Osprey Exos 48 L Backpack Review – Pros & Cons Collaboration Video

Osprey Exos 48 L backpack review – Collaboration Video pros & cons ! uptrail71: backpacking, hiking, hammock camping, gear reviews, ultralight gear, and outdoor activities.
Backcountry Exposure:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVyZtccA-oMchXHai-CJyPA
That Hiking Guy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsJvBW3d5gamJopfm1FeE0g
Bryce Newbold: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqPoAwfB7pfJ-Hu2LfmNDww
Scott Taylor:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZoSP9M35Og15hdPA43R5mQ


Bluecollar Backcountry says:

Nice look at your Osprey Bob, and cool idea for a collaboration.

MrTully41 says:

looks to be a very nice pack-great review

Danny Walker says:

it does look like a Nice Backpack. alot of bright color’s too.

Jeff Buzzard says:

Looks like a nice pack

That Hiking Guy says:

Looks like most of us agree on the awesomeness of the Osprey packs. Thanks for inviting me to do this collaboration Bob. It was fun.

Nichole lakeerieprepper says:

Nice review, must say I’m partial to canvas packs, but I like this one

Sayuas says:

I’m thinking about buying this but I would really like to know: how durable has this thing turned out to be for you? If you used it a decent amount already.


Exos 48 was my first pack and boy it was a solid pack!!! I agree on the belt pockets… a bit too small to fit my phablet! Great collaboration sir!

Backcountry Exposure says:

Love my Exos 38. Great video Bob! Thanks for including me on this collab!

Jaxx Drinkwater says:

Love the Osprey packs man. Awesome collab between you guys.

Kentucky Woodsman says:

Very nice pack! The mesh back is a very nice feature. This is a neat collaboration.

Bryce Newbold says:

Those Ospreys look so comfy, and i love the pockets on the shoulder straps. Great video! Thanks for including me in this collaboration! It was alot of fun! Glad to see your internet is up and running again. haha

Scott Taylor says:

I forgot to mention the top part of the pack coming off and the side pockets on the water bottle holders. Great review of the pack. I never have any trouble out of my shoulder straps unless I have too much weight in it

Tim Watson says:

I still love my exos 38 pack. They are a great option for lightweight backpacking. Great collaboration Bob, next time I’ll have to get in on it.

petercoconut says:

Nice review. I have the Exos 38, I agree with the shoulder straps, they dig in a little bit but only notice it when I’m getting tired. I keep my pack weight around 19lbs, including fuel, water and food. Over all, it’s a great 3 season pack for me! Was up in the Porkies last week, but didn’t see you or your truck in the parking lot. Maybe next time my friend!

Forestwalker111 says:

That…was a good vid. I really like the pack. Well discussed pros and cons.
I just got my Atmos AG50 after much research and saving. Very stoked. I have a Talon 22 also. Not “big guy” friendly per se, but still good. I’m really glad you started this collaboration. Great idea .
Be well brother

Smell N Roses says:

Great looking pack. I’ve not personally ever owned any Osprey gear but I’ll definitely consider them when I get ready to purchase a new pack. Probably going to have to replace my day hike pack within the next year.

SouthPaw Bushcraft says:

Looks like a great pack. I have looked it over in your videos LOL

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