3F UL GEAR Backpack review

This is a brief review of my new 3F UL GEAR backpack. I did a lot of research and was happy to find something that fit my needs and my budget and I really feel like this is a quality backpack that will last a long time.

Feel free to ask me any questions I’d be happy to answer them!

Check out ludermilch’s review below for more info.


texmexia49 says:

Can you tell me the hip belt length (would it fit a 27-28 inch waist?), does it have load lifters and can a BV500 fit sideways?

Thoth Al Khem says:

Ordered one a week ago…….waiting…..waiting……I like Aliexpress….I have bought tons of stuff from them. Can’t wait for this backpack to come and I ordered a Lanshan 2 also…..in white.

Couch2Trail YouTube Channel says:

The price is right for sure but man they charge out the wazoo for shipping! It will be interesting to see how it holds up after a few trips. Looking forward to seeing you take it to the wilds!

Jay Martin says:

HOw is the pack holding up?

Joseph Doughty says:

Cool looking pack , just found your channel. Stopped any subscribed. So Howdy from another Doughty here in Texas !

Frank Fowlkes says:

They also make this pack in Cuban Fiber now but I bought the same one you have. I have only taken it on a day hike for testing but it worked fine. This is my first frameless backpack and I wanted to see how it carried. Thanks for you video!

Smilin' Don OUTDOORS says:

Great review and very nice looking pack. I don’t know how I missed this video. I bought a new pack not too long ago also and should do a review of it soon. I’m not familiar with this company. Where are they located? What is this about a 40L bag? Thanks for sharing.

Adrián Vega Leirós says:

Hi and thanks for the awesome review. I’m considering buying it but I would like to know about its waterproffness, have you checked it under rainy conditions? I would love to know how it performs there and if a rain cover would be needed.


kuhcemmas says:

Going to be my new summer pack! So far I’m impress with the quality for the price. I was surprised to see the YKK zipper.

HighBalsamDesigns says:

Good review Howdy Doughty!

Adam Cates says:

Looks like a great pack. I’d like to get one to get my base weight a little lower. I’m trying to talk the wife into letting me spend another $50 to lose about 1lb off of my current pack weight 🙂

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