#OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Pack for Hiking and Camping REVIEW (Doggy Backpack)

Last week I had a chance to review the vintage style OneTigris Cotton Canvas Dog Pack for Hiking and Camping. Its a pretty great dog backpack. I recommend it.
You can find it here: http://www.onetigris.com/product/onetigris-cotton-canvas-dog-pack-for-hiking-camping-traveling/

Special thanks to Ares the #BelgainMalinois for helping review the product!
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Creative Pet Keeping says:

Bananas boyfriend Azan the #BelgainMalinois helped review the #OneTigris dog backpack. More info on it can be found here: http://www.onetigris.com/product/onetigris-cotton-canvas-dog-pack-for-hiking-camping-traveling/#reviews
Check out Azan’s brother ARES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4KX25AXFEA

ASaintBernardExperience With Chuck! says:

This is great! Thanks for the review! We have thought of investing into the pack for our hikes!

Kajus Narunas says:

please dont name your dog after fruit

Ren Espada Number 15 says:

ahhhhhhhhhh i have something kinda like that for the dog I walk

Unicorn Aj says:


Ben Connelly says:

Is this product only available in one size? Looks like it fits the malinois well but definitely not my germans

Sonya Matyushenko says:

How much does Banana weigh? I wanna get that bag for my border collie but think it will be too small….he is 47.5 lbs and growing, he should be about 55 lbs full grown

Spikey the Mutt says:

Oooh! The pack looks so nice! But, I’d probably try to sleep in it! XD

Jazmine ThePuppy says:

What happened to Banana’s tail? is it supposed to be yellow? I just noticed it lol

Creative Pet Vlogs says:

*Here is the VOLG of my adventures with AZAN*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKG5IyMOLHI

Adventures with Frodo says:

The bag are really poorly designed . They hang down to see on the fog. Wonder if one Tigris has ever seen a dog.

Pawz 301 says:

Cool! but my dog is way too small for that

Alissa Hollar says:

+Creative Pet Keeping What about outward hound backpacks? would they be on par with onetigris?

Marten Dawn says:

Were Azan and Ares bred in the US? 🙂

Nina Liberatore says:

My service dog has the multi camo vest they make 🙂 I love the quality!! our next purchase is the backpack!!

Bunny Basics says:

That’s a really cool backpack, love the look of it. It’s a pity that it didn’t fit Banana. It was great watching Azan and Banana play together too 🙂

22 Savage says:

I love your channel

Mackenzie Sizemore says:

Assuming that bag is yours, I think you could modify the straps. I don’t know what it’s made out of but from what I can see you could modify the straps so it would fit Banana

Marcy Gamba says:

Thank you .. I couldn’t figure out how to put it on. Thanks so much

Weixiong Li says:

The best dog backpack I have used,highly recommend

Disney Gamer says:

Maybe you can sew some velcro straps on it? Loved watching:)

La Luna GSD Pup says:

Great video 🙂

Sophie Ruijs says:

You should try the Julius K9 IDC (innovate dog comfort) harness with side rings and other accessories. They make accessories for the larger sizes so you can add torches, a backpack and even a chest piece to dek it all out. Hope to see a video on it all with the accessories 🙂

Mr. Wolftastic says:

I hate your voice

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