you can clip it on a hat makes it really versatile. Thanks for reviewing these.

Tyrone Walker says:

Nice review, but I’ve never heard of this brand. Can you run Energizer Lithium cells in 800 series?

Alan Williams says:

I know it’s been a year and a half since your review, Bryan. I have to ask you though… have you since come across a good headlamp that will go instantly to red other than this one? I myself have not, and I’m thinking of this feature for my preps. I was an active duty Army member for 20+ years. I know the importance of having instant on red light… so as to not screw up the night vision. I like this headlamp, and I don’t care that it’s not pumping out 500+ lumens in white… who honestly would ever need that in a headlamp? I love most that it has the separate button for instant red. Thanks again for this review… I know it has been awhile since you reviewed it. Thanks brother.

James Jensen says:

These are great headlamps, I got both of them on Amazon for dirt cheap and I am super impressed with both of them the V800 is awesome.

James Haught says:

Thank you for the video Sir, those are some pretty neat headlamps. I got this video in my Email notifications and when I clicked the like it said “This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.”

It doesn’t show up under your uploads on your Channel, I just wanted to give you a heads up incase you didn’t mean to upload it as unlisted. 🙂

magicshon says:

Oh yes, time to buy twenty of the small ones and put them all on a single strap and have a lightiing crown of 360° 😀

Mark Martin says:

#1 🙂

John Steeven says:

i love these ones, they are great i would recommend anyone to get one

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