Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Porter Backpack Review : Lightweight Backpacking Gear

Today I’m discussing one of the best lightweight backpacks on the market. The Hyperlite Mountain Gear 2400 Porter. This cuben fiber backpack weighs only 1.91 lbs and is one of the most popular packs for lightweight backpacking and thru hiking. One of the most popular backpacks on the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail, this pack perfectly blends comfort with functionality. A great addition to your lightweight backpacking gear needs!


Robby Huang says:

Awesome review! this is exactly what I have been needing. So does the weight of the pack mostly rest on your hips or your shoulders? I assume at 15 pounds it doesn’t matter so much, but I’m curious how it felt when you were actually hiking with it. Also that material looks way better in that close up than it does from afar. It almost looks like paper from far.

Jason Wish says:

Excellent review! I need to get something lighter eventually. Not sure if this one would be the best for me for late fall hiking….might be a little tight to get all my gear in, but like you said, it may force you to get lighter, smaller gear. Love the hip belt pockets. Just returned from Mohican two days ago. That was a rough one for me. Hope to have the footage put together next week sometime.

john middleton says:

Hi Bryce thinking of buying the wind runner 3400 or the z packs arc haul. looking at the arc haul because of the weight and the arc in the back that allows for a bit of ventilation. do you find with this pack sitting so close it makes you sweat a lot ? thanks

C H says:

great content, keep creating.

Patrick Fealy says:

those are wimpy bags. im getting akuiu icon pro 32 with a 2lb carbon fiber frame. with that i can lug 150 lbs if i want to. this idea of carrying 25 lbs max reminds me of a Spanish book i read once “el hombre light”

Global Adventurer says:

Thanks for this video. Well done! I’ve been wondering how much additional space the top has. I’m buying the southwest version this summer.

WoodsTrekkin' Adventures says:

Nice review. I’ve been shopping for packs and been weighing Exos, Circuit, Crown2, GG gorilla, and ZPacks(expensive!). Now, you give me another company to research. Thanks. May drag my heels on the purchase until next year, kind of waiting to see if the Exos gets overhauled and I can pick current one up cheap….because I’m always broke….lol.

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

Great review! Great pack!!

Todd says:

Great Review Bryce. I definitely want to look into this pack, seems exactly what I’ve been trying to find. Hope all is good with you. Can’t wait to see what adventures you take on in 2017. Take Care, Stay Safe, and Enjoy life.

Drone Girl says:

Looks brilliant! Thumbs up from Ireland! 🙂

Heidi Jorg says:

Love your review! I just ordered the 2400 wind rider.

Tony Castro says:

Does straps make you sweat a lot? Thx Tony


Whoa… I always thought these packs where “frameless”… I had no idea about the stays… great review…. this is an awesome alternative to the ZPacks!

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