Bushcraft, Hiking & Camping Backpacks – Which one is best for your needs?

After many questions I decided to do a full gear video on the backpacks that I have used for Bushcraft overnighters, day packs, general hiking and camping trips. Hope you enjoy it! – Mike

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BW German Military Backpack: http://amzn.to/2qrFT30
Snugpak Stamina 40L Backpack: http://amzn.to/2p5cOpq
Eurohike Pathfinder 35L hiking backpack: http://amzn.to/2pwfL5X
Swedish LK35 – http://www.militarymart.co.uk/swedish-army-lk35-rucksack.html
Dutch Airforce Backpack – The website I brought it from no longer works! It’s out there somewhere
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NorwegianWoods says:

Interesting to hear your thoughts on backpacks. Thanks for sharing 🙂
– Martin

Kent Tuaim says:

Hi Mike, another cool video. I am always interested to see what packs people choose, but more importantly why they choose them. I have 3. A sabre 45 with side pouches for normal use. A 60l viking, many compartments for lightweight camping and a Highlander 99 for winter. The viking is good for access to multiple items, but I love the karrimor sabre. Have you tried any of these?

peasant mike says:

I live in the U.S, would the euros directly translate into USD if I bought the lk35 with my paypal?

malcolmWatchingUTube says:

ok, so there is one thing I really don’t understand. Why do all the bushcraft guys carry a whole „kitchen“ with them? I’m hiking very often in the woodland (I’m a nature photographer). But all I need is maybe two bananas, some cookies and water. I’m not going for a dinner in the forest! I want to go as light as possible and I won’t die if I miss one hot meal 😉 :D.

Bazcamper says:

Great vid. Can I ask where to purchase the Dutch airforce bag?

Kevin Piggott says:

Really like the Dutch airforce, what is the material “…… where can I get one from

Danny Walker says:

I Did Like Your Video on these BackPack’s. I seen thing’s I liked on All of them. I’m more of a Big Bag Guy, kinda like the Mollie ll Bags that we have from our military units. Your last bag you showed us IS what I really did like, a lot. Thanks for your thoughts on these.

Nick says:

Nothing beats the karrimor sabre. Only pack I need and has taken a hell of a beating.

Dylan Castle says:

i really like that Dutch AirForce pack !

Sparta TV says:

nice video

Jekk4 C.R & C.O.C says:

good video

Wilderness Aperture says:

Subbed because you use a Swedish lk35, love that thing, gonna watch some more videos now, I may have to make a video about my lk35

David Weirauch says:

lot of good info;. liked how you premised that it makes a difference on what you are needing a pack for. each style bring different points to the table.

Van Nicholson says:

Thanks Mike. Don’t see many thorough reviews of Euro packs. Well done. I’ve always appreciated some of the unique Scandinavian bags and features.

Gunner Mclovin says:

Snugpak has some great products! I’ve got a Snugpak Bergen and love it!!

Spirit Forest says:

great video and awesome packs.. thanks for sharing.

The Dris says:

I have had a Snugpak Endurance for 3 years. I do like the bag just wish it had load lifters also it took some time to get used to the water bladder on the side. That said I have become a bit of a fan boy of Snugpak, I have 2 sleeping bags and liners and have had no big issues beyond wear and tear. Thanks for the videos always enjoyable.

Ashy says:

The snugpack reminds me of ospreys newer kestrel line, look great

Dunc Seewolf says:

info for the german backpack:
there is a sleeping pad from the german army that is made for the compartmant in the back. not very compfortable but i like it.

and my backpack has this rubbery coating everywhere inside.

Eric Meland says:

I can’t afford a millatary back pack I have a high school backpack for my EDC

Australian Bushcraft and Survival says:

Great video! Would you be able to make another Basecamp video? I really enjoy watching them and think that it is great that you can make an effective shelter.

Matt Masterman says:

on your second back pack the air force one, did you know theres a pouch in the lid, it velcros together!

joshua woodruff says:

The webbing on the airforce pack looks more like ALICE than MOLLE

Craig Mooring says:

So good of you to show several in detail. Very helpful. Thanks, Mike.

Zombie Survival vlogs says:

Camping. Back Pack

Rockford Beretta says:

Getting comfy… I love videos like this.

Kath Ohara says:

bought lk35 on mcq Mike’s video having grown up with the last of framed rucksacks. Brilliant!! Wore it unmodified with average day out load. No fidgetting with shoulder straps v stable. Almost unaware it was on my back despite multiple investigations while learning to identify mosses. I am 5’4″ female but have fairly long back, it was a joy not to have a clammy limpet on my back thanks to airflow due to frame. Also the closest thing you’ll ever see to really waterproof.

Kevin Piggott says:

Excellent watch, great commentary and explanation with ideas and tips. Nice one

thirtyeyes says:

Please don’t take this comment the wrong way but… I never understood the desire to use military surplus or mil spec stuff. It’s all unnecessarily thick materials and very heavy. As I recall, other than the genetic freaks that did the special ops and long range recon stuff, the normal soldier hated humping all that weight. We also tended to stash heavy stuff in a duffel that would inevitably show up at the final bivy site. After I got out, I’d rather walk through the forest in pink and purple than put on camo again. I go as light as I can afford and since I rarely need to dive to the ground and roll for cover, the lighter materials tend to hold up fairly well.

James Hudak says:

TA Outdoors, I’ve been looking at ways to attach side pouches to my LK35, the best way I’ve found is to stitch webbing onto the bag (it offers much more versatility). How did you stitch the webbing onto your LK35, as it’s proving to be a tricky job with just a needle and thread!

Rockford Beretta says:

I’m going to say the Swedish pack is my favorite. VERY versatile. External frame and no plastic buckles (save the kidney belt) which might fail in extreme cold. (Big maybe there – I know lots of guys who work / have worked outside in Northern Canada, well within the arctic circle and they have had very few problems with plastic bag clips – I say very few because one guy dropped some gasoline on his pack and the plastic went really brittle – but other than that – ‘m pretty sure modern plastic should be ok.) External frame packs can be used to haul so many things. Just remove the pack from the frame and you can use it to haul everything from an old aircraft battery to fire wood, to a stretcher with an injured friend on it. Nice job on the MOLLE webbing on the side too.
When I use a bucket pack I typically put load cells in it. In each cell I put different things. ie: one for fire / camp, one for spare clothing, one for food – etc. Not for everyone, but it’s a constant evolution.
For the $$$ though – can’t go wrong with mil surplus.

The Snugpack is nice though. …watching further… that Snugpack is really nice… It looks really comfy too….and from the UK? Can’t go wrong.

Thanks again. I always love the kit review / show and tell vids!

Steve Davis says:

Each time after each video of yours , i am anxious to see another. This one was not biased in way and your explanation of backpacks are awesome. Wishing you all the best , from Northern CANADA.

Phil Martin says:

Mike, loved the review and vid btw, I currently work abroad and your vids are one of the best ways for me to keep my sanity out here in the middle east that is until I get back to UK for my leave periods, I live in the NW of England, (Wigan area) do you know of any locations I may be able to enjoy some wild camping as such within a few hours drive of me. Seems my area is probably a collection point for many who oppose any outdoor activities, other than some light rambling. really would love to introduce my wife to this and to have the freedom to do this. Cheers Phil

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