Osprey Atmos 65 AG EX Pack – Hands on Review

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Get one here on Amazon: http://goo.gl/Q4MDg7

Get one here at rei: http://www.rei.com/product/878452/osprey-atmos-65-ag-ex-pack

Atmos 50 AG EX Pack: http://goo.gl/AVjyFh

Osprey Atmos 65 AG EX Pack – Hands on Review
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Ro bert says:

wish it had more connecting points for carbiners, gear. I can’t see how I could attach my nocs case.

chip mchugh says:

Thanx for the detailed vid. appreciate it.

Christopher Robinson says:

Does AG stand for “Adventure Girl”? I got the Atmos 65 AG and the manual says it’s designed to fit a woman’s body. =/

ArbitraryLifestyle says:

THE MOST comfortable pack I’ve ever worn… and I’ve worn a lot.

Jakub Rys says:

“Man Ive felt mesh before but this mesh…” LMAO

Linda-Antonia Heue says:

Mich begeistert dieses Produkt !! XOXO Linda Antonia :*

any fong says:

What’s the difference between Atmos 65 AG and Atmos 65 AG EX?

Erick Bolden says:

Nice review! Didn’t even realize the pack had a whistle. Neat little feature. Love my Osprey pack. Headed to the Badlands this Spring.

Hexalina says:

Thank you for such a detailed review.

kalex zhang says:

So If I buy this bag from REI, I would get a free rain cover?

Frank KE2KB says:

Did they change the model since you did this vid? On the same pack I received today, the hip belt extensions (the padded part) doesn’t have velcro inside like yours does. They just slide in and out freely if the straps are loose, but because of the way in which the belt straps are attached, you adjust everything – the straps and the padded extensions – using the straps. Seems much easier to do than you showed in your vid. I’ll have to check it out once the pack is full.

Scott Mercer says:

Just bought one of these, excellent video mate, taught me how to use it. Thanks a lot mate.

lundy75 says:

Where do you backpack to…McDonald’s?

TREZORltd says:

i want to buy this pack but i can’t choose the size please tell How tall are you??

George rosado says:

hey bro..excellent pack&video. thanks for the demonstration. especially outside with the snow..

cweb1988 says:

why would they make the lid removable without making it into a “day pack?” Doesn’t make sense to me. If you’re gonna make something removable might as well make it into something useable.

Tellya Later says:

Keep saying it feels nice, feels good but, not one word about durability of the material …

Frank KE2KB says:

Never mind my last comment. I found the velcro underneath the cloth protectors. I guess they do that for shipping, or maybe the belt can be used without the velcro.

Leiberg says:

The rain cover is standard in all Atmos AG’s, the two loops in front are not for trekking poles, but ice axe’s.

cyrus hung says:

does this pack make noises during hiking?

Ta Price says:

Love this pack ! my son has one . i will too, prior to this season. this pack carry’s itself. has camp set up for you, when you arrive. this pack can even start a fire in the pouring rain with no fuel . you can not go wrong with this pack.

manos051974 says:

Nice review but you made a mistake. The loop you showed is not primarily for trekking poles but for ice axes. The feature for the poles is the stow on the go attachment points, a rubber cord on the shoulder strap for the pole handles and a covered rubber cord at the bottom of the side mesh pocket (the pocket you use for the water bottle). These two points are located on your left when the pack is on your back. Look it up.

Yuthana Nis says:

Very good review , I doubt the last name ‘EX’ . This is Osprey Atmos 65 AG (not include EX)

Zvi Bar-Chaim says:

Great review. Does the pack come with a rain cover? Or did you have to make/buy your own?

Justin Dow says:

You killed it Bro. The exact Review of the exact same pack I’m looking to get. Best Part… You did it in the Snow! Bravo! Bravo Sir!

Blue Patch1413 says:

Very nice, I like it

RMallon says:

Thanks for posting. Most helpful considering I just bought this pack on-line and with it arriving today.

Joe Martin says:

Would you/anyone recommend this pack for a thru-hike on the AT? Is it big enough? Durable enough?

BrenticusMaximus1 says:

This was helpful, I didn’t know about the lever to adjust the shoulder strap up after moving it down… Thank you 🙂

Taylor Hansen says:

How do you like that outdoor vitals sleeping bag? I have the 0 degree, and was just curious at your thoughts.

Robbie Becroft says:

What’s your height bro

Connor K says:

The hell I bought mine from REI and mine didn’t come with a rain cover or stuff sack.

bushcrfter791 says:

really good review how much was that going for at REI would it be good for a five day trip??

Evan Kaiafas says:

Where would recomend putting a tent

ismael toscano says:

Hello would you recommend this pack for flight traveling and how would it hold up with a trip with hiking and mountain biking?

Ed Koeller says:

Thanks for the awesome review. I was trying to find additional clips to plug in both the removable top cap as well as the regular top flap at the same time but it looks like you do either or. Makes sense.

John 1112 says:

This is the most comfortable backpack ever made.

Philip Buckley says:

I tried one, with 26 lbs and it was more comfortable than my hyperlight one with 20 lbs…

FEAFi says:

Great review!

Brendan M says:

Not sure if youve ever handled the Volt 60 by opsrey but I bought one yesterday. The only difference I can see between the two is the back ventilation and maybe the build quality. I bought the volt for 150$ while the atmos was selling for around 260$. I would say the volt is a perfect budget version of this bag. Would anyone agree?

Rey Marin Jr. says:

Is there a follow up review after using the Atmos AG for over a year? I’m curious about the back mesh and how durable it is. Thanks!

Sami says:

Do you use a camera insert to keep camera equipment in the bag ?

David Paal says:

What is the proper size for me as I’m 5’7″…my guess is medium. Or should I go large? Any thoughts? I’ll be hiking the Appalachian Trail and will be carrying a max load of 35 lbs.

Anthony P. says:

Don’t forget about the load lifters!

Εσφιγμενίτης Αγιορείτης says:

I just buy the OSPREY ATMOS 65 w RC in the same color like the video have.
From this backpack missιng the letters “AREI” in the rain cover and missing the small rain cover inside the other pocket on the top.
This is normal or i must to ask for this?

djferrick says:

thanks for this review / demonstration of features. I bought this bag last year but didn’t end up using it as we did a big canoe trip instead ! I will be doing some day hikes this year ( was supposed to be a 5 day hike in Ontario Pukaskwa but I damaged my groin so no long hikes for now – sad times ) – For the life of me I could not understand how the torso length moved up and down until you showed me in this video ! Thanks.

John Stackhouse says:

I have that bag, but mine does not have the rain cover. Is it because I bought it at the store?

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