Gear Review – Rab Alpine 45 Backpack – Ultralight Backpacking Gear

We review the Rab Alpine 45 backpack, provided to us by Sierra Trading Post. This backpack is a durable, water resistant pack which ultralighters, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts in general may find interesting. It would also make a suitable bug out bag. We’ll run through the features and give our thoughts on it.

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NOTE: What we refer to as the “headcrab” you may know better as the lid or brain of the pack.


0:11 – Basic Specs Overview
0:24 – Backpack Features
0:40 – Comfort
1:24 – Build Quality
1:53 – Pockets & Straps
2:59 – Backpack Size
3:29 – Field Test Discussion
5:24 – Pros & Cons and Summary


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Felix Kwok says:


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video is awesome!

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device that just need salt-water  or even urine !

Here is the demonstration youtube for reference

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Hugh Jarsol says:

Missing people in the smokey mountains… Missing 411 by conman David Paulides.

lifeisgood070 says:

but what about your kelty 90?

Hoobilly Indiana says:

Also, I’ve bought a lot of stuff over the years from Sierra Trading Post, outside of REI, I highly recommend them!!..

Joe McCranie says:

Great Review guys.

Wye Explorer says:

As Lilly says below good review chaps. I chose my sack specifically for the environment. I ended up with Osprey because they are making moves towards that. Nice sack though. O made a vid about it but have not posted. Maybe I will. Mark.

damneskimos says:

2 pounds 8 ounces recommended for ultralighters? Dafuq?

Hoobilly Indiana says:

check out Waw Hikers new “snow trekker” canvas tent with his titanium wood burning stove!

Bryce Newbold says:

Great review and once again great production. Seen all your vids and love them! Being from Ohio myself, my fiancé and always wonder if we’ll run into “my favorite Asians” when we’re on the trail! lol keep the vids coming!

Hoobilly Indiana says:

Nice, just sold my old Gregory “Robison” on ebay. That thing weighed around 6 1/2 pounds empty!! Looking into a Cuban Fiber ULA one..

Wasteland Gypsy says:

Im surprised more “Hikers packs” dont use the M.O.L.L.E system

Tuan Nguyen says:


Sierra Trading Post says:

Nice review guys. Glad the pack worked well for you on your trip. 🙂 – Chris

Yuann Wang says:

Would a 45 liter pack work ok for a 5 day trip? I’m not aiming for ultralight backpacking. But definitely not an over-packer. Somewhere in between.

D. Lo says:

rab are uk based company. i live in the uk and i think its because uk people are generally smaller built, their clothing fits asian alot of better. same applies to Mountain Equipment which often regards as good as the top brands across the pond. definitely worth looking into. strangely rab doesnt market their backpack as much as their clothing range in the uk.

Quinn B says:

I believe Rab specialize more in clothing from what I’ve seen.

Zaidi Badron says:

i have click all the advertisement appear in your videos, hopefully you will get the money from the ads, 🙂 #kind_of_support.

jelloman42 says:

It’s like I told you guys before, you can do really good, thorough gear reviews with resorting to cliche…excellent job! You better be ready for a flood of free gear to review…

uptrail71 says:

Smaller packs are made for packing lightweight. Now I do have a 65 l pack and the comfort is very good, but the pack weighs 4 1/2 lbs. I also have a 55 l pack the same make at 3 1/2 lbs, but less comfort. Then my 30 l day pack is 2 lbs. It all comes down to your total gear weight for the correct pack size. Good Video! Bob

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