Review of WASING 55L backpack

I hope I covered everything in this review, y’all be sure to leave any questions in the comments section!


dfierros83 says:

this is an awesome review! I learned things about this pack I didn’t know about!!!!

astromicwm says:

Which would you recommend, this or the “TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame”??

Melissa Costello says:

Would you recommend this pack for a beginner going on a 3 day hike?

greggyf says:

Thank you for your review. I purchase this backpack for travel/hiking. Everything you mentionned is correct. The only concern is the mesh does not adjust in the back. So for a petite person like myself I have a hard time to adjust it. I wish it better fitted my back. Thanks again for sharing

Dan the Man says:

How does the bladder stay hooked in so it doesnt slump?

Sea Stew says:

I have just ordered this pack for my wife, as she wants to come out backpacking with me more this next year. I was a little hesitant going for this rather than just going to Rei and picking up trusted brand but we shall see how it works out. How much weight do you think this pack would hold? Most of our gear I’ll be hauling in my Gregory Baltoro,but I was just curious as to how much my wife could pack in this and be comfortable.

Thanks for the upload.

Clecy Conner says:

Are you still satisfied with the bag?

joseph gingras says:

do you think this will work for a 2 week hike

Rogue Woman's budget backpacking reviews says:

We’re actually taking 2 of these on a 3 day hike next weekend, so I can let you know how it performs, but we’re nowhere near ultra-light backpackers and it feels great with all of our gear in it. I’ll let you know how it does after our trip.

Bryan Morales says:

what are the measures of this backpack???

Carolina Maria Gonzalez Lopez says:

good night , you could give me some information of the company that makes these backpacks ? I searched and nothing shows me the brand wasing. thanks

Krista C says:

Thanks so much for this review! I am going to get this pack now, your video was so comprehensive and informative! I am a novice backpacker ( did a few two and three day trips when I was younger and am hoping to get back into it!) and just wanted a good, inexpensive pack. I know you made this video a year ago-just goes to show a review can always be helpful. Oh, I thought I would mention that though I loved the “nature sounds” (dogs, birds, etc) my dogs did not! I have to turn the volume way down, they thought we were being invaded! Thanks again!

LL L says:

I believe you may be storing that hatchet incorrectly. (See Link) The head should be at the bottom and handle goes in the top velcro strap. Plus, you would want that b/c it puts the heavier portion at the bottom of the pack which is better for toting. Its why the strap at the bottom isn’t tight on the handle the way you have it. Upside down and it won’t have any movement. Thanks for the review

Angela May says:

Hi, thanks for the thorough review! I’m going backpacking in Bali for 12 days and was looking for something durable but budget friendly. After using this for a while, do you think it’ll make that trip without issues?

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