post PCT thru-hike, 2015 gear review

After completing the 2,662 mile hike, I thought it might be fun (and useful), to take a look at the gear I used. Most everything worked well, though there were some changes I had to make along the way. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be sure to get back to you!


Kells Davis says:

Kinda miffed you left anything out. The little things that made life easier are the most interesting things

Tyler S. says:

You cant leave me hangin’ like that! Why did you use the whistle?!? lol

Angrygerman1930 says:

what kinda of ruck did u use

Travels With Jerry says:

I bet you have an emotional attachment to those beat up water bottles.

Carter Newcomb says:

Does the plastic leak into the water after a certain amount of time of being in the smart water bottles?

Jesse N says:

You may have said this in the video, but what was your base weight?

Ethan Crisp says:

Why did you not recommend boots? I enjoy hiking in light hiking shoes but on longer trails and summits the boots save my feet and ankles since they are much more cushioned and supportive.

Choose Travel says:

sounds about right, looks like my pack,

smeekerloyd1 says:

what was your financial system like? how much a month did you spend on the trail, cost including resupply, staying at a hostel, replacing occasional equipment?

Carlos Zenteno says:

Great video Dave!
I like your gear as it is similar to what I am assembling.
Does the bear can fit in the Osprey horizontally?

Endo Man says:

Hi and thank yiou for the video! I’m in the process of getting an ultralight shelter and Big Agnes Fly Creek or a similar tent, such as Nemo Hornet, are among my options. However, these tents using ultra thin fabrics, I’m worried that they will shred on hard surfaces, etc. pretty soon. I’m also not sold on their wind resistance. It would be great to get your feedback on your tent because I’m guessing you used in pretty tough conditions, such as rain and strong winds. Thanks again and have a great day!

J Moore says:

hard to hear your comments at the ends of your c sentances as it drops off just above a whisper but gd vid Thnx

Roger Lamb says:

Smokey Mountains area TN/NC just came across your video, thank you

Rory Lee says:

Thank you for your review. What kind of bugs eat through your food sack?

jake elwood says:

Thank you for a great vid. Did you sleep with your food when not using a bear cannister? Also, did you use a hooded puffy? Thank you.

Marty Bain says:

What camera are you filming with?

Richard Bucker says:

I had been wondering about weight loss on the AT. I imagine it’s possibly the same. What would you say was your calorie intake per day and output?

lifeisgood070 says:

man 20miles without water. Crazy. guess you can hike that in a day if you try. & in the hot desert too!

T Bissonnette says:

how much water for the desert portion would you recommed?

Homesick News says:

Hi dude.! i’m from Mexico. and I really want to make the PCT.
can you tell me, how much money do I need? how do you do for eating? and any extra information that i need, before the PCT.
thank you very much.!

Daniel Berry says:

Really appreciate your gear review, as I am planning to start my first thru hike within the next two years.

Amy B says:

i know that umbrella is popular with hikers, but do you think a normal umbrella would do the same trick?

Thomas Erhardt says:

Why so hesitant to be pro knife? Arguably, a knife can be considered an essential survivalist/outdoorist tool which you said you even used often in the video. I liked your whole vid but that part caught my attention the most and had me wondering why? I promise you won’t be seen as an uneducated non progressive hick who enjoys open carrying ar-15 rifles to walmart if you acknowledge the usefulness of a bladed tool for non weapon purposes. That’s the vibe I was getting and I don’t mean to be rude but if I’m right I just wanted to let you know it’s okay instead of just giving a thumbs up.

Zach Sabin says:

What gear did you carry only for specific sections? The umbrella only for southern california, the bear canister only for which sections, any crampons/snowshoes?

no1 wantsreality says:

Hey David I’m not sure if you meant to say sunblock lotion and called it suntan lotion by mistake. For anyone doing any hiking or traveling where it’s sunny and hot, unless you want a nice dark tan or burn, a person should always use sunblock. The higher the SPF the better for you. For you fair skinned folks it’s very important to get a higher SPF. When I lived in Hawaii an old coworker who was fair skinned blistered something fierce because she was trying to tan. Also if you use bug spray in hot climates know that the oil content will act as a suntan lotion and bake you. Hope this helps.

Josh Ross says:

great video

Amanda Jackson says:

Very helpful vid. I do have some questions for you. I am planning to hike the PCT spring of 2018. I will look for you on FB so I can inbox you

Jen Hocking says:

Very informative video! I’m curious about your water bottles. Does anyone use camelbak type bladders on thru hikes? I understand that you need a low profile cup/jar/baggie to gather water at some sources and I’d carry one but I really like the convenience of the water tube over my shoulder. And the jar you ditched, the one with the lines drawn on it, you said it was for re-hydration. Was this just another container for water? or a drinking cup?

David Balch says:

Dang, PCT congrats! That is quite an achievement.

chollapete says:

Thanks for doing this. As an aspiring first-time thru-hiker, I found it useful. Thanks!

Bill Smith says:

What is the brand & model of the phone protector cover you used? Thanks!

Adrian Duncan says:

Would you recommend the atmos even if you’re trying to go light? I’m just asking because I already own one and it seems to me that it would be more comfortable carrying your equipment in such a comfortable pack compared to an ultralight frameless pack, even if the rest of your equipment is ultralight.


look up the IRIDIUM stove it’s built for trips like this……. ultralight and never fails…… weighs in at about 5 ounces…… dual fire apps……. Clips outside your pack saving room internally…….. made in the USA and guaranteed for life…… best stove ever for backpacking!!!

Amancalled Adam says:

“Sun tan lotion”? You Americans have some funny names for things. Cool video though 🙂

jennifer dennis says:

I am planning on hiking the PCT May 2018 my only real concern is the hitch hiking. Was it an absolute necessity to hitchhike in order to reach supplies.

Jason Sutter says:

why did you bring a whistle when you already have one built into your backpack?

Ryan Maynard says:

Great Video! Found ya looking for a solid backpack and ended up watching it all! How long did it take you? You do it all in a hike? Got a blog or something outlining your trip??? Thanks!

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