One of the Best Backpacks! – Osprey Atmos AG 50 – Review

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The Osprey Men’s Atmos 50 AG pack provides an incredible level of comfort not seen for a very long time! It’s Review Time!

Overview Video :

Link :

$229 looks to be the retail price but I have seen this pack as cheap as $172 on Amazon at the time of filming.

Anti-Gravity™ suspension* system to a new line of ventilated backpacks. This 3D suspension system contours your body providing seamless comfort allowing the user mobility with ease on any multi-day backpacking trip.

Adjustable harness
Compression straps
Fit-on-the-Fly™ hipbelt
Internal compression
Internal reservoir sleeve
Removable floating top lid
Stow-on-the-Go™ trekking pole attachment
Tool attachment

Load Range 25-40lbs

MAIN 100D x 630D Nylon Dobby
ACCENT 210D High Tenacity Nylon
BOTTOM 420HD Nylon Packcloth


flashman V says:

The 65 AG version has two extra zippers on the back to get to gear more easily,. slightly larger pack, but it help keep organised better. The belt pockets are someone big on the 65, but they could be bigger, agree.? . Great review thank you


I’ve had this pack and it’s really a good pack ever. Some friends of mine said using this pack is like being hug by a beautiful women because of the “trampoline system”..haha.

But, I have a request. Can you do a review for Osprey Stratos 50 (2017)?

Rossy Rocks says:

thank you!

Colorado Slim says:

How would you compare the Atmos 50 AG to the Exos 48? Thanks.

ᚱᚬᛋᛘᚢᛋ ᛒᛁᚱᚴᛋᛏᚱᚢᛘ says:

Nice logo copying :p

Todd says:

So its a most excellent pack? That’s like totally rad!

Frank Ommundsen says:

Can this backpack fit a small tent and sleeping bag?

Kelp on Leg in Deep Dark Ocean says:

Can I fit a two person tent in there, as well as other stuff enough for a 3 day camping trip?

Jim Dickey says:

Front belt pockets can hold two twenty round magazines each for my Ruger Mini 14! Don’ Get much better than that!

John Ellis says:

I bought my wife the 65L womens version (medium size) of this pack for her first pack. She is out of shape (round is a shape though) and has never hiked or camped. She carried 30lbs on our three day wilderness hike and absolutely loved it. It was worth every penny for her to be happy and for me to not hear one complaint about it. Thanks for the honest reviews Luke.

Lift Your Jeep says:

$158 Right now on Amazon.

tactical renegade says:

Cost me and my wife 70 bucks to buy two rain covers and I agree it should have came with it

Sok Lam says:

Lol. My osprey manta 20 (older model before the AG was released) squeaks. Doesn’t bother me tho.

Tarzaan says:

Trampoline suspension


Celden Margarico says:

how tall are u

Adi B says:

Recently bought the Atmos 65 large and guess what it comes with a Osprey rain cover. 😉

cuylarHD says:

Just got this on Amazon for $138.

mandy olivieri says:

thanks for the review!  just bought one before watching this, and it’s my first pack ever.  I didn’t notice the side entry for the water bottles so I am happy about that.  Honestly I went with the fit without looking over the bells and whistles, so I am appreciative of this video.

Demonwicked says:

can u repeat everything you say 5 more times so the video is like 1 hour ?

Kalvin Lo says:

love your video, thank you very much

asbfkbahvbchs says:

Guys what are some trails in Florida for a weekend hike? If anyone of you could recommend something that’ll be great. thanks. Plus I’m getting one these pretty soon, thanks for the review.

Daniel H says:

Is there any significant difference between the trampoline suspension system (yes, I learned that phrase from this video) of the Atmos and for example the Exos?
Except the back mesh of the Exos being several pieces sewn together, I don’t see any obvious differences, but it’s not called Anti Gravity on the Exos.

Am I missing something?

Kalvin Lo says:

the pouch mess in front, does it get over stretch?

Madcat100 says:

Probably the most repetitive hopeless review I have ever seen.

baldysoftknuckles says:

picked up for equivalent of $105 on sale 🙂

Jordan Gergle says:

Like 10 minutes of suspension talk. I wanted to just see the pockets, zippers, etc.

toby london says:

Did u mention the trampoline system???

Clarence Vickrot says:

You can go up a mountain and down a mountain with this pack!

Kamil W says:

In terms of durability is it good backapack? I need backpack which survives while using it as registered luggage

Rav Holly says:

awesome review just can’t make my mind up if I want the 50L vs the 65L

EnterThe Zombie says:

Can you use this for bushcraft as well?

Luke Beckstrom says:

Idk what backpack you were talking about being the best bc the Atmos has been then best for quite a while.

Navid Shahrzad says:

Trying to decide between a 50 and 65 and was wandering how many night you can go with a 50L pack. Can you go 3-4 nights?

Five EyeSights says:

Can this fit inside the plane with passengers? if not-not good bag

Julio Marquez Elisondo says:

do you recommend this back for an europe trip? Around 15 days.

johnny k says:

Hello, I am looking to buy a really good backpack that will last me for at least one decade. I found one that seems really good and the reviews were all positive but it is from China and the price is really low. Do you think it would be better for me to buy a North Face 150$ backpack or the price just goes to the mark and the quality is not really different, ( In others words does price=quallity?) thanks a lot for your time!!!

Zachary Takach says:

6:08 “ shouldn’t have trusted that fart”

cityinmind says:

Are you Jamie from “The Killing”?

Thien Doan Trung says:

i sale atmos 50L grey from Viet nam 98$ freeshipping Worldwide .My whatsapp: +84966692202

Anthony Morris says:

Thanks Luke for your review got mine the other day took on a day hike really love it. Thought the pockets were pretty good for me. No crunches for me. Thanks again. Keep it awesome

Sloth Guru says:

You mentioned snow, does it catch snow even by just dropping it onto the ground? I’m looking for a backpack for snow mountain hiking, but there’s almost never any storms there.

Alex Tunstall says:

If you would like an Anti-Gravity system with front access, best to just get the Osprey Aether AG

ItsTotalChaos says:

Are you packing it too heavy.. causing the crunching…

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