Don’t Buy This Backpack – AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack

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Whatever you do, don’t buy this backpack!
Today Luke is getting the AmazonBasics 55L Backpack out on the trail and it doesn’t take long for the problems to present themselves.

If you are in the market for a budget backpack, this isn’t one to get.

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Erik22552 says:

To be thrown in the corner with the Walmart Ozark trails kiddy toys that can actually get you killed if you need to depend on them. Good review!

Sean Fox says:

To each one and I guarantee you that if you add another strap buckle to each one it’ll hold

BA says:

It really looks like a Kelty, but the Kelty I started out with had ok hardware and didn’t move from where I set it. Maybe their newer ones are worse?

Fawad Ahmad says:

A thorough initial review. 2 miles is a short distance to have so many issues.

Phil Clark says:

I wonder if the cold temps are contributing to the issue with the straps. It’s not an excusable mistake, but it would be interesting if it performs better in the warmer months.

The FU Crew Channel says:

Great review, Luke !
Thank you for saving me some money.
Keep up the great work !!!!

STB 1971 says:

I remember having similar issues with my US Army issued Ruck when I was in the army. Our solution was to use 90mph tape to secure all the straps.

Noplan says:

What I like the most about this backpack is that it makes some nice 8-bit laser sound effects. 5:16

OldIrishWulf 1 says:

Could you please do a review on the wisport raccoon back pack? Lots of reviews in German.

Aaron Byrum says:

It sucks about the straps.but still a great review

David McCluskey says:

Buy cheap buy twice !!! Great review, saving people money !!

TheAnonymousSword says:

I bought the where is the liquor RP80 instead and did not regret that. Best pack I ever owned, sold my Kajka 100 and tatonka external frame pack. The modularity of external frames is really what I need. I love your honesty in your reviews, keep up the good work!

Pack Mule says:

I wouldn’t bother. I watched the whole review but I won’t watch anymore on this pack.

Monkey Muscle says:

Jeff Bozo must of had one of his smart robots design it

Robert Forester says:

Can you review the Mardingtop 50?

Paul Panel says:

This in not a good pack. My cousin purchased this pack last fall and we hiked the North Country Trail in Michigan. After just a mile or two we had to tie the load lifters down just to get it to remain somewhat comfortable. I used the Ospry Volt 60L that I bought used for $75 and loves it. Spartacus!

William Hamilton says:

Bought one for my girlfriend as she is a sometime backpacker. After one trip the buckles and straps gave out just like in the video. The seams are also poorly sewn as they also started coming apart with a light load. The only plus side to this pack was that I was able to return it to amazon for a full refund. I have since bought her a budget friendly Mountainsmith that she loves and has no issues. Spend the extra few dollars and get a different pack.

BCA Outdoors says:

Hey Luke, Ed from Japan here. I had the 75 lt version of this pack. Had the same issues as you did but being 6`3″ it made everything worst. When backpacking with a full load i had the shoulder straps and load lifters tied up so they would not slide. not comfortable at all. I was going to review the pack for my new channel but i will direct everyone to your channel for the review. I would never recommend it to anyone. Also after it gets weathered a little you will have problems with the draw string to get into the main compartment, it will be tough to open and close.

Sean Miller says:

Question: is there a way to buy decent hardware at a decent price and replace all the faulty hardware….and still come out cheaper than a comparable pack?

You Tuber says:

Honestly, I’ve solely used an old surplus GP Large Alice Pack since the 90’s. It’s tough, holds a crap ton of stuff, has a detachable pack frame with a shelf so I can attach a 5-7 gallon water jug or animal kill. With simple paracord you can weave your own molle webbing to hang more crap off it. I use an additional cheap waterproof pack cover which can be any color(s) by the way. As for the the frame cheap pipe insulation works at great as padding on the frame, makes air gaps to reduce huge sweaty spots. As for straps, you can attach pretty much any strap on the market and the same goes for waist support. Seems like people always want to buy new trendy spendy stuff, but I’ll stick to a bullet proof system that works for me every time.

Mountaincoffee Outdoors says:

Thanks! Luke spends money on junk gear so you don’t have to!

Darren Davis says:

Bezos wont corner the market with this product.

135791113ful says:

ever see or heard of any mountain lions in the areas you backpack or your mountain property?

Matsimus says:

Great review, keep this product out of the hands of those who wish to hike safely. What a pile of trash

Chaucer Faux says:

That’s a “NOPE” bag for me. 2 miles in and so many problem. likely used cheap hardware. Will still watch the full review if and when it comes out

A. Riggs says:

Thank you for saving me $$$ I just bought 3 weeks ago and haven’t tested it yet, YOU SAVED ME THE TROUBLE! Printed my return label out and sending back minus $10, better than losing $55! THANK YOU MUCH LUKE! I’ll be trying the Mardingtop 65+10L Internal Frame Backpack with Rain Cover for Military Camping Hiking Traveling Navy Blue-M403

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