High Sierra Appalachian 75 Review – Best Budget Backpacking Backpack?

The High Sierra Appalachian 75 Liter Backpacking Backpack, along with it’s older brother the Long Trail 90, is quite possibly the best backpack available at this price range or lower. This review shows the features of this pack along with my overall impressions of the pack after two years of use. I pitch the idea that this may be the best budget backpacking backpack.


Matty Outdoors says:

for the same 100 dollars you can pick up an arcteryx bora 70 on ebay, and have a pack of an infinitely higher quality..

Ronni Buck says:

Thanks for the review. If you haven’t tried this yet, get a stick of paraffin wax and rub it along the zipper tracks to help them glide more smoothly.

Bobby Harper says:

If you want a dash of color the price drops under $100.

Sam • says:

Great review but I checked on amazon and the bag is now just under $400 Canadian.

Tristan Coragiulo says:

Great review! Thank you!

plasmalabtv says:


Arith Cooray says:

Love it mate! keep it up!

loud bass says:

wipe down those zippers generously with wd 40 and problem solve

Adam G says:

Is that sleeping bag the Coleman North Rim? light bulb on chest

Miguel Duran says:

awesome review

Tuan Nguyen says:

What budget tent do you recommend?

TigerShark says:

how about a The Katahdin Pack

Doug Peterson says:

Very well done – Thanks for your time.

Early C says:

great review and narrative. Thought the points you made were well thought.

jonnyfly69 says:

may I ask 75 liter is fill, what is the waight load ? some packs aka ruck sacks are rated at 40 pounds others at 35 pounds max load, for the there size of pack.

Luke C says:

I just bought this pack and this video helped me understand some of its features. Thanks for the video!

Starscreamlive says:

Thanks for the review.  I just purchased one online today.  Your review makes me feel much better about my purchase.  I’ll be going on my first backpacking trip in decades with this pack soon.

funniestnoob 22 says:

haha there was 69 comments

Jorge Abreu says:

Very nice review!!! a have a question, maybe you can help me: I am 6.2 feet , which one do you recommend, this one or the Long Trail 90??

landeomartini87 says:

Fantastic review! I only have 1 question. Is there any airflow allowed between the pack & your back? I’ve borrowed higher end packs that do. But now I’m looking for my very 1st entry-level pack. From viewing your video I believe my search is over. Thank you for taking the time to do this review.

Gary Rickman says:

I’m just starting to look at getting into backpacking, I’m 61 by the way, and people like yourself who take the time to do these info and review videos make the introductory process much easier and with less wasted money than trial and error. Thanks !

Rex Pepper says:

ive been looking at this same pack. the price and size is what im looking for. been seeing it around 75-89 dollars on amazon

Martin Lopez Passucci says:

great review! I just purchased this week and I feel better already after seen it. My first backpack and also will be my first backpack trip.

jonathan rogers says:

Been day hiking for 2 years, doing 70 miles straight in August, appreciate the review, i was scared I couldnt afford a good pack!

Max Ruby says:

wow I paid 154.00 at runnings for the 90

john mano says:

Good Review, I own this same pack and could not be more happy with it. Glad to see im not the only one.

Brent C says:

I own a High Sierra 65L. Got off amazon like 6 years ago for around 60-70 bucks? Have used on many many many camping trips and two backpacking trips that covered over a week in the bush each. That bag has NEVER let me down. Bravo High Sierra!

fleischerev says:

what sleeping bag do you have there? I have the same backpack and I want to buy the TETON Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight Sleeping Bag. The Pack Size is 15″ x 9″ x 9″ according to amazon. do you think if will fit in the compartment if I compress it a little more (if I can)?

Tactical _ Bushcraft says:

that’s a bad a** backpack. thanks for the review

Max Ruby says:

wow I paid 154.00 at runnings for the 90

Kasino80 says:

It’s very similar to my Mols Azure 60l. The only problem I’ve had with mine was sticky waist pocket zipper (and a very small waist pocket, used for matches and band aid), and unfortunately a ripped side pocket. There’s now a whole directly into the main compartment. I would really like one in the 70-75 l capacity. 60l is very little for a longer hike. This could be a very good option.

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