Osprey Aether AG 70 Internal Frame Backpack

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Kevin Sch says:

where in Europe can i get the version with the Daypack in Europe?

Wayna Jarawy says:

I’m enlightened, thanks

Akul says:

can the new mesh side pockets accommodate a standard widemouth nalgene or a Klean kanteen? I have osprey’s talon 22 & love the mesh side & front pockets

Salvatore Liardo says:

Hello I am undecided that backpack buy between Aether AG 70 and Atmos AG 65. It seems to me that the backrests are a bit different for ventilation. Which ones do you recommend? Thank you

meejo mancuso says:

How does the Aether 70 compare to the Boltoro 65 or 70. I’m concerned mostly about suspension and back support.

flyz91 says:

love your reviews man! im considering buying an osprey bag but im not sure which, either this one or the Farpoint 70, thinking of backpacking america later this year? any advice please thank you, subscribed​!

Jacob Valdez says:

This video is the only video that answered all my questions on the pack.. Thanks Guys!! Going to buy one ASAP

Dominik Jiřikovský says:

Nice review. I love osprey backpacks. But I have a question… I have just bought the Osprey aether AG 70 and my backpack doesn’t have a daylid pack in the lid. Don’t you know why? I can remove the lid but it is unusual because I can do anything with that… There are no straps (like in last year version aether III) or daylid pack in the lid.

Weasel Head says:

Very well done review. Thanks for showing me how to use my new pack!!!

Martin Carvallo says:

Hi! I’ve bought the Aether 70 last week. And I would like to now if you can tell me which is the best size to use it with an Osprey Airporter please

Brayden Pardy says:

Is it just the Aether AG that has the daypack?? I have the Aether (not AG apparently) and no daypack, just rain cover

Mohaned A says:

European model doesn’t have a day-pack :/ just included rain cover

Tyler Strong says:

Answered all thr questions I had about my new pack. Thanks for the review!

Jason Reginato says:

This hiking pack is amazing! I’m considering buying this pack! Cant wait to get into hiking =D

Dimitrios K says:

Can you please tell me the dimensions of the daypack?

Palidence says:

what size hydratation reservoir should i buy for it?

Mathew Staikos says:

Anyone find way to substitute or buy the top day lid separately? Got Europe version but did bot know it came with rain cover instead. Kind of disappointed as that was main selling point for me. Any reviews on the rain cover? Is it worth having, like how soaked would stuff get without it ? Want to justify this mistake if I can’t find substitute.

Bill Bouley says:

Question….For hunting, hiking and camping in Ontario, Canada in the northern elements between the Osprey Atmos 65 AG and the Osprey Aether 70L AG Rucksack…which one would you suggest for all elements and weather in Northwestern Canada and why?
Thanks in advance

Tony Rueb says:

I looked for this video to find where I clip the day pack straps into. it is pretty hidden and I could not find it. Thank you!

Captain Caveman says:

Is it -7*c in the room you in? Great review of the pack,thanks

Master Caster says:

Can the daypack on top attatch to the original aether ?

Andrei Marchenko says:

Folks, could someone tell me, please, 70L it’s with lid or without? Thanks!

ingus DEWA says:

Can aether pro 70 review & difference with aether 70 ag, please?

Mike Hughes says:

any links to purchase a rain cover that fits over the 70 AG? i just ordered the backpack w/ the top lid and figure i’ll need a rain cover…

Nick Gryzoski says:

Man…im sold! Looking into them more it seems Osprey has a what ever, when ever, no questions repair/replace warranty…or life…is this really legit. So if you buy one, you essentially will always have one forever.

Chris and alfie outdoors adventure says:

I have a osprey aether 70 the top lid is not a day pack its has a rain cover this on 9:19 there rain cover in the top part and storage where ya put the keys and Map so this one must be old sock I got mine in 15-5-18

Adnan Buchari says:

i have an issue with my osprey logo at the bottom of the AETHER 70 AG. it peels off, do you have explaination why? and do you have any solution for this? because my lovely pack looks like a bird with a broken wings now 🙁
thanks you

Vitor Kellermann says:

Nice review! I am in doubt between the Aether 70 and the baltoro 75l. Which one do you recommend?

paul w says:

You mention the daypack and having to buy the raincover separately – in Europe, Osprey have given us a built-in raincover instead of the daypack – I’m happy with this tradeoff (I’m from Britain where it rains nearly every day).

The lower sleeping bag area I would use for stove etc for when I stop to eat – I don’t need the sleeping bag until camping so the sleeping bag can stay in the main area.

Angled back access to the side pocket is not needed. You have a water bladder so a water bottle won’t be used.

The outside pocket is great for stowing rainjacket. When you get rain on and off all day you need to have an easy way to stow your raingear.

Best pack I’ve ever owned.

Michael Dufault says:

I’m preparing a veryyy long backpacking trip through the Sierra Nevadas and having used The Osprey Aether 70 on a similar trip in 2015 I’m glad to see they have made needed improvements on this updated version. This pack looks great. On the previous Version of the Aether 70 (Not AG) the front pocket for storing jackets and so on had an elastic mesh that was just glued in so after just 25 hours or so of use it blew out leaving a big hole in the center of the pocket. I see that Aether must have noticed this flaw because this updated version has a much more robust looking front pocket with good stitching rather than just an adhesive. You can tell they care about making great systems just by the improvements you see from one pack to the next. They make all the right changes and this pack looks a great product of that.

Spencer Hiltbrand says:

Just got mine. I love it.

Mathias Libor says:

Wich generation of the bag is this? I can not find this one anywhere. Extremely interesting for me is the removable hood that you can wear as a BACKPACK. In store I only find versions where you can take it off and unse it as a hip-bag.

Kim Larsen says:

Let me save you a lot of trouble – the daylid is not included in Europe!

Dylan Fan says:

Could I take this as a carry-on on a plane?

Jamie Patricof says:

I really appreciated this video as a first time backpacker. I would love a video that literally goes through everything you should pack for a 1 day, 2 day, 5 day, etc backpacking trip and how to pack it. Thanks!

dewa krisna says:

I’m just wondering, please enlighten me. Why the Osprey Aether AG 70L is cheaper than Osprey Aether AG 60L ?

Jodi Ana says:

I love this channel so much. Thank you for all the excellent videos!

Kenngu says:

I used the osprey app for measuring and finding a fitting pack. I really wanted this pack, the aether 70L, but the app only suggest the kestrel 68 in small as biggest. Could it possibly work, if I go for the aether 70L ag in medium (since they don’t have it in small)? Or is it that huge of a difference in size?

Cameron Alexander says:

Where can I buy a beard like that?

Carlos Alberto Vasquez Londoño says:

What size is the one of this review?

Deep House says:

Is the daypack lid part of the 70 liters? 🙂

José Manuel says:

holaa,yo quiero esa mochila,la compro

Nicholas Hernandez says:

What brand name of outerwear are you wearing? I like it as well as the color?

Bob W says:

I bought the original model Aether when they first came out. I’ll probably never need another one.

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