5 day Wilderness hiking. Sleeping bag/backpack field test review. Down in a canyon

We compare sleeping bags and backpacks. What to buy and why. Trick to get a good night sleep in a mummy bag without geting claustrophobic. 38 mile hike in gorge. Don’t buy cheap backpacks, the main plastic buckle and zippers break. We show lots of camping tips. Backpacking can be a lesson in suffering or a wonderful adventure of self-reliant travel that affords opportunities to see sights available no other way.
Here is a link to my North face back pack:
Sleeping bag: http://amzn.to/2mE4sbP
Therm-a-Rest: http://amzn.to/2nWWhI3
Jet boil cook set: http://amzn.to/2o3O98C
Hubba huba tent: http://amzn.to/2o4b0kA
Ultra light chair: http://amzn.to/2oaMnPU
Light hammock with mosquito net and rain fly: http://amzn.to/2noZ0H2
Sawyer water filter: http://amzn.to/2oaNOhj
Solar shower: http://amzn.to/2nutRUj


markp0177 says:

Sispy wilderness in Alabama

ItsAllAboutGuitar says:

“Mancation” kind of makes it sound gay. “Staycation” is something the Kardashians would say.

Lee says:

This is awesome


Mark, where abouts in Alabama are you from? Sipsey is out my back door

ulas1986 says:

It’s late Fawl Here xD
Great video

William Payton says:

Worthy of a like and sub. Good job, great fun.

MyFlounder1 says:

Excellent video,many thanks.

quotidianlight says:

Kojack is amazing!

Betty Stokes says:

Mark, you are the greatest, enjoyed your journey.!,!

Kevin Fox says:

Well done.

Lee says:

This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. It really does inspire me to go out on an adventure, please do more!

theslowwalker says:

Great video!  A lot of good hints and tips.  I love the “happy at the cash register, sad down the trail” counsel.  I’ve never repelled before but it looks fun. 

Just a thought – I use a two sock system (thin synthetic inners and wool outers) and have done river crossings (not as cold as the ones in your video).  The system draws moisture out of my boots and the slippery inner socks along with the wool socks cut down friction so I’ve never had a blister since using this system.  For those who have diabetes foot protection is extremely important.

Ronald Navarro says:

Muy bonito video,precioso lugar,ese tipo de bosque es muy similar al de mi país,Honduras….saludos.

panda boils says:

excellent vid

bsykes says:

You look like you had blast. Thank you for sharing the adventure with us.

philip overholt says:

Thanks for taking me along

waskly wabbit says:

dont buy nothing from china!

HanaleiSurfrider1 says:

Nicely done, Gentlemen! Beautiful secluded and remote area. Do others, do the same hike as you all did and did you find any other firepits  or caves where others before you might have stayed? Thank you for taking us all along with you!

zhang slloop says:

we can give your for free reveiws the water shoes ,if you interest it ,please let me know it ,thanks
amazon link :https://goo.gl/kTY4rG ,

Pinche Pendejo says:

afraid to get wet ?

jeannie baker says:

Been through Ala.years ago but didn’t realize until now what beautiful country it is! I loved watching the shimmering moss hanging from the trees in the early mornings..We don’t have that here in WA. State. I’m only 3 hrs. from Glacier Park, Mt and about the same to the Cascades Mtn. Range here WA. Also resided in Montana for many years.
I keep waiting for a black or grizzly to visit all of you. LOL! Enjoy yourselves!

GV says:

Now that’s real backpacking.. Nothing like these Ultra light wimps that have these videos up.

Dennis Mathias says:

You guys..and Kojack..are tough as nails!  Regular backpacking looks a little tame after this!

pericobarcino says:

I wanna see Kojak doing rappel!

BackpackersReview says:

very nice video

lilsporto says:


π Intrepido Φ says:

_Awesome adventure. Would of loved to see Kojack repel down the cliff can’t believe you didn’t tape that. Regardless it was really good. Thanks for the video_

Rickalls Outdoors says:

great vid. check out my channel

Steve Krewson says:

Great vid! Especially the repelling. Thanx for sharing it with us. Stay safe and peace out bro.
Steve K.

Greg Outdoors says:

Mancation, ha I like it. Very nice, thanks for taking us along.

Trip Smith says:

Wow, that looks like a great place to hike. I’m in Southeast Alabama and I haven’t ventured up to Sipsee yet, but I hope to sometime soon. Just curious, was all the repelling mandatory for the particular trails you were taking? Or was it more or less hike the trail and find a place to repell? Also, there is a forum on Facebook for Alabama Backpackers that I think you might find interesting and most people have Facebook already so there is no sign up, “Bama Backpacker’s Forum”. Check it out!

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