World’s Lightest Headlamp!! Nitecore NU05

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God :-O says:


The Art of Prepping says:

I really like this light, thanks for the overview –

Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works says:

The link doesn’t work it goes to a backpack not the light.

Lalalunatic says:

Cool light! I’ll defiantly look into it for my bike. For other tasks thought the Vitchelo V300 is brighter better for me at least when I go walking (also it does weigh in at 0.3 oz, has 5 modes, tilts, IPX6…blah blah lol). The recharging on the Nitecores is nice though too I got the Tube, Tip & Thumb all good lights. Ty for the video!

Alan Williams says:

Only option that kills it for me… no constant red. Other than that, it seems pretty cool for that price.

John Godwin says:

a head lamp that gives you 1 hour of light…..yeah

chuckv5150 says:

You lost me at 35 lumens. Cheers.

Tony Patey says:

USB, love it. Good price. I’d buy it. Thanks for sharing. Tony

Outdoors With The Banks says:

Yeah I’m sure I’ll end up buying one.

Uncle D says:

no always on red is a non purchase for me.

Old Man says:

Found a book that you might like it is titled CAMPING IN THE OLD STYLE by David Wescot, it is a hard bound book.

Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works says:

If it was lighter I’d buy one… pretty cool light.

Yautja says:

I’d wear the headband in reverse while walking my dog, on my BOB, and two on my bike. Nice!

Stacy Cornett says:

Cool little tools.

Paul Dunham says:

got to love that price….especially with the kit only being $5 more…and good news …my older headlight broke …and now I got another (and lighter light for my bike too )…so hmmmmm…..

Thanks Ben once again another product you demo and I have to buy it LOL….

great review

CMV 72 says:

I like it, but Nightcore has horriable customer service on warranty issues.

TheDimking says:

solid low red for moonlight and solid low white like 5-10 lm would have been much better.

The Addicted Prepper says:

Thanks for reviewing this. I have had the petzel elite for 5 years now. It has never failed me and at 27g, it’s the light bomb! I do like the fact yours is USB recharable and the price looks great!

James Pablos says:

Now that the Chris Tanner spikes are gone, I see that you have excellent hair.

Canesser says:

Handy dandy backup but not sure why the solid white light comes at the end rather than the beginning of the programming sequence when it already has such a finite charge. Good thing I’m not a gram weenie lol.

John Eli says:

I have this light connected to the molle on the back of my backpack and use the blinking red mode whenever I bike at night. I only recharge maybe once every two weeks

Sheeple4thePeople ! says:

Look up flashing lights and psychological effects.

doworkson189 says:

Ben are you gonna review the Benchmade bugout?

Rc Addict says:

its to heavy

Survival Mindset says:

Sweet light weight headlamp! Nice demo and review. What was cooking on the fire pit Ben?

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