Waving…Good Bye! – Olight H16 Wave Headlamp – Review

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Today Luke is ‘waving’ good bye to the Olight H16 Wave Headlamp…find out what that means now!

Link : https://www.olightstore.com/olight-h16-wave
Price : Retail $60 /
Weight : 4.06oz

2000mAh battery pack.
500 lumens

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Michael Steele says:

I like a wordy review that saves me time and money. Great review including the night blindness aspect something I didn’t consider.

tenzin044 says:

Good review as always. Personally I don’t like changes, using same staff for years. Ones checked-if is good- using. I prefer Petzl headlights. They do all for climbing. I’m sure u know them. Rechargeable 3xAA batteries in my myo model, in waterproof case with option to keep battery box under your jacket. Really recommended. Take care Luke, I’m waiting for next longer overnight trip!S&H. Tom

Allen Schubert says:

I liked the length of this video. OTOH, I can see a need for longer and more detailed reviews. When that happens, maybe you could do the “short version” (like this one) and let people know that the short review is over and they can stop viewing now or continue with the more detailed review. Just a thought. Most importantly, I like that you are honest in your reviews!

Harry Cummings says:

Thanks for your honest review!

Vash Matrix says:

Short reviews will probably get more views but if I’m really considering an item I like the in depth reviews, this seemed fine. Hopefully if they take motion sensor out it would be lighter. For sure that glowing blue light needs to go too.

Survival Mindset says:

It makes a good work light. It’s not good for hiking in the bush. The wave has worked well for me it is spot on. I agree it is bright in the reflection.

the thinker says:

a very good review direct and to the point but a little rushed. I must say thought if I had been there with you and it had not gone out when I waved my hand it would have been sat up in those trees behind you.

wolf pack woodcraft says:

I really like the two light system. I uselly don’t like headlamps with battery packs but the Olight here looks like it isn’t as heavy or as bulky as the ones you usually see. Great Review Luke keep up the Great Work!!!

Dustin Mittel says:

I’d like to see some colors lens and the review was great

KnifeNovice says:

I’ve had 3 Olights and I’ve had nothing but issues with them. I use a simple Microstream or a Surefire now. Love their simplicity.

Thomas Whitten says:

Oh! Olight doesn’t love you now!! The Olight person who thought the ‘wave’ function up is sitting in their office crying!! Personally, I like the shorter reviews. Choose your words and sentences for maximum knowledge transfer. Try not to repeat yourself too much. Keep it in the real world situations and you’ll be fine.

RViscara says:

Stop pretending like your a tv show mc with your over the top fake trying to hard commercial voice. Your a country bumpkin don’t pretend your from LA or New York or went to broadcasting school. You try to hard doing that persona and you look foolish.

Common Sense says:

Good review, succinct, to the point, tight.

Bobo says:

Love the longer reviews!

Anthony Ortwein says:

Just found this channel today and it is awesome!

Dan Outdoors says:

I agree with you, you don’t need gimmicks like this on a head torch. SOS can be handy but that’s about all it should be

kebindesu says:

I prefer the longform, but I love all ur vids. Favourite youtuber by far.

WISOONER Tomas says:

I have a older version,aaa battery..the wave version …no issues at all….you should get it replaced , warranty reflective sensor issue

乇volve Outdoors says:

i got the OLight H25 for like 30 bucks. i have two gripes 1. having to only be able to charge it from a wall outlet 2. the wave feature when you walk by a tree branch, wall etc. Would be nice if when you deactivate the feature it would not reset to default when you turn it off.

Steve Hogue says:

The video was well edited, lots of info in the right length.

Bob Joncas says:

..you could strap it to your knee, for help in snake watching..lol.. good vid

Erik Bierwirth says:

Is it possible to remove the battery from the strap to put it near to the body to save the battery in cold environment?

ziggy784 says:

honesty is the best policy


Thruniite TH 20 for the win, check that one out Luke. It’s my number one head light

DesertPunk0 says:

shorter is better.

KowT says:

I love this agenda free reviews, it’s just awesome, complete informations, right to the point.

Matthias Dittgen says:

Olght also contacted me to make a review but i refused it. I got the same opinion with the wave feature – it really needs to be perfected. But also the adjustment for the angle is made out of plastic. This wont last a long time.
Olight has a very nice lamp in their portfolio – the hs2

Greg Letter says:

Check out the one80 headlamp

TheLawDemon says:

Solid review. Thorough. I like that you test gear for a realistic amount of time before filming a review vid.

TheOutdoorGearReview says:

Another honest review done with more on the way! Now, who is ready for Military Surplus Wednesday?
– Luke

Robert Dyet says:

Hi Luke honest review as always my friend. Your feedback to them is valid, any night stalker/hunter/civil/security personnel will acknowledge the points you raised especially ruining night vision once adopted. Stay straight Sir, do your videos your way and don’t cow cow to what others perceive as the way to do things.

Respects from Scotland

william spangler says:

foot wear for hiking your ingoring facbook comments it seems you ingore us

N English says:

Not enough runtime for all the bulk. Much better solutions available.

Opal Preston Shirley says:

A thorough review is better to help get a complete idea of the product. Thanks, Luke.

chops752 says:

it would be great for night fishing but not trail hiking like you stated

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