Review of Mountaintop Outdoor Adventure’s 70 L + 10 L Backpack

I review Mountaintop Outdoor Adventure’s model 5805II Backpack. This is a very well designed and manufactured 70L + 10L backpack, suitable for multi-day backpacking trips, trekking, traveling and even climbing.

I do a review at home, and then my son uses it on a family 4-day hike in the Canadian Rockies. This pack has features and quality that are usually found in much more expensive packs.

Height: 85.0 cm
Width: 35.0 cm
Length: 30.0 cm
Weight: 2.25 kg
Capacity: 70L
Bottom Access, Raincover, Torso-Length Adjustment

Click here for their website:


Newfie Steak says:

Interesting. Thanks

Mark Thomas Hobbies says:

My son and I both run this brand pack. We have used them for almost two years. We have logged a couple hundred miles with them so far with no failure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

MileHigh Angler says:

I have a MountainTop 60L pack and I haven’t had any issues with it. Very good Quality. This was a good review video. Thanks, Marty!

Adrian Jones says:

Great review, brilliant pack. Gonna give them a look. Cheers Marty.

Slippery Storm says:

How do u clean your packs? I just use baking soda and the hose.

Anderson Mendes da Fonseca says:

thank you Marty for this review, i was concerning about wich backpack from mountaintop i would buy, now i decided to buy this one, can’t wait for Patagonia.

MrKimberCrazy says:

It is a knock off of an Osprey Xenith.

Kevin Cotter says:

thanks for the review Marty! Just checked the link you provided … when you go to Amazon it says that the pack is currently unavailable and they don’t know when it’ll be back in stock.

annika bee says:

This was thorough, and it made me want this pack!

massivelygolden says:

Have you ever considered doing a live Q&A about hiking? That would be cool.

Jonas Baronas says:

It just copy of old HIGH SIERA backpack . I bought that pack 10 years ago. It is good backpack, I planning to used for AT hike. And it cost me like $ 80 on sale. But here it looks like copy rights issue

Mike Favia Outdoors says:

I believe you covered it all Marty. Great review and looks like a durable solid pack. Thanks for sharing. ATB Mike

William Seifert says:

First comment?

Rich C says:

Too bad it’s not made in North America. There are people in Mexico. U.S.A., and Canada that could use the job. Love your vids Marty.

blarg says:

Man, this looks like an excellent deuter knockoff. I wish I had seen this review at the beginning of the year, I would have bought one of these for the few hikes I do instead of spending quite a lot more on a deuter.

Anthony Skrivan says:

Chinese rubbish, no bueno…

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