Mountaintop 80L Litre Backpack for Hiking Camping Review

This is a review of the Mountaintop 80L Litre Outdoor Hiking Camping Backpack. I can not brag enough about the Mountaintop Backpack 80L.

What I packed IN the Mountaintop Backpack starts at the beginning of the Video.
Note: I did change out some items before we went and added a couple things like Benadryl for any allergic reactions, a snake bite kit, mole skins, long sleeve shirt and another pair of light pants.

The Mountaintop 80L Backpack review starts @ 15:30

Item Purchased/searched:
Mountaintop 80L Water-resistant Internal Frame Backpack Hiking Backpacking Packs for Outdoor Hiking Travel Climbing Camping Mountaineering with Rain Cover-5820II


Gabriel Passos says:

This pack have an aluminnium rod in the back?


Great tips , Thanks

Italo petrucci says:

Sharon, tell me please if the backpack worth the price? Ive just bought one.

Allan Mac Donald says:

Nicely done. Thanks for the information and by the way, the best review on a mountaintop pack yet!

kayaklife canada says:

omg…tissue on the go..that was amazing…where did you find it?

AndRee Garcia says:

thanks for the vídeo! helped me a lot!

James Hightower says:

Your like me.. I keep collecting survival stuff. My family might think I am wasting my money, but next time we are out of power for 10 days from a Florida hurricane they will appreciate me. And if I was ever homeless, I will have all I need to survive. I will not be in a refrigerator box. I bought some heavy duty waxed thread and sets of sewing needles for my survival sewing kit. I am going to sew over all the seams on my backpack for double strength. I also use tent seam sealer and waterproof spray even though bag claims to be waterproof. Next I am getting a metal coffee / tea drip filter and a percolater that can be used over a fire. Yes I made a first aid kit, fishing kit, fire starter kit, rain poncho and a real wool pomcho, an emergency blanket, A shrade F1 survival knife, A Mora knife for carving, a Gerber milti tool.I have one of those new vapur soft canteens as well as an old fashoned bladder. Fiskars X7 hatchette,,I am a survival pack rat… I am not sure if I can walk with this stuff. Then there is my sleeping bag, 2 man tent, and fishing rod that comes apart and has a reel and a fly wheel. I also stuck some heavy fishing line and stuff in a plastiv crazy glue container. I would like to get some cigar tubes that are bigger.Collecting survival stuff is addicting lol. I really am not sure if I could walk if I loaded up with everything I have.

James Graves says:

ive been lookin at this pack and you have made it more easy for me now thanks so much……………… Jim….

Terry Krips says:

Great job, very informative. I like to be comfortable and prepared, such as yourself. Thank you.

Bentley Dimitrov says:

Oh my…. Stop

wnose says:

Terrific intro packing list – always wanted to go overnight hiking but never knew what to pack. Thanks!

GO AWAY says:

You should think about trash bags inside of your pack to waterproof your stuff.

Monique DiCarlo says:

Wow, that is huge gear! I’m counting ounces!

mao mountaintop says:

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Mountaintop 80L hiking backpack

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