Fjallraven Kaipack 58 | Backpacking Backpack | Field Review

Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at the Fjallraven Kaipack 58L backpack.

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bulgariastan says:

I wonder why this pack is made of g1000, but the Kajka is vinylon.

HS F says:

I never understand, why these side Pockets always have such a low rim. I use them for waterbottles (like everyone probably does). I don’t need easy access the the bottle while i’m walking, but I doen’t like always having to strap them tight again every single time. And if you run or bend over the tend to slip out all the same, because water bottles usually have a very smooth surface with no grip. Why not make a deeper pocket so the bottle can sink into it and not fall out so easy? I doen’t get it.

I really like the Helags40 pack with the side pockets, not only for your bottles and you sense that the reviewer is not 100% convinced with this pack eigher. …But unfortunatly they stopped making them.

Good review anyhow.

Robert Santistevan says:

Ohhh I like the color. I wish I could get my ideas made into a pack. Maybe I’ll make one 🙂

Mountain Turtle Adventures says:

Great review as always!

Jari Perho says:

The audio levels seem to be all the way down at somewhere -18 dBFS. Might want to raise them up a notch or two.

A very hard to judge pack, indeed. It’s heavier and more expensive than my 70 litre backpack, but I would expect the Fjällräven to last from parent to child. The ability to wax the G-1000 fabric is also a plus in terms of durability.

Woodland Features says:

I do like Fjallraven products and this pack is nice, but I prefer the Helags and am very disappointed they stopped producing it.

Peregrine Bushcraft says:

I am Torn between this pack and the friluft 55what are your thoughts between them kirk

Jurgen Lintermans Quintin says:

cheers for the revue matey

Wandering Beast says:

Smart looking pack, Iv been looking in to their trekking pants, I have friends in the industry that swear by them.

FoxHound78 says:

thanks for the informative review. Question; What is the name of the hat you are wearing? I gotta have it.

American Wilderness says:

Looks like a solid/comfortable pack!

Кирил Каралюс says:

so much video spent on the stuff which is not related to the backpack itself, like it’s a tv show, not just a review 🙂

MeisterDonDon says:

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that the volume is too low. Even with 100% volume I can barely hear you. Thanks for the video!

Dan E. says:

Hey, do you know were I can buy this pack online? I need your help Black Owl Outdoors.

garreswe says:

Hey don’t forget the Swedish -ä-! It’s “Fjällräven” 🙂

ce4130 says:

This is the volume I look for in a day bag now. I wouldn’t have it packed to the brim, but I’m sick of struggling to fit gear in and strapping things to the outside of small packs. Also, I’ve taken to always packing a small sleep system and 72 hours of food. I like the feeling of freedom provided by that extra self sufficiency. I enjoy knowing I could comfortably stay out where I am if I choose, even if I don’t actually do it.

mohammad mjarby says:

hello there
i LOVE all your stuff man
you and stony are just amazing
thank you for that
please don’t stop

the sound is really low 🙂

thank you again

MrDazza64 says:

Hi Krik n Stony. Hey Krik, now you’ve got this pack, can I have your Helags 40 :-)….I can’t get hold of one for love, money or casual sex! What do you mean… NO!! Well that’s not very fair! Yes, I know, I know… they aren’t making that model any more…that’s why I can’t get one! Damn it…damn it! P.S. Joking aside. Thanks for the excellent review of the Direct Action Dust Pack, at least I was able to pull the trigger on one of those, looking forward to its arrival tomorrow. It will make a fab day pack/everyday work pack for me. Cheers to you both, best wishes from the UK, Dazza.

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Nice pack and good review but it was hard to hear you. If possible, hope you can invest in a body mike.

Basa 1959 says:

The creaking npise does work itself out. I have the 28L as my EDC its a great little pack. Only observation is that over stuffing the front zippered pocket impedes on the main central compartment, so too if I carry my 2L KK water bottle it tends to limit room internally. I went for the 28L as opposed to the 38L for EDC to be sure of carry on size, as well as there is no mesh on the side pockets of teh 28L like that on the 38L and 58L. I will be getting either a 38L or 58L in stone grey…these are great bags and I have bought several Fjallraven products. I had no problem hearing him on my laptop guys so cannpt explain that one. It’s an HP Folio 13 5 years old – FYI

Diego Luna says:

Have you made a videos on the water filtration kit Krik showed in the video

Zed Outdoors says:

A very nice looking backpack, esp like the generous waist pockets ~Peace~

OceanTech39 says:

Got my new Kaipack 58L today…nice

Hugh Austin says:

Thanks for the review, I’ve been considering this as an option for a larger pack but I’m also a little disappointed by the lack of straps on the bottom, they can be so useful. As for the Helags 40 people keep mentioning, there are still some out there available online (in Europe at least!)

Jose Duarte says:

What a review… well done! I hope the company see this and put some attachment in the bottom.

Zachary Taylor says:

Great pack over view! I love this company and their styling. Would be my next pack if it weren’t for that horribly placed bottom zipper which isn’t even backed up by compression straps. As we all know, you never buy a pack that has zippers in a stress point, and the bottom of the bag would be that place. Thanks for doing what you guys do, keep it up!!

2thermal says:

Probably the best backpack review/overview ive ever seen. Honest and genuinly thurough.
Im researching this pack to see if its a good replacement for all the ones ive gone through that dosen fit my body or is to bulky. This helped out alot!

kbbjedi says:

I would have never said this ten years ago but now days i like a pack that has the hip pockets or ways to attach a pouch to the belt or shoulder straps to hold my phone. Being that the phone is my go to camera most times i like it handy without having to dig in my pants pocket. I like that feature on this pack. Great overview, looking forward to seeing your longer term evaluation of this bag.

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