Condor Elite Titan Assault Pack | Tactical Backpack | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the Titan Assault Pack from Condor Elite, the top of the line gear from Condor Outdoors. Recently we were contacted by Michael over at Condor and he asked if were interested in reviewing any of their new line of packs. After looking it over we decided on the Titan Assault Pack. Constructed of 500D Cordura and sporting a dividable main compartment, The Titan is just about the perfect backpack for day trips and, depending on skill level, short over-nighters. If the external pockets on the sides of the pack were replaced with water bottle pockets, Krik and stony may stop the everlasting search for the “perfect bag”…

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Blake J says:

Crik got frickin ripped

gabygybonu says:

Nice review. Thank you. Nice backpack too

K193 says:

Does this pack have a plastic/rigid frame sheet to help bear weight?

Jonny Long says:

a super doobie


personally not big enough for me ….maybe as a trapping,cutting tool,fishing,hunting equip. bag. if i used it as a piggy back for a INCH ruck pack it could work well. but not as a stand alone pack.

Rich Castellon says:

Excellent review! Thanks!

garreswe says:

If the backpack doesn’t have a water bottle holder you simply attach one! That’s why they have the webbing, to attach pouches! This pouch is great:

Joe marino says:

just went to condor to order this and you must be a dealer. why give 50 % off and can’t order?

snakemonkey555 says:

Great review! Easy fix for a water bottle, strap on a molle compatible dump pouch to either side of the hip belt. The dump pouch also has multiple uses not just for holding a water bottle.

gideonstactical says:

Great review!

tactical airgunner says:

cool bag, nice Video 😉

CNTrails JMV says:

great review.. i agree with the need for water bottle over a bladder.. but with all that webbing i will add one.. thanks fellas

Opal Preston Shirley says:

Good review krik. Love the pack hanger. Cool bag one of the better packs they have produced. I really like the rubberized bottom, the rear adjustment straps for the hip belt and the pull forward straps for tightening the waist belt. It would have been nice for them to include a rain cover. Thanks Krik and Stony. atb Opal

IIKings211 says:

Do you think this bag would be suitable for a 15 mile hike? Will it hold a small one person tent and small mummy bag? I don’t want to buy a dedicated hiking pack because I won’t get as much use out of it.

farmer mike says:


SmokyMountainOutdoorsman says:

I’ve been looking at getting one of these, but didn’t know how it would fit me. How tall are you?

Rural Monitoring Service says:

9:00 It’s called a “Triglide”

neqaell1 says:

you are going commercial krik

graziano paraluppi says:


Ash says:

too bad only 5.11 makes molle shoulder straps. would’ve been nice if this bag had those.

Gustavo Corte says:

Hi, do you have a video where you name your favorite backpack? I am currently in the market for one (no particular size) and I am looking for the best one. I have seen your 5.11 reviews and I like those but I figure id ask the expert haha

Beast Survivalist says:

thnx for the video. You are doing a great job but you kept me left into the open what to buy. Because both tactical bags were great video’s.
what would you choose the 5.11 tactical rush 72 or the Condor elite?

Ben Fauzi says:

5.11 tactical bag seems better

Daniel says:

Neat bag, my favorite bag os the 5.11 covert 18. It has the tactical features/organization on the inside, comparable to a northface/civi bag on the outside, doesn’t have that tactitard look…. You do great review’s, thanks for the info

Chris Correll says:

Still trying to decide between this and the Rush 72. This pack appears to have a much better hip belt though.

Billy BOB says:

Nice knife, I had one like it years ago. I got it in Germany. Where did you get it and whats’ the name of it?

Fantast_4D says:

Tell me please how much weight empty backpack

Beth Walker says:

How long is that 15% off coupon code good for?

jkauf1976 says:

I considered this pack, but no side water bottle pouch nixed that consideration. Condor products have have always been a favorite of mine .

scoonie says:

is that Velcro on the front


Any rips or tears? Zipper fails?

reggi Martin says:

Is it better than the rush 72?

e2mac says:

i hope it have a black color

luiz de carlos Oliveira says:

Parabéns, amigo adorei este review, são todos ótimos seus vídeos.

Mr YEEYEE says:

what brand zippers does Condor use?

Phil Proulx says:

thank you for the in depth review!
you made my decision to purchase this bag easier.
keep the great videos coming!!

Rhys Hu says:

Nice pack. I just picked one up for myself best one I’ve ever had!

Adolfo Fuentes says:

Thank you! The discount is still active!

Kory James says:

very good review!

K193 says:

So could you recommend this pack for a long distance hike? Im confident it can hold all the gear id need, but is it comfortable enough for 20+ mile a day hiking?

Captain J The BK says:

how’s the shoulder straps holding up they just looked sewn to the pack without any smaller straps securing them? possible weak point?

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