Atlas Packs — Photography Backpack Review

I’m on a seemingly never-ending quest to find the perfect backpack for not just outdoor photography, but one versatile enough for any situation (hiking, camping, studio, coffee shops, cycling, etc). The Athlete and Adventure backpacks from Atlas Packs are a great step toward bags that are highly functional, well-made, and versatile, and meet the needs of amateurs and professionals alike. They seem to have taken inspiration cues from true hiking packs like those from Osprey, and photography-focused brands like F-stop Gear, and come up with their own design and solution. I have to say, it’s pretty solid.

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Simon The Aspie Photographer says:

Nice review I’ve been looking at other camera bags for adventures I’ve got planned and most just design more so for camera storage and not much else, with that adventure pack I would fit my sleeping bag, cooking stuff, camera gear, solar panels and tent on one side and on the other have my tripod. I think this is the bag for me and your video made it more clear for me on what to get so thank you for that!

vts worldwide says:

can you fly with the adventure pack as a hand luggage?

The Dog Photographer says:

What’s with all these bags that have access right to the bottom from the top? Why not have a zipped flap so that you can choose. Drives me nuts! I can’t stand all my belongings getting lost at the bottom of the bag underneath the camera insert.

Rob Donchez says:

Have you used the Athlete with a hydration bladder? Any concern with it being imbalanced since its on the side?

Wall Productions says:

Thanks! Been trying to decide between fstop and atlas I think Atlas will be better for biking around ergonomically.

Zach Locks says:

Can you do another video on these and show what all you can fit in each as far as both camera and non camera gear for a long dayhike or overnight trip?

Zack Allen says:

Beards and lavs don’t mix well bro

martinrossegger says:

Great review. Very easy to understand and also very helpful.

David Daniel says:

Hey Caleb, great review. But I don’t know. It may be unlikely (but it has happened)…Seems like a zipper failure from the main compartment zipper when your pack is loaded, and then it’s just lenses and cameras pouring out of the pack and tumbling down the mountain or on the concrete. Seems like a better design would be to have the main compartment zipper inside the straps and not on the outside. Gear can get heavy and that puts a lot of strain on the main compartment zipper. I do wish my Tilopa main compartment zipper was a larger diameter, BUT I would trust my Tilpa over the Atlas zipper design any day. Just my .02 and something to think about in the longevity of a pack.

John Willsund says:

Great review! I have the Mindshift Backlight 26L and love the opening on the back, and also that I can open it while it sits on my hip using the waist strap to not take the bag off and put it down in the mud or sand. Did you get a change to try this with the Athlete and find that it was easy to access the content? Cheers!

William Brindel says:

Hahahahahahahah your beer rubs the mic the hole length of the video
Good vid !

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