Best Selling Pack on Amazon – AmazonBasics 55L Backpack with Rainfly

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So here you have it; the best selling internal frame backpack on Amazon! This is part 1 of our look at this pack as this is a preview, next will come the testing and ultimately the review!

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Mélanie Roussel says:

As HUGE Osprey packs fan and, in NO WAY, I would buy this kind of backpack… Even though I was on a budget…
Quality has a price to it… Lifetime garantee too. Osprey has it both. So, I don’t mind spending 300$ on a good solid pack that will last almost forever.

That being said, even if I was only using it once or twice only, Osprey packs, for exemple, has a better resailed value than those cheap packs. Just look on Ebay’s 2nd hand backpacks…

Butch Hill says:

You know you’re right it does resemble a Teton pack a lot. But like you say it’s very budget-friendly I agree with that. Put it through the paces see what it does. If it works out it would probably be all right for somebody that wants to go out one or two days in the woods and just camp out a little. What I would call a starter pack. But I know somebody that starred to buy one of these so watching you do this will kind of help me tell them what not to do and what to do. Because I told him I knew nothing about the pack. It’s always good to start with something budget-friendly first to see if you really want to get into backpacking or hiking or camping anyway. I had a friend that bought the best of everything right off the bat. And then after using it one time. He would throw it in a storage shed and let it sit there if you didn’t like it. A lot of expensive stuff. Put it through the paces interested to see what it does. Great first look at

Tramontane says:

What is the possibility of removing the harness and using it for a DIY pack.

Steve Lyk says:

looks ok for the price
thanks for the preview

Lawton Murrey says:

I have a marine core ILBE pack and that one looks like a poor copy of mine at best !

joseph brown says:

Teton Sports great value option lol

Ronnie Womack says:

Looks like a stansport knock off.

Clay Adams says:

It’s rubbish. Just add the $51 to the cost of your next pack.

Tan N says:

So that yellow thing you pulled out of the bottom…. it’s a rain cover, right?

Stacy Cornett says:

I have a pack that looks just like this pack, 85lt. It has a rain fly hidden in the bottom. That can be brought out and cover the whole pack. Plus it is also light rain resistant to boot. My pack is from Gelert.

Justen Morris says:

I bought the 75 LT thi year and have been training and adding weight with it around the local trails. I’d say I agree with most so far. It a starter pack for sure but it’s also a great all around pack for the price.
Least favorite part would be that back pad frams flat shape that he mentioned but other then that I’m good with the buy. Everything he touched on went through my mind before the purchase and was no surprise.

Stone Cold Steve Autism says:

I had one, it did it’s job. Then I bought a sog prophet and never looked back.

No Dust No Fuss Cleaning says:

I also have to say you can go to gear trade and get a decent used pack for a great price and hit the trails

spikester40 says:

Looking forward to your honest review as always!! I know you’ll put it through the tests it takes for the review!!! As someone without a lot of money to spend I like to know how the budget products hold up!! Thanks Luke!!

Lee Newman says:

It’s a 55$ pack, doesnt look bad and probably is a really good beginner pack for people like me just getting into the adventures. Cant complain much for 55 bucks

Kevin Davis says:

I believe by the rain fly they mean the brain or lid portion which would keep water from going inside. glad you did this. I have just been checking out packs on amazon. Thanks

bc5766 says:

Im sure like everything else on the planet there is a degree of “get what you pay for.” That being said, it might be sufficient for alot of people who are casual campers, or dont have the green for something nicer. Theres a time and place for everything. Looking forward to the whole reiew.

ian arabit says:

If you’re giving it away, might as well give it to me. I’ve been dying to replace my pack for years. Just hope you ship to the Philippines. Thanks in advance!

American Axe & Tool Co says:

Why am I getting the impression that you’re not happy with this pack?.. it’s not impressing me Wolfman!

ChrisC30 says:

The main thing for me is the polyester construction. I’ll be curious as to how it holds up from use. The sleeping bag compartment’s elastic edge does seem to also be a pain in the butt.

Betty Cocker says:

the Teton 3400 has a higher star rating… i think the Amazon pack is number one because its amazon.

docchocobo says:

I’ve considered buying this but have been very hesitant. Amazon’s Burns me one time before with a pack that I thought was very heavily built turned out to be a literal pain in the back. I saw this one a few days ago and was thinking about getting the 70 version of it. Let’s see how she performs

Frank Killz says:

Looks to be a Dollar Store setup. A sharp rock, or tree branch could do some serious damage, and have you carrying items all the way home in your hands. It’s crap.

Brad Tidball says:

You should check out the Mardingtop 65L ruck! It’s a great option not just for the price, but even compared to more expensive packs.

Peter Toth says:

Starter pack for those on a very short budget. Use it for a year, maybe two, then upgrade.

Vikingberserkr777 says:

Basically it’s the cheaper eberlestock v69 destroyer


Big question from a big(round belly) man…. Total inches of the waist belt fully extended? Thanks Luke

Molon Labe says:

Four pounds, I’ll pass. Thanks for the preview.

DannyBoyDDD says:

“Rain fly” What does it meme?

Josh Riggs says:

No way Not for me or any backpackers that I know..

thorsbeat says:

I think they mean rain cover which comes with the pack

Shashkin's Cozy Survival says:

Hey Luke, if the stitching and zippers are good on this one, this will be hard to beat even considering all the cons. Perfect backpack for entry-level. When person thinks to get to a higher level and spend more money, this one could be used to store a part of the outdoor gear in it at home or can be used for a kind of an emergency kit to be put in the car.

Sharkahh says:

-20 rn and we got 2ft it snow already.

John Doe says:

Thanks for showing me this

Michael Smith says:

I’d like to see you take this pack out for a field test before I take mine out for a field test. I got this pack as my “starter” backpack as I am just getting back into backpacking. The build quality seems solid enough for a $50 backpack and I’m hoping it will hold up for the short trips I have planned for late March. My total pack weight right now, excluding food, is about 16 1/2 lbs. The main drawback to this pack is the weight, 4.27 lbs. There are more expensive packs that weigh as much or more so at this price point you have to take the good (the price) with the bad (weight – and hip strap could be 2-3 longer on each side too).

Tony Mason says:

Excellent review.

Larry Kramer says:

Thanks for showing a cheap pack that may do the job for a while. Sometimes you don’t need a fancy pricey pack that you can hand down to your grandchildren.

No Dust No Fuss Cleaning says:

I can see if your just starting out and trying out backpacking for the first time, this would be a ok pack to start. It not an osprey by any means But if it can get you in the forst for a first overnight adventure there you go

Wm W says:

For those who say you are to hard on the pack, boo hoo… Your info is spot on. Thank you!

Toxic Tabasco says:

Wow, that pack would have saved me over $150 vs my Deuter 55 liter alpine pack.

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